Koufuku Graffiti Episode 8

Yyyyeep. Here we are…Me and Berry, still covering this show. And nope, nothing earth shattering happened. Unless you count food porn earth shattering….I know I don’t.


Well…how far was this into the episode? (checks time stamp) 15 seconds!? Aw son of a monkey bitch.

Welp, let the festivities begin!

And I actually mean that literally as the episode begins with Kirin trying to teach Ryou how to work on her physical prowess as the school’s sports festival is fast approaching…and she needs all the help she can get.


The next day they’re back at school and Ryou’s classmates are of course excited for one thing at the sports day, and that’s lunches. Really? the lunches? they’re not excited about boys or something? Huh….well…I guess I have to give them credit for not….doing that…? I don’t know guys, i’m trying to stretch for this show okay?

Dude...I think that guy in the background killed Doug and took his sweater vest

Dude…I think that guy in the background killed Doug and took his sweater vest

When the students learn that they can’t buy lunch at school that day and they have to bring it from home, Ryou writes up a dream list of what she’d like for Kirin to make her for a bento box. However, she then thinks that would be selfish of her and throws it out into a strangely clean garbage can.

Seriously. look at that damn garbage can

Seriously. look at that damn garbage can

After they work out for a bit, they go to sleep and, going to the bathroom, Kirin stumbles over the garbage can, and, since that piece of paper is the only thing in it, she picks it up and reads it, and discovers what she wants and decides to make it for her.

Finally, the day of the sports festival comes, and… Ryou still sucks. However, she’s happy she didn’t fall over and hurt herself so…there’s that?


and then the food stuff happens. After all, this wouldn’t be Koufuku Graffiti if there wasn’t a food porn segment.

Offering it to her friends, they don’t seem to enjoy it that much, but Ryou practically has an orgasm over how much she loves it, and for once, actually embarrasses herself in public because of it.


I know I should be immune to this by now, but my god. I just can’t get over this. every time they do this. It just catches me off guard every time.

Anyway, the episode wraps up with Kirin thinking the job she did was terrible, but it actually wasn’t as Ryou promises her it was good.

Seriously Kirin, it wasn't that bad

Seriously Kirin, it wasn’t that bad

So…yeah… that was the episode. I mean, there was a few cute things about this episode. We get to see Kirin cook for once so there’s that, and we see that even though Ryou is a ridiculously huge mother type, she can still want things of her own, even though she feels immediately guilty for wanting said things.

Ryou is a weird kind of personality. I mean, there’s selfless, then there’s Ryou. She is like the kind of person who would give you her leg if a stranger needed it. That’s admirable, but it leaves her a bit flat at times. Like I almost feel like she’s not a real person. Kirin actually feels like she could be a real person, Ryou not so much. I mean, she feels guilty when someone wants to MAKE HER LUNCH. That’s kind of weird.

Yeah...so spoiled. How DARE you want lunch made for you ONE TIME, you middle school girl

Yeah…so spoiled. How DARE you want lunch made for you ONE TIME, you middle school girl

At the very least there wasn’t AS MUCH food porn so..you know that’s nice. The episode was cute, nothing to write home about, then again, this show in general has that whole vibe.

Still, it was cute.

Episode 5/10




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