Magic Kaito 1412 ~ Episode 23: Midnight Crow

So remember how I have said in previous episodes that build up episodes tend to be a little boring? Because all they are doing is setting up for the climax of the series of episodes? Well, that is the rule, episode 23 was the exception to the rule. This was a build up episode, that was REALLY interesting.

So first off, what’s today’s loot? The Midnight Crow, a large black diamond. Is this one the one that Kaito is looking for? Well, who knows. Since his first attempt to catch it was squashed pretty hard by Hakaba and Detective Nakamori. Who were supposed to be out of the country and sick in bed.
So he has to retire for the night, so he sends a notice saying that he will try again the following night at midnight.


So, apparently, there is this old guy who debunks magicians comes to Japan. He doesn’t seem that interested in Kid, because he’s far too interested in this Phantom Thief Crow from France. Who wears the same outfit as Kid, cept black. He apparently worked with Kaito’s dad, Jii doesn’t remember anyone who called Kaito’s dad what this guy calls him.

Also, we recall he’s the guy from the tower way back in like, episode 1? Was it episode 1? Episode 2? Who cares. The point is we’ve seen him before. So, basically. While they are talking Crow challenges Kaito to answer the riddle of how he is going to steal the Midnight Crow. If Kaito can’t figure out the riddle of how he pulls off his trick, then Kaito has to retire.
His father doesn’t need two ghosts.


At the same time, we cut to the mustache guy from the Black Organization. I should find another name for that, since it’s not the same organization from Detective Conan. It’s too late in the series for us to switch it up, so he’s on the phone with this one guy from higher up in the organization and they’re going to get the jewel from whoever wins the phantom thieves.

So, we cut into the building where the jewel is and all of it’s protection. Which is a little over the top, I mean, seriously, spinning blades? Also, what’s with all the Nakamori abuse? Why do they always put him on top of the jewel where his life might be in danger? Please Magic Kaito, stop abusing the bumbling detective. I feel bad for him, I love this character type and it makes me sad to see him abused.


So, the feathers rain down and he gets the jewel from right under Nakamori. No, seriously, right under him. The one he took was a fake though, because the old man switched them out. So he writes a note saying that he will come back for the real one. Kaito took the coin that he left behind at the scene of the crime by posing as a cop. He heads out, pondering the answer to the riddle of how he managed to steal it without touching it.

Kaito heads home and notices that the lights are on, he wonders who’s in his house and he runs in, seeing his mother! What is she doing there? When did she get home?


Well this is just an epic set up for a finale, we have Kaito’s mom. The black organization, this crow guy and everything. Onto the last episode, what will it wrap up? NOTHING, this arc mostly. Because Magic Kaito is a long running series with no solid ending in the future. However, last episode! Black vs White, the battle of the phantom thieves.



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  1. I didn’t expect it to have a real ending because…well, AOYAMA. Midnight Crow is the latest chapters for Kid so I’m excited to see it, though I know the ending would make me feel disappoint, heh…

    I actually want to see Kid’s side of the Conan’s Mystery Train Chapter, but I was hoping too much, lol.

    In other note, Aoyama the Author now is in hospital for surgery…I’m kind of worry now…

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