Binan KouKou Chikyuu bouei-bu Love ~Episode 9 [still onto you press club]

Melons, melons, this episode talks a whole hell of a lot about melons. I am going to be totally honest with you here, most of it went totally over my head. Something about self-confidence and Melons and you know what? Let’s focus on the things that were important about the episode before we talk about the melon monster and how all that talk about melon made me even more hungry then I was going into the episode.

Important parts, the first minute or two with the student council and the fighting between them. The most level headed one seeming to be the green haired guy who’s name I haven’t bothered to memorize yet. I was kind of hoping this would end up being an episode about him, he’s probably the least developed character in the show so far. I know next to nothing about him, other than his hair is green and he’s on the student council.

Well, the writers hate me. So i'll play card.

Well, the writers hate me. So i’ll play cards.

"omg, you're so annoying. shut up and go back to being not important."

“omg, you’re so annoying. shut up and go back to being not important.”

So they have a fight, Zunder tells them that they need to go on the offensive against the Battle Lovers. So they go and grab the melon guy and have him do it and…well the episode just sort of failed to meet my expectations in every way. At least we had this bit with the true villains of this series, also known as the Press Club.

What did the press club do this time? Nothing really, other than continue to be totally suspicious. First off, why were they hiding with scuba gear listening in to the Earth Defense Forces conversation in the bath and IF they were listening, then they are totally aware that Wombat-san can talk. Why don’t they ever say anything or think it’s strange? We know it’s not just the boys that can hear him or see him move on his own. If you recall episode 1, everyone thought they heard the Wombat talking in class.

That’s suspicious thing number 1, i’d say this whole cosplay for money bit is suspicious but i’m not entirely sure it’s suspicious. It could be, oh well. However, we cut to them again at the end of the episode and the fish and the creepy lighting and dialogue. THEY’RE UP TO SOMETHING. IF THIS SERIES WAS SLATED TO BE LONGER, I’D CALL THEM FOR TRUE BAD GUYS.


Spying on men in the bathtub, am I transparently evil yet?


I’m still sort of expecting them to turn out to be the true bad guys in the end and then the battle lovers and the conquest guys team up and beat down the evil Press society and whatever their evil fishy plan is.

This episode, was lackluster at best. Compared to the character development the last two episodes have had, this one just failed in every single way. First off, we really need to talk about the green haired student council guy. He wasn’t even included in the awkward yaoi episode mishaps.

Also, I was expecting maybe not a final showdown but some kind of showdown between the Battle Lovers and the Conquest guys, on the top of mount Binan. They would have a fight, in which one of the teams would have to retreat and regroup for the final battle.

That’s what i expected from the talk that Zaunder gave them in the beginning of the episode led me to think there would be some kind of showdown.

Hopefully next weeks episode will be better than this one. Try again Battle Lovers, try again. Also, best scene in the episode =

"I'm too sexy for this anime, too sexy for this anime. The way I'm posing!"

“I’m too sexy for this anime, too sexy for this anime. The way I’m posing!”

now for more pictures because I ran out of things to say about this episode.



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