Death Parade ~ Episode 9 [Death Counter]

Both of them are killers, that’s the note we ended on last episode. Kuro got their memories, how does the realization that they are both killers fit into this episode? Well, really well actually. This episode might actually be a little hard to write about on the idea that i’ve been sitting here for the last ten minutes, thinking of how to start this over and over. Trying to shake off the shock and sickness I feel from watching it. This was a highly emotionally charged episode with an ending that left me wide eyed, slack jawed and shaking from an internal coldness I couldn’t shake.


So what could leave me trembling in a cold shock? We begin the episode where we left off, the realization that they’re both killers. The two of them talk and realize that they are both out for revenge. They begin playing again, as a point is scored. Memories return to Shimada of killing the guy who’d stalked his sister, he’s already got his revenge…wait, no, there was more than one person. Not someone that beat her, but someone who watched.

Another point is scored, this one with the heart puck. Tatsumi coughs up some blood, he remembers that he has also obtained his revenge on the man that killed his wife. Shimada, understably is freaking out over him and does what most people do and begs Decim to get him help. Decim, as usual, insists that the game must go on. That they knew from the start that their lives would be on the line.


Tatsumi stands and tells them to continue the game, it’s Shimada’s puck. If he scores, he wins. The game picks up in an intensive heat, the puck flying back and forth. At last, Shimada scores and obtains his six points. Tatsumi, regains another memory. A memory of his death.
He looks through a book on his desk with a list of girls in it, including Shimada’s sister. Under it, a file with a bunch of pictures of the guy that Shimada killed. We see him go over that guy’s house and then him get stabbed.

Ah, yes, that’s right. Shimada killed him. Killed him with the same knife he used to kill the guy who abused his sister. Tatsumi seems more upset that he didn’t use another knife then that he was killed.
Why was he at that guys house you ask? Because he was going to kill him, after killing the guy that killed his wife he developed a vigilante complex. Killing the scum of the earth, but they had to do something first to be judged.


So he’d watch them, that’s right. He was the one that Shimada’s sister saw watching the whole time. He didn’t step in because then he wouldn’t be able to kill the guy. Besides, if it wasn’t his sister. It would of just been some other girl.
Slowly, Shimada gets more and more upset. He goes to attack Tatsumi but is stopped by Decim’s wires.

Kuro starts to snap, this isn’t right. This is so wrong, it’s enough right? The same is over, so why do we have to keep going through this? Decim says that words aren’t enough, he has to see this justice all the way through.
He points out that the dead can not be killed again, but they can be put through agonizing pain. He sets the pucks of all of Tatsumi’s organs in a pile with the knife hanging above it.

Kuro breaks down, she grabs onto Tatsumi and begs him not to do it. Heaven and hell are a lie, there is only the void and reincarnation. There’s still a chance he can see his sister again in another form. She screams at Decim, mad at him saying that he has absolutely no right to judge people. That he’s never lived, he can’t understand their emotions.
That he can’t understand their sorrow, their more complex emotions. He, actually looks really hurt by this. We know from Nona in previous episodes that he DOES have emotions. I wonder if they’re going to show more in these last few episodes, he looked psychically pained by what she said. The worst, and most chilling part of this episode though is that as soon as Shimada starts to calm down. As soon as Kuro’s words begin to reach him, Tatsumi speaks up.


He eggs Shimada on, speaking of the evils of the world and how they can’t be changed. The anger floods back and Shimada picks up the knife and slams it down into Tatsumi’s organs. Losing any chance he had of reincarnation and seeing his sister again and, he smiles. That same twisted smile that crossed Tatsumi’s lips when he killed the person who killed his wife.
The flash of only one mask tells me that they were both sent to the void. I recall musing earlier in this series that it was possible for both elevators to go to the same place. Either both to reincarnation or both to the void, I absolutely feel that both of these went to the void and it’s almost sad because…he had a chance. There was one moment, where he had a chance at reincarnation and seeing his sister again.


Humans aren’t as complex as he thinks, they’re simple creatures with simple feelings. That get upset over simple things, they’re quickly affected by the smallest of things and can do rash things as a result. It’s really sad, this entire episode was really sad but that’s honestly what made it such a wonderful episode. It drove every emotional mark home.
Just, stunning. I can’t wait for the next couple episodes. Next episode, ‘Story Teller’. I have a feeling, that we’re coming into Kuro’s arc. I don’t know how ready I am for this!



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2 Responses

  1. This episode hurt SO MUCH. Definitely the most so far for me. Tatsumi was completely fucked up, and somehow he ruined Shimada in the process too. And Shimada was so close!! I still think he deserved to be reincarnated, because like Onna/Assistant-san said, it’s easy for humans to do stupid things in the heat of a moment. But Shimada was still a relatively good person. and everything he ever did was for his sister!

    I wonder how Decim will change from this point though. I think the main problem with the entire idea of judging people at Quindecim is flawed in that the arbiters can’t understand humans.

    • Jon says:

      Wasnt’ the mask at the end a combination of the 2 masks? The shape of the devil mask but the color of the happy one? So their fates might have been undecided?

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