Denpa Kyoushi Episode 2

Wow. Next episode already? Time sure is flying. Well, regardless of that we’re back to the otaku teacher show. Is this episode as amusing as the last one? Well let’s jump right in and find out.

So the episode starts off with Kagami feeling very lackluster about his job a a teacher. Like, he REALLY doesn’t want to be there. He would much rather be home working on his anime blog then having to go to work.


He deals with it, and a month after he begins teaching, his sister takes him to Akihabara to buy whatever he’d like as a reward for sticking with his job.

After he picks up an anime he sees someone trying to steal something. However, the person screams out that he’s a pervert and a chase ensues. He catches up with the person only to find out that it’s one of his students.


She gets mad at him for taking his job so lackadaisical as she really needs to study so she can do well on her exams. She then runs away.

The next day at school we find out that the bitch from last episode actually DID learn her lesson (really? A bully doing a 180? Good on you show) and bringing him a lunch as an apology.

Haha. now that she's not a bitch she's kinda funny

Haha. now that she’s not a bitch she’s kinda funny

However, this fun is interrupted as we see that someone took a photo of the incident in Akihabara and is making Kagami look like he’s a pervert. Because of this, Kagami takes the fall and gets fired over the incident. Not because he wants to be noble and take the fall for the girl so she won’t get in trouble, it’s because like I said before. He really, really hates working.

Not able to take the guilt anymore, the girl tells her classmates about the incident and they know he’s not to blame. Unfortunately, before any of them can come forward with this information, Kagami makes a speech and leaves, thinking he’s finally free from teaching.

Sadly for him, the girl that was behind the whole “pervert” thing shows up and reveals her true intentions. She worked to get him fired so that he could come work for her at her school.

Man, it's like every other week I get fired by someone who wants to hire me.

Man, it’s like every other week I get framed into getting fired by someone who wants to hire me.

And with that revelation is where the episode ends.

This episode….was interesting. It was funny in some places, but annoying in others. Normally I’m not a big fan of the “misunderstanding” trope. However, for this situation it worked. Most people would be fighting to keep their job due to wrongful termination, but this guy is hilarious. He’s like “Fired?! SCORE! I’M FREE!” So with that little twist, it actually keeps me from feeling frustrated.

Overall this guy does a few things that keeps me interested and manages to keep this show from being filled with overused tropes. I especially like the part where he chastises her for stealing because doing so will cause this director he likes to quit working on anime. She’s so confused, but it’s pretty funny.


The only real character that i’m having trouble figuring out is the bat wielding sister. She’s presented in this show as a main character, and I get that she’s violent but…I don’t really GET her. I know she’s there to be his voice of motivation and the main reason he’s doing anything with his life, but still. I want to see if she gets any development beyond “threatening to hit Kagami with bat”.

Overall, this episode was enjoyable, if not only that they made a bully a good character and flipped the trope and made him want to be fired, which helped us feel less bad about the situation. I like this show for what it does to the norm and I can’t say whenever I watch this show that i’m bored. I’m definitely going to keep watching this show. I want to see where it goes and who develops.

Episode 7/10

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Remember kids. The best teachers give you free mobile game items


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