Koufuku Graffiti Episode 10 (I’m So Shy!)

And we’re back to the show that is deep with plot, intrigue, and action. Wait. What show is this again? Oh, I’m reviewing Koufuku Graffiti? Well in that case never mind. It’s still about food porn.

The episode starts up with a girl being really shy when her classmates ask her if she wants to hang out.

I...I had no idea that was an excuse to get out of stuff...

I…I had no idea that was an excuse to get out of stuff…

We then cut back to the main two girls who are hanging out at the house discussing how Kirin’s worried about when Ryou realizes she left futons outside to dry for too long and they go outside to bring them in. When they do, they overhear the girl from earlier talking to her mom on the phone telling her about how she’ll never make friends because she’s so shy.

Kirin goes to listen in closer but falls off the balcony and lands on the girl’s balcony one floor below.

They then decide to properly introduce themselves and get to talking about making friends and….well being shy.

The girl’s name is apparently Yuuki and she brings shyness to a whole new level. She’s going to be entering college and is so shy she apparently hasn’t even EATEN with people outside of her immediate family.

During their conversation the pizza guy shows up. And we discover Yuuki REALLY likes pizza. Like, she has it for every meal. She divides it up into four separate types and then breaks it up per meal. That’s some dedication right there.

The Ninja Turtles shed a tear of pride that day

The Ninja Turtles shed a tear of pride that day

She actually offers them but Ryou says they should all eat it together in her apartment.

Ah yes. you know where this is going.

Food Porn Time.

Seriously? Pizza now too?

Seriously? Pizza now too?

Yuuki looks at them oddly and is like “Wow…those guys really like food.” But then Ryou’s like “Nah, you should try thinking of food that way too!” and then she catches the foodpornitis. (Copywrited 2015)


Seriously, kinda like how Tomoya from Saenei emanates stupidity from him, I think Ryou emanates this….aura of foodpornitis (still copywrited) where people who never before thought of having orgasms while eating hang around her all of a sudden have that urge. There’s no other way to explain it.
So yeah, after this, Yuuki realizes that she wants to be more assertive in making friends. And…that’s pretty much where the episode ends.

Yeah….there wasn’t  whole lot of…..anything in this episode. This was one of the episodes I just…this felt like I was watching Girlfriend again. Whole synopsis.

Girl feels shy. Ryou eats pizza with her, she’s less shy. The end.

that’s really all this boils down to. I mean, I don’t even know what the point of this episode was. It was cute and all, but it lacked any sort of real substance. And by slice of life standards, that’s rough.



They’re getting to the point where they’re going to be wrapping this show up soon and it’s pretty obvious there’s no arching plot that’s going to occur. It’s going to be more cutesy stuff until the very end the way Girlfriend did. And….That’s okay a lot of the time, but this episode I just..it was so quiet, so underwhelming I just…I wasn’t invested in this episode.

I see what this episode was trying to convey, but it seemed misplaced. It seemed more like a filler episode than anything. It wasn’t BAD persay but….it wasn’t good. It was….there.

Episode 4/10


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