Binan KouKou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love~ Episode 10 [I TOLD YOU SO!]

What’s that? You wanted a better episode then the last one? Well I’ve got good news for you, this episode was a LOT better than the last one. So, what’s our plot today?Well, actually we have two main plots, first off Yumoto’s cold and second, the plight of the monster of the week. The episode begins with the boys eating lunch in the cafeteria, more yaoi baiting between Atsushi and Yufin. The usual, when suddenly, we find that Yumoto…DOESN’T HAVE AN APPETITE!

In comes this weeks monster of the week in his human form. His name? Megawa Rui, now once again, i’m no expert in Japanese, but I have enough of a glasses fetish to at least get part of the pun of his name comes from the fact he wears glasses.
He’s the number 1 glasses freshman that everyone wants as their manager.


This kid is moe and he knows it and he flaunts the hell out of it. So anyway, he takes Yumoto’s temperature and he indeed does have a low grade fever. The rest of the defense club brings him home and his big brother freaks out.
Okay, so, I was thinking this the whole time and I was REALLY glad when Io said “They say that idiots don’t catch colds.” and everyone is like ‘he said it’, ‘he actually said it.’ because he was saying what EVERYONE was thinking.


So the next day after he rests at home from the cold we have…glasses Yumoto. Who is different than regular Yumoto in every possible way. He’s quite, shy, meek, well mannered and an overall improvement on Yumoto’s character. [dodges rotten tomatoes] AH, okay. I’m going to be flat out honest here. Yumoto gets on my nerves, a LOT, he pisses me off but for once in the entire series? I really liked him this episode, did I like an entirely different character? YES.

Anyway, he’s perfect. Long story short, he becomes the number 1 glasses freshman that everyone wants as their manager. Megawa gets jealous, gets turned into a baseball bat monster and the boys need to transform.


Except Yumoto’s scared. He cries and clings onto Yufin and sobs about how frightened he is. I’ve said in the past he’s the main character, like the Duck or the Usagi of this anime and in this part, I found myself remembering early Sailor Moon episodes. Where Usagi would cry or be scared to transform, honestly, I found it rather charming.
The boys are getting beat down by the Monster, but at least they were actively fighting it and didn’t lose instantly like in previous episodes. Yumoto still won’t transform, the Wombat even offers him unlimited cuddling but Yumoto turns it down because it’s….



ARE YOU FU- …no, it’s fine. I won’t comment any more about the awkward sexual innuendos between Yumoto and the Wombat, I’m really done with that subject and the scene just spoke for itself.
They knock off his glasses, he transforms, beats the monster and all is well. Now before I FLIP MY SHIT ABOUT THE TWIST ENDING, i’ll mention one thing that I neglected to mention earlier in the review that I think will be important during these last few episodes.

The door.

In both the Earth Defense room and the student council room, they uncover a door they weren’t aware was there before. I don’t know why, I just think it’s going to be important. Now…3, 2, 1.

I TOLD YOU THEY WERE EVIL, I TOLD YOU GUYS THE PRESS CLUB WAS THE TRUE VILLAINS, I EVEN SAID THE FISH WAS PART OF IT. HA, WHO CALLED IT? MIDNIGHT CALLED IT. However, the one thing that I didn’t call, the one thing that I couldn’t of guessed even under my wildest dreams, is said during the episode preview….Zunder, works for the fish. I thought there were just two groups of bad guys, but NO, the FISH is the mastermind behind everything.


I can’t with the levels of insanity in this show sometimes, but you know what? I’m totally okay with it. ALSO, I learned the green haired guys name this episode. It’s Arima! yay!!!! Last name memorized, less we’re talking about the press club, I forgot them…oh well…




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