Death Parade ~ Episode 11 [-open sobbing-]

Nope! Nope! So much nope! My heart can’t handle this episode! Nothing in this episode, not Chiyuki’s flashback. Not the stunt that Ginti pulls, not Decim pretty much telling Chiyuki that he’s in love with her. None of it! You see these buckets of feels? I CAN’T TAKE THEM!

Gah, alright. So even if I can’t hold all these feelings I may as well sum the episode up for you. So, we see Chiyuki in her room and in her closet is an absolutely beautiful skating outfit. She puts it on and heads out to Quindecim where the place has been set up as an ice rink. The puppet of the lady on the piano beings to play and Chiyuki skates out onto the ice.
prepare for absolute beauty. For there is a good chunk of this episode that is her skating, no dialogue, just skating and flashbacks of her life. She was apparently a very talented skater in life. It looked to me like she was on her way to the olympics from the amount of awards she was winning and how talented she was.


Until she fell, hurting her knee so badly that she could never skate again. Okay, I know where this is going. Okay, I’ve known where this was going since the skin flaked away on her wrist last episode. I just didn’t want to accept that this is where it was going.
She committed suicide.


welp, there’s part one of the open sobbing fest. Now how about Ginti and Mayu from episode 5? Well, I am not emotionally ready to talk about what happened here at ALL. Because -insert incoherent sobbing here- This was NOT okay, what was done here was not okay in ANY way shape or form. I don’t CARE if her and Harada got to be together forever. I don’t care, nothing was alright about this.

Like, I can’t even. On a lighter note though, earlier on in the episode where Ginti tells her that he can cast another soul into the void to get Harada’s soul back. [which, BTW, I don’t believe.], he shows her a picture of…Light Yagami? Like let’s just stop here, I gave four people absolutely NO context of what I was watching, screen capped the picture and sent it to them and without a word, they asked why I sent a picture of Light.
I THEN told them the screen cap was from Death Parade.


It’s Light, like, there is no debating this fact.

I mean, I can understand entirely why you’d want to send Light Yagami into the void but, um, IT’S JUST SO RANDOM. They don’t give a name, don’t tell you what kind of person he is. Just, this picture of a guy who bares a striking, like almost scary striking resemblance to Light Yagami.

Alright, so that aside also. Bucket of feels I can’t handle now up to 2.


So after Chiyuki remembers she killed herself, her and Decim sit and talk. Since Decim has never lived or died or anything of the sort, he has a hard time expressing his feelings. So in you know, not such a direct way. He basically tells Chiyuki that he’s in love with her.

So, basically, in this episode we saw the build up of a girls life. Her seeing how her passion had distanced her from everyone. A girl who loves someone so deeply, she wants to be with him forever even if she knew he wasn’t the best person in life, and someone who has never felt anything before in his life admitting to love? GOD DANG IT DEATH PARADE, THIS IS TOO MANY FEELS FOR ONE EPISODE. ENTIRELY TOO MANY!


Also, Oculus and Nona, I feel like there is going to be a fight there. Just a feeling. I don’t profess I know how this series is going to end, it’s either going to have a happy ending or one where I sob my eyes out for the rest of eternity. We’ll see.



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2 Responses

  1. I thought the exact same thing as you when I saw the Light-lookalike! I screenshotted it and posted it on my page, and everyone said it was Light. Apparently some of the staff from Death Note are also working on Death Parade, so this may be an inside joke! And remember when Quin said that people were dying unnaturally fast recently? …It seems like Kira was working hard until recently!

    I’m pretty mad about what Ginti did, obviously. I did see an argument supporting him, saying he gave her a chance to live and she said she didn’t want to live without Harada. And I mean, Harada was a pretty terrible person. First of all, he doesn’t give a shit about Mayu, I’m willing to bet, and he was quite the cruel womanizer while he was alive. I’m still calling foul on what Ginti did, but I don’t think Harada should get reincarnated either..

    Of course, Light is much worse than Harada, so….there’s that.

    • MidnightDevont says:

      Oh yeah, Harada wasn’t a nice person but I still can’t get behind what Ginti did, not for Harada, but for Mayu. Who was a sweet girl, I know she didn’t want to live without him but still. :/ it was just painful and I was crying.

      Ahahaha, I didn’t know about the staff. Welp, if the increase in Deaths were Kira, The void/Nu, not really all that different when you think about it? They’re both eternal nothingness.

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