Binan KouKou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! ~Episode 12 [Final Review]

Quote of the episode: “What did you just say!?”

Sometimes a series says something that makes everything  that has happened previously in the series make absolute sense, to the point where you go, “Why didn’t I notice that sooner?”
Well, for this series, it’s that all of this has been a reality show being broadcast to the rest of the universe. That’s right, you heard me, a reality show, being broadcast to the rest of the universe.


Called, Can I Destroy Earth! Returns. Why Returns? Because this show has aired once before, a while ago and who else was the defender of Earth, the previous generation Battle Lover but Yumoto’s older brother! Well, that explains the line from last episode.
As this is revealed, Kinshiro comes down out of his absolute rage in a sort of shock. The press club tries to get an interview with him, and calls him a tsundere. Boy am I glad Gero punches this guy in the face.


Lord Zunder rushes in to save the fish [I just, never bothered to memorize the fishes name] by shooting Yumoto’s brother who was holding the fish with a bunch of Zunder needles. He of course, gets turned into a monster. So now they must fight against Yumoto’s brother and his giant axe of doom.

The Adamas are like “Wait, so that wasn’t OUR power?”, there’s a fight. Kinshiro almost has a building fall on him, Atsushi takes a blow for him. Kinshiro has a character developing moment.
It’s cute.

So, Yumoto ascends to ‘More Better Battle Lover’, and the grammar makes me want to punch puppies. ‘More Better’ isn’t a thing, it would of been fine with ‘Better Battle Lover!’
Ah whatever, he grows wings. Love Showers his brother and that fight is over. However, here’s a question. What do you get when you mix a hedgehog and a goldfish? If you’re looking at me in awkward confusion, you should be. Well, by this shows messed up logic, it’s a giant porcupine fish mecha. Because, why not have a mech battle?


So now, they have to fight…a porcupine fish mech. Fortunately for them, the Adamas are there to help. Kinshiro an Atsushi kiss and make up, or they should’ve, I swear to go I have to go through one more borderline Yaoi where they are like “Oh, we’re friends.” while blushing at each other like this. I’m going to flip a table, THAT, is not friendship. Friends do NOT blush at each other like that!


Kinshiro, you want to be in a relationship with Atsushi. Admit you’re gay already, for the love of God. Seriously, what is wrong with just being like. ‘Hey, I like you as more than a friend’ and trying to sugarcoat this crap with friendship!? -clears throat-
So, they team up. The Adamas get white outfits too. Zunder and Lord Mcfish panic as the show is canceled. According to Yumoto, due to a lack of love for their subject matter. They get beat and promise quality programming from now on.

The boys, Lovers and Adamas are now friends and have a scene discussing food in the bath house. All together this time. Hmmm, well that actually wraps up most of the plot points…I guess there’s no need for that season 2 now…
OH WAIT, THE TEACHER! Oh, guys, don’t worry. After the credits we find that he was brought back to life just fine.


The end.

Final Thoughts

Oh boy, well, this show was a trip and a half. The question here though, is was it a good trip? Well, yes and no. There were episodes that were really fun and funny, there were others that were just plain insufferable.
I guess my BIGGEST issue overall with this series is Yumoto. I feel like Atsushi would’ve made a lot better of a main character considering his conflict with Kinshiro. It seems odd to have a side character with the childhood friendship with the bad guy.

I would of like a little more character development all around, at the end of everything when they are calling out what’s important to them or their kind of love. Arima even says ‘I don’t know’ I feel like that is just lazy and sloppy writing.

The story had a lot of good ideas all around, the identity scrambling technology, A lot of the undertones that set up for the reality show twist. At the same time, there are a bunch of missed opportunities and a few pointless episodes. I still say the Ballet episode should’ve had more Tutu references. I think the Melon episode could of vanished altogether and nobody would of missed it.
I would of liked for each character to get more screen time, in particular Arima because I feel like he was tacked on mostly to have three villains and seven heroes during the finale.

Overall? It’s a series i’d say check out if you like magical girls and comedy, maybe I’ll go back and write a list of episodes to skip when I go back and watch it again when it is inevitably dubbed.
Most everything in this series is played for comedy and that’s okay. It’s fun, if not a little strange at times, but not perfect. Oh well, I was hoping for a Madoka turn of darkness and a second season, but we can’t all get what we want.




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3 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    The Defense and Conquest Club Boys in yukatas:

    Part of a promotion campaign by the Ooedo Onsen hotsprings theme park in Odaiba, Tokyo.

  2. I decided to sample this anime at the beginning of the season just for the hell of it, basically assuming I’d drop it after three episodes. But I ended up really enjoying it! While there were definitely some insufferable moments, overall I think this anime was pretty hilarious and a great parody. I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if my magical girl anime repertoire included more than just Madoka Magica and Yuki Yuna, but that can’t be helped.

    Like you said, I wish the other side characters were given as much chance in the spotlight as Yumoto, and Atsushi certainly felt like more of a main character than Yumoto. Maybe that was part of the parody though? The main character is pretty uninteresting but the side characters have actual stuff going on in their lives.

    I also LOVED the More Better thing. It definitely hit me hard since I’m a stickler for bad grammar, but it was just so ridiculous that it worked for me! Actually growing wings was a bit much for me though. And that Atsushi/Kinshiro bromance is definitely more than a bromance. Romance? I’m not into yaoi but there were definitely some yaoi feelings in that relationship, at least on Kinshiro’s side. I’m glad he was actually called out for being a tsundere. xD

    Overall, I really liked this anime, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it! 8/10 for me :)

  3. Jihad says:

    Let’s just say i saw that punch coming, the anime was a big fantastical flop….. :-)

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