Durarara!! X2 Episode 11 (ALL OF THE ASS-KICKINGS!!)

Well, as has been the trend with the most recent episodes, things are going pretty freaking nutso. With Chikage’s gang, the Dollars, all these different factions, it makes it hard to keep up with, but I’ll do my best. The main focus of the episode, or at least the centerpiece is Chikage vs Kadota.  Its entertaining because they’re roughly on par with one another, and are doing that thing where beating the shit out of each other earns respect. For the first half of the episode we cut back to them and its really really funny, especially as they keep lining up their hits to match each other.


The Divekicks all over the place. 

The main focus though is on Mikado, who is dealing with the fact someone in the Dollars tipped off who and where one of Chikage’s girlfriends are. And because the Dollars are so huge and nebulous, of course there are assholes who actually want to kidnap some innocent girl as part of some plot. Some very familiar assholes, in fact the same douches that kidnapped the girl from episode 1 of season 1, and others who’ve mostly been there to be shits and get beaten up.



Mikado goes to try and stop them by…telling them not to and that hurting people is wrong. Mikado, for such a good strategist and leader….is kind of a moron when it comes to this. The Dollars have no standards, no rules, no coordination. If people want to be jerks, they can, and he can’t do anything about it. So, since he has nothing but words to defend himself with…he gets his ass kicked.


Seriously, you need a bodyguard or to actually start learning to fight, bro.

I’m going to cut in to say briefly on what the others are doing. Masaomi for instance, after two episodes of being like “but they might hate me” finally looks like he’ll be doing something this season.  I mean, I get it, Kida is built on feeling guilty an mopey, but come on man, get a move on.


Even his girlfriend is like “dude, go to help your friends already, you silly boy.” We get very little from Izaya either, mostly him talking to Kida to mess with him, wondering why SHizuo is being so calm, and smiling about his plan even though we don’t know what in all this chaos is or is not his plan.


The only other big thing that happens is after Celty and Anri split up. Akane finally gets taken by her father’s people and it looks like things will finally be…



Yeah, Sloan just uses a flash bang to nab Akane, as Celty pursues. Varona in the meanwhile is tailing Anri, who’s followed Mikado, who’s heading to the fight with Chikage and Kadota. The fight pretty much becomes the focus point everyone is going to. And by the time people do show up, Kadota and Chikage have officially become friendly, and Kadota, having won the fight is like “dude, let us find out who attacked your guys and we’ll beat them up together”.  Then the kidnapping assholes show up and decide to pick a fight with both of them since they’re injured. Of course, even beaten half to death, neither of them are intimidated.


Such wonderful friendship they share.


Anri is ready to go and stop the kidnappers, but then she gets ambushed by Varona, which confuses everyone.  This time though Varona seems to be able to hold her own, in fighting Anri and figuring out her abilities, while everyone else is at this standstill.  One thing to note is how open Anri is her about her powers, which normally were far more hidden. This likely will have bigger consequences as our urban legend monsters get more and more exposed.


It seems like things are lost, but then it turns out Walker and Erika decided to do their own plans, gathering all the Dollars sympathetic to their cause to help get the girls out of harms way. And Walker continues to show how very very bad it is to try and mess with his friends.



Anyways, a fight breaks out, then Chikage’s gang goes up to fight. So, we got all these factions, including a Russian assassin and the Slasher, and everyone beating up everyone. How can things get even more crazy and insane?


Ohhhhh…next episode’s gonna be gooood.

Basically, we see here lots of the chaos really heating up, with so much fighting, and actually little on who really is setting everything up. With the srangenss of Ikebukuro and all of its players, its hard to see who are controlling things and what is just chance. And it looks like they’re going to set up next episode for a huge blowout as the fighting will go even further and crazier.  And I’m just so glad to see how thinks will get even more actiony and fun. This series is so great.^^




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