Saenai Heroine No Sodate-Kata Episode 11 + 12 (The Music of a Two Part Finale) [Final]

This series really wanted to kick me one more time in the balls before it ended didn’t it? Yep, it sure did. And what better way to do that then hit me with back to back episodes with a 2-part series finale of itself. Touche you evil son of a bitch. Touche.

As of course, i’m certain you’re all DYING to know how this series ended, let’s do some recaps 1 final time. THANK GOD.

So we pick up where we left last episode. He heard his sister play her music and immediately knew he wanted her to play the music for his game. So he calls together the other girls in his circle and tell them this. There’s only one problem. She never said she’d do it. On the contrary she actually states she has no desire to play music for his game as she doesn’t like anime.

That doesn’t stop Senor Douchebag though as he tries to his damndest to get her to work on this game.

Because in Tomoya's world, No means yes.

Because in Tomoya’s world, No means yes.

The other girls see her lack of desire to work on the game and basically tells Tomoya that if she doesn’t want to you can’t force her to and leave.

We then cut to that night where she starts to play the guitar wearing nothing but his shirt, otherwise completely naked. and he says the phrase in an embarrassed quite tone “You know, I really do want you.”

Okay, that is the worst possible way of saying that. If there was an almost naked girl on my bed who I know has a crush on me, I would never use the phrase “You know, I really do want you.” Because then shit like this happens.


Yeah. She literally flat out then says “okay, fine, let’s have sex.” and he goes “oh no, you misunderstood me again!” Goddamn it Tomoya, the fuck is wrong with you?

She then lands a blow on him by basically telling him that he should give up on the game and become her band’s manager. Her reasoning is that no one actually wants to work on the game and they’re only doing it to further their own agenda (aka getting inside his pants) this actually catches him completely off guard and actually gets a bit depressed

Aw...poor little creepy baby

Aw…poor little creepy baby

The next day Kato goes out with him and assures him that she actually does want to work on the game. He gets renewed vigor and goes back and tells his cousin that he’ll manage her band and he already got her a gig. She is so insanely happy that she hugs Tomoya and apologizes for being a jerk in an extremely heartfelt way.

He then leaves the room and we then immediately find out that he’s actually doing this for himself and is tricking her in some way.



And that’s where the episode ends.

Really? Just when I thought this guy couldn’t be any MORE of an asshole….he proves me wrong. The FUCK is wrong with this guy?! He doesn’t think of anything of using people for his end goals and is supposed to be played off as funny and cute. HE’S FUCKING NOT. I HOPE THIS FUCKFACE DIES IN A FIRE AND– Wait…I have to do the other half of the two parter? Oh fuck me.

Part 2 opens up on the night of the concert. The girls in the band are all excited for their first performance. Michiru (the cousin music girl) is then horrified to find out that her friend are actually all in an anime cover band who play all anime songs.

It's like a Shymalon plot twist! but instead of Sixth Sense, it's more "The Village"

It’s like a Shymalon plot twist! but instead of Sixth Sense, it’s more “The Village”

Tomoya then goes into a big impassioned speech about how anime music is great and she loved it all along without knowing it and blah blah he talks like a douchebag.

Finally, not wanting to let her friends down, she goes out and performs. And she’s actually very good and loves the feeling of performing.

So because the plot demands it so as they only have half an episode to wrap this series up, she agrees to do the music for the game.

No....what he's OWED is a swift kick in the balls!

No….what he’s OWED is a swift kick in the balls!

The epilogue of the series then takes place after episode 00.

Everyone involved gathers around and watches as they play through the final version of the route and agree that’s it’s done. However, that’s only one route, and they’re nowhere near done. So, the series ends, exactly as I hoped it wouldn’t, with a “the fight goes on” ending.

The fucking end.

God fucking damn it. Seriously? You couldn’t end a series in 12 episodes with the premise as simple as “An otaku makes a dating sim”? FUCKING REALLY? Somehow I knew this show was going to do this. I mean, they can’t even make their main character remotely likable, so why the fuck should they even bother to end it?

This 2 parter pissed me off. All it served to do was show how he strung along ANOTHER one of the girls to cater to his whims for free.

You Think i'm going to pay you? Bitch Please

You Think i’m going to pay you? Bitch Please

One of the bigger issues of this was the fact that it came WAYYY too late in the series. I’m sorry. When the series is fucking 12 episodes long, you can’t spend episodes 11 and 12 bringing in a main character into the fold. No, every single character that’s part of the main group should have been introduced a long time ago. 11 and 12 is for wrapping up the goddamn story.

Do we see that cool guy who Tomoya hated again? Nope. Does he finish the game? Nope. Does ANYTHING resolve, romance or otherwise? Nope.

This doesn’t even feel like an ending. In fact it feels like one of those stupid “Read the manga” style endings and by god how I hate those.

I am so sorry I watched this show. It isn’t because of the premise. It isn’t because of ANY of the female characters. The ENTIRE reason this show fails as a whole is Tomoya.

He is an AWFUL, TERRIBLE, GARBAGE excuse for a human being. i hate him with every fiber of my being. But, I shall leave that to my overall series review I will post later. For now, I will simply say, he did not redeem himself even slightly.

Overall, I like Michiru, but these episodes were placed in the wrong spot in the series lineup and should NOT have been the last episodes. If this series gets a season 2 god help me i’m not going to watch it.

Episodes 11 + 12: 3/10



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