Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Episode 13 (More Crying!!)

So, here we go, we’re back. Its been really cold, but here we are, back in the world of Fate. Where we last left off, Shirou was in a really crappy place; he was wounded, lost Saber, and Rin basically told him to just give up.


Yeah, he’s still in a really crappy place. While we know he’s stubborn and determined, and will keep going because that’s what heroes do, this s a major low point. He has an interesting monologue to himself, on why he chose to be a master. It wasn’t because he always longed for it, but because it came to him and was something he can do. Its interesting seeing how the series decides to show Shirou’s personality, since so often he comes off as having none. That is not he case here. Of course, as bad as Shirou’s lot is…he’s got nothing on Saber.





The King of Knights, a brave warrior, bound, put in a frilly dress, and having her put in this humiliating position, utterly taken by Caster. Caster wants more than just to control her, but have her, and its really twisted seeing her this way, We’ve seen her be brave, and powerful, but she’s here, under control of this dark witch. Who is utterly kuudere for her own master. Like, she’s cackling and manipulative and twisted, but is so shy with her master, and he doesn’ even seem angry.or have any real emotions for that matter.


Its fascinating seeing how different they interact, and how multi-faceted their personalities can be. Souchiro is so unable to be read, and his goals are hard to predict. Of course, so many characters in this series are interesting. After this scene, with some more bondage fanservice with Saber, we see what Rin and Archer are planning on; namely, going to take them down.


As calm and rational as Rin seems, its quite clear this is quite personal.  She and Archer discuss matters, questioning how they feel about regrets. Archer says his regrets don’t matter since he already died, and he didn’t feel she would have regrets, since she’s so often brilliant and great. However, there’s one moment where he stops, falls, and you can feel the shift; when she mentions that, once they defeat Caster, Saber can return to Shirou.

So, since both Caster and Souchiro are in the church, looking for the grail’s vessel, it makes it simple to find them. Of course, Shirou is there as well, ready to help, somehow. I got to say, Rin has some major guts to challenge Caster in a magic fight.


However, the battle, as it is, is very short lived, as Archer betrays Rin, and decides to join with Caster, since they’d naturally win. Its really shocking seeing it, and seeing Rin be completely and utrly taken aback. I mean, her face is of utter shock and sadness, even heartbreak.




And then, reckless, stupid, and brave guy Shirou is, he goes in to Rin’s aid, and tries to fight them both off. And once again, he uses projection magic, and its Archer’s swords that he uses to fight them off.


Of course, even with heroic main character powers, two people vs two servants and a teacher is no match at all. However, Archer basically makes it so part of him joining is them being spared this one time. They both manage to escape, and Rin…really shows off her vulnerable side. Rin always shows herself as being strong and perfect and experienced, but here, she shows she s vulnerable, is human, can be afraid and unsure and hur. She acts cold, but only to hide how soft she truly is.


The last part of the episode is Shirou Rin together, talking and honestly,it addresses one of the big hanging issues of he series. This anime is adapted from Rin’s route in the game, where Shirou and Rin are a couple. And so far in the series, we’ve been given hints, and small setup things, but nothing that made me feel “oh yes, they are falling in love, they are a couple”..until now.  Here, they discuss things, and Shirou actually admits that he has feelings for her, and has always admired her, and her jus blushing, but also breaking down and showing her sincere feelings.



Its really heartfelt and sad and meaningful, and so interesting as well. When Shirou lost Saber, Rin told him to give up to protect him, but now that she has lost hers, he steps in to save her, and refuses to give up at all. And without Archer, she needs Shirou, and so relies on him. I want to see how they work from this low point and grow together. I’m totally happy Fate is back, and ready to cover all the things.

Savage did a wonderful job summing up the episode, but as this is the start of the season. I should throw my 2 cents down as well, I AM NOT READY FOR THE FEELINGS THIS SEASON IS GOING TO GIVE ME! I know a decent amount of the spoilers for what happens in this route, though, an exception to that was Archer going over to Caster.
Didn’t know about that, was kind of surprised.

As always, Ufotable stuns us with it’s shocking animation and beautiful soundtrack, and all around amazing production quality. I am so satisfied with how the UBW route is going so far. I am happy with the relationship between Rin and Shirou.
The only thing i’m unsatisfied with is the way Saber is being bound. That’s just uncomfortable and awkward. Not the wedding dress, or how her hands are bound, but the way the wedding dress is draped.

It implies things that are just not alright by any means. This woman is always getting the short end of the stick somehow. If it’s in Fate/Zero, it’s Iskandor putting her down and calling her a little girl. If it’s the Fate route, she’s being told she can’t fight by Shirou. If it’s UBW…well, you see. SHE’S KING ARTHUR, stop being so mean to her Fate!

-clears throat-

Well anyway, long story short. This was a wonderful episode and I have a few buckets of feels ready for the rest of this season.


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6 Responses

  1. Despite all that was shown, I’m interested to see what Ilya has to “say” about all this. I know the OP sets up Lancer vs Caster and Gilgamesh vs Berserker… but somehow I feel she won’t appreciate Caster getting in the way of her revenge. After all, defeating Shirou who’s no longer a Master will be a lot less satisfying for her.

    As for Rin and Shirou, it’s great to see them be able to express their feelings more freely, now that what was keeping them apart is pushing them together for the moment! :)

    Also, this opening makes me feel especially bad for Lancer. Lancers always are paired with poor (in terms of character) masters. Of course, I don’t mean to forget or neglect the struggles of the others in all this. I’ve been informed that this is due to their generally E-rank luck stat, so that’s a shame especially when they’re so loyal. Of course, the Lancers in other Fate stories might have it differently, but for the moment I really only know Fate/Zero and UBW the animation up to this episode.

    Thanks for starting up the coverage of this, Savage!

    • Savage says:

      Thank you. And yeah, Lancers never pan out with their masters, and I know little of other Fate stories and how those Lancers go. And I don’t know about how Illya will react, it’s all up in the air. That’s part of the fun of this show.

  2. Berry says:

    So as a newbie, I’m curious about something. Does the Fate series have a main route, or a true story? I know there are three different routes, but are they extremely different from each other, or are there slight variations to the story and characters? Because I didn’t know that Shirou and Rin would end up falling for each other, since I could have sworn that Shirou and Saber would fall in love, but I guess that’s a different route? So I’m just wondering if there’s one sole true route, or do all three routes come together or something?

    • Wanderer says:

      …The Fate route is considered the “true” ending, however it is also the simplest of the routes that goes the least into the depth of the characters and the story and the world and everything. It is Saber’s route, which is why she tends to be considered the canon love interest. The routes do not combine: they are mutually contradictory; however facts of the world that are true in one route are still facts of the world in all the routes.

      • Savage says:

        Indeed, and the fact is, you need to see all routes to fully understand all the parts of he story, have all the characters and their thoughts shown, etc. Personally, I find UBW to be more of a “true” ending, at least in terms of tone. I feel that it was a natural choice to chose UBW, and so far, Rin is the girl Shirou fits most with.

      • Dragonsoldier says:

        There is no ‘true’ route. Nasu has said that all routes are just as canon. It’s just because the fate route is the one that first got an adaptation and saber is the most popular character that it was thr most known one.

        Each route serves it’s own purpose and the whole puzzle isn’t complete without all three.

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