Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 23: Nutcracker


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I doubt Kanae has had too much fighting experience. His hate for Haise was only going to get him so far, and it was certainly a stretch to have him fight Urie, Shirazu and Haise at the same time – Urie even called him ‘too weak’! I guess that’s about it with regards to any future involvement Kanae might have in the auction, especially if Matsumae is taking him away and retreating. She has a cool kagune though.

Nutcracker made me squirm. And I thought she was going to be defeated there and then! I felt very sorry for Oshiba – did he die? Or did he just have his nuts cracked and eaten? Not that there’s too great a difference in terms of pain, I guess. I was surprised Nutcracker went after that unnamed female dove as well, and quite literally ate her face after complimenting her – the whole idea behind Sasako and having Mutsuki cross-dress was to be less susceptible to being targeted and having their nuts cracked, and thus there was a lot more danger in that operation than we initially thought. Not sure how much that applies to Mutsuki and Juuzou though, with their genitals already in various states of… disarray, to put it delicately.

Like Hinami, it seems that Nutcracker also has a combined-type kagune – a koukaku in addition to her bikaku, which was one of the factors behind upgrading her danger rating from Rank A to S. I must say, I was hoping for that additional kagune to be a rinkaku, because I still can’t get over wanting Nutcracker to just be Rize with a new fetish. Haise and the rest of the Quinx are about to engage her too, and it’d be a great development to the long-term plot of having Haise unlock his memories. Maybe it’s Rize’s sister or something, and Nutcracker will recognize Haise’s smell to be that of Rize’s.

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Here’s also where something might start happening with Urie. And it’s honestly not looking too good for them either, because from the map it seems like they’re heading straight towards Takizawa. Ever since the battle against Nishiki, the main emotion Urie has felt with regards to Haise is that of envy – and this auction raid was meant for him to haul in some achievements and get the recognition he sorely wants. In addition to that, he’s only recently managed to persuade Arima and Washuu to loosen the limits the CCG have placed on his implanted kakuhou. He apparently wants to prove his strength here, and having to take Mutsuki out is preventing him from doing that – on Haise’s orders. I get the feeling that he thinks Haise wants the achievements for himself, and so I can see him doing something stupid in the near future – when in reality, Haise probably couldn’t care less.

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I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Vantage ;_; …I’m sorry for going Saiko on you – being late to the premiere of the Tokyo Ghoul: RE blog posts. With that said, good coverage! I actually hadn’t considered that Urie and Mutsuki may be heading towards Takizawa, who certainly seems to be inducing just as much fear in his soon-to-be victims as Nutcracker did to that beautiful Dove.

    Gosh darn, getting your face bitten into. I REALLY hope it’s not Rize because then I wouldn’t even want to see her turn a new leaf. As for it being her sister, well, that’s another theory I hadn’t considered and would welcome. We already have her “father” out there somewhere and Nutcracker has a similar MO in terms of going after males mainly – good thinking!

    • Vantage says:

      I just hope I can continue to maintain this sort of post length in the future – it’s up to Ishida too to keep :re exciting, although I think he’s been doing well in that regard.

      I’d never mentioned that theory before because of how kagune types are often hereditary – Touka and Ayato both have ukakus, and Hinami’s combination-type kagune is almost identical to the one each of her parents have. But of course, Shachi might not even be Rize’s real father, and he does have a bikaku – which is what Nutcracker’s first kagune was.

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