Log Horizon S2 Episode 22: Stranger (ALIENS)

I’m gonna cut right to the chase because this is the most important part of the episode. Roe 2 is an alien, and there’s another civilization on the moon. Well holy crap. I didn’t expect this one bit.

There used to be a test server for the game that was set on the moon. Roe 2 is another character Shiroe created for that server. She and others live on the moon, and they call themselves Navigators. Like Shiroe and gang, they don’t know how or why they got there too. They also need a resource called “empathions”, which is something Roe 2 had mentioned before which left me really confused because that was the first that term had been used. Unfortunately, she doesn’t explain what those are so that leaves Shiroe and the group, and me, confused. But it must be something important to them because Roe 2 explains that she entered their world because their own world doesn’t have enough empathions and their population has decreased. She wanted to take some from their world, but after meeting up with Minori and gang, she decided that their world’s empathions belonged to them.


This here. She explains it so I don’t have to repeat. They’re called Navigaters, but they can also be divided into two groups, Observers which Roe 2 explains here and who she is, and there are Harvesters. Harvesters are the ones that ration the empathions, and actually get them, while Observers just search for them. The group figures out that the weird monsters that have appeared, calling themselves “geniuses” are most likely the Harvesters. Roe 2 explains their strange powers and such and it sounds like a match.

Basically she tells them this. If they want to figure out a way to return home, they should pay them a visit on the moon. The others are a little wary of how truthful the letter is, but Shiroe and Akatsuki believe because they remember when they died, the “world” they had been together had actually been the moon. And so they decide if they want to go home, they have to go there.


There are so many adventurers who can’t adapt to the world, and they’re getting so angry because of their desperation to return home. Others, like Serara we saw this episode, enjoys being in this world, although she misses her parents. But they finally have a clue to return home and this is the opportunity to try it.

Except we won’t see that next week because the next episode is going to be about Lenessia’s little brother. Oh boy….hm. What an interesting episode. We don’t get this information until the end though. Not like the other stuff that happened in this episode was boring, but this part stood out to me. Another Log Horizon season seems pretty concrete now, because this whole going to the moon thing sounds like one huge arc. My question is how they’re going to get there. The only way to get there would be to die, but that would be at the cost of losing some possibly important memories. I wouldn’t know of another way, but maybe Roe 2 left how in her letter.


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    And now you know everything I knew about Roe2, and a bit more besides.

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