Tribe Cool Crew Episode 21 (Let’s Play Some Basketball)

You see, in that title, I was trying to channel my inner Michael Jordan acting from Space Jam. Of course I could never be Michael Jordan. I have too much hair.

Anyway it’s time to discuss this episode of Tribe Cool Crew. Which…seems more like an episode of Slam Dunk, but I’ll get to that.

So the episode starts out wit Hiroto. (Remember, that guy from the previous episodes who was pissed at Haneru for giving up on Basketball?)


Yeah. that guy.

He’s dreaming about flashbacks of when he and Haneru were in elementary school and they were inseparable and how they both loved basketball.

Unfortunately, now Hiroto is still pissed at Haneru for being a douche and abandoning him and basketball for dancing. Haneru doesn’t seem to understand why he’s so mad and tries to convince him to like dancing.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work and Hiroto tells him that he’s really fickle and will give up on dancing like he does on everything else.

'Da fuck you say about Charles Barkley?

‘Da fuck you say about Charles Barkley?

It’s at this point that they basically decide to go their separate ways.

Haneru’s other friend decides to sit down with Hiroto and talk to him about this whole situation. Unfortunately that’s when their old basketball rivals decide to show up and challenge Hiroto to a basketball match.

You can tell they're unimportant due to the lack of care of drawing their eyes

You can tell they’re unimportant due to the lack of care of drawing their eyes

Haneru’s friend is not very good however and with only Hiroto to play against basically all five of them he quickly begins to lose.

Frantically he calls Haneru for help who tries to be stubborn and not go help. until Tribe Cool Crew basically tells him to shut up and go help his friend.

they catch up, but at this point the opposing team has figured out Haneru’s moveset. They have no choice but to use their super move. That’s right. The dunk from the ending of space jam.

I believe I can flyyyyy

I believe I can flyyyyy

They win the game and Hiroto and Haneru realize the importance of friendship. D’aw. So cute.

And that’s basically where the episode ends.

If you’re looking for Dance road-esc plot relevancy in this episode, then my god, you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, I have to say, for a filler episode, I really found myself enjoying this. Maybe it’s because I wanted to see Hiroto do something besides bitch? Maybe it’s because it was fun to see some basketball? I don’t know. But overall, this was a fun episode.

The other thing that I thought was funny was Haneru finally learns how to do the Galaxy Walk. And not on his own, Hiroto tells him how to after seeing him do it once.

No, I did not make this up or pick a random quote. That's how he learns to do the galaxy walk

No, I did not make this up or pick a random quote. That’s how he learns to do the galaxy walk

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this episode, but it’s nice to see into their relationship as friends and see them develop and become friends again after having such a strenuous time. It doesn’t resolve the main storyline issues, but it does ease up on some of the tension. All around…I liked this episode.

Episode 8/10



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