Yoru No Yatterman Episode 8 (Whoa Nessie!)

Honestly, this season has been pretty weak. The only thing that’s not a carry over from last season that I’ve been excited for has been Yoru No Yatterman. Every week I look forward to this show. So the question is, was this week good? Well…it kinda was? Let’s just jump right into it.

So the episode starts out with Leopard being sick. Everyone is worried about her and wants her to take it easy.

This is about the time we learn something interesting. As Gatchan is the only male character around her age that she’s met, we see that she’s developing a crush on him. However, because this is anime, he’s completely clueless.


As Alloute is alone in the woods she comes across what looks like an injured baby loch ness monster. She befriends it and we discover that it was separated from its mom, so Leopard takes it on their own heads to bring it back to its mother.

A convenient plot dropper staged as a reporter tells us that everyone in the town was capture and forced to work in the capital city. Seeing this, the sea creature’s mother attacked the Yatterman trying to save them.

vlcsnap-2015-03-03-16h49m24s8 However it was to no avail as she was captured, but that’s when the baby got away and met up with the group.

Seeing this, the group goes to save her, resulting in their own capture by the general, who, once again shows worry for Aloutte.

Damn it. Even my love for electrocuting people can't override this feeling

Damn it. Even my love for electrocuting people can’t override this feeling

But, seeing her baby in danger, the mother sea creature defeats the Yatterman and sends the general packing.

They reunite the baby with her mother and that’s basically the end of the episode.

If this recap seemed short, it’s because the plot wasn’t really the focus of the episode, it was the feelings behind it.

For most of the episode we see Leopard having to deal with having feelings for Gatchan. She’s 9, her body is changing, and this is literally the first male within her own age she’s ever seen and spent time with. Of course she’s going to have puppy love with this character.


It’s pretty obvious that Gatchan cares for Aloutte and I don’t believe that this is a couple that’s going to work. I think more or less they’re using Gatchan as more of a symbol for Leopard being forced to grow up. She loses her childhood very quickly in this show, in fact, it was the moment her mom died and from then on, basically had to become an adult.

Leopard is adorable and it’s hard to think of her in a relationship sense though as she IS so young. I like her being her adorable funny self. Seeing her having a crush on this guy, while understandable, is a bit offputting considering the source material.

Of course, these scenes DO lead to Boyacky and Tonzra being hilarious pretending they’re her dad and mom.

Can I just say that i love these two?

Can I just say that i love these two?

The biggest issue i’m having with this show is that I’m worried about the length. Supposedly this show is only going to be 12 episodes long, and the amount of time they’re spending on side stories, I’m worried about the wrap up of this show. So if they’re going to wrap this up, that means we have 4-5 episodes to go. That’s enough to finish this up, but these fillery kind of episodes really get me worried about that.

That being said, this episode this is the second time we see just how fragile Leopard is, and how far she’s willing to go to make things right.

I really do still enjoy this series and I’m excited to see how it ends. I really hope the ending is epic. I really do.

Episode 6/10


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