Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 23: Nutcracker


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Vantage ;_; …I’m sorry for going Saiko on you – being late to the premiere of the Tokyo Ghoul: RE blog posts. With that said, good coverage! I actually hadn’t considered that Urie and Mutsuki may be heading towards Takizawa, who certainly seems to be inducing just as much fear in his soon-to-be victims as Nutcracker did to that beautiful Dove.

    Gosh darn, getting your face bitten into. I REALLY hope it’s not Rize because then I wouldn’t even want to see her turn a new leaf. As for it being her sister, well, that’s another theory I hadn’t considered and would welcome. We already have her “father” out there somewhere and Nutcracker has a similar MO in terms of going after males mainly – good thinking!

    • Vantage says:

      I just hope I can continue to maintain this sort of post length in the future – it’s up to Ishida too to keep :re exciting, although I think he’s been doing well in that regard.

      I’d never mentioned that theory before because of how kagune types are often hereditary – Touka and Ayato both have ukakus, and Hinami’s combination-type kagune is almost identical to the one each of her parents have. But of course, Shachi might not even be Rize’s real father, and he does have a bikaku – which is what Nutcracker’s first kagune was.

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