Akatsuki no Yona Episode 23: Morning of Promise

After all the excitement from last week, this episode is a slower one, but still filled with emotions. We ended with Yona and Soo-won meeting last week, so how does the encounter go?

Hundreds of emotions must have gone through Yona’s mind because she was speechless the entire time. Soo-won was obviously taken by surprise, but he was also rather calm too. He was able to deduce that Hak was also alive as well, since Yona wouldn’t be around if he wasn’t protecting her. They don’t talk much. When Soo-won’s men find him, he grabs Yona and holds her tight and covers her under his robes. With anger, she grabs for his sword, but he stops her. He tells her he can’t die yet because he has something to do. And apparently he rushed his coronation for a reason, which just makes me wonder about him more. For what reason did he rush his coronation? And like I always thought, the story between King Il and Soo-won’s father never convinced me. What ulterior motive does he have? He leaves Yona, and the poor girl breaks down and cries.


Later she tries extra hard to be happy, but she ends up spilling food on her robes. She goes to change in the ship and the hair ornament fell to the floor. She picks it up, and that determined look comes back on her face. She speaks with Hak later on, saying she’s going to leave Awa the next morning. Of course, that means all of them. She was able to recover from her encounter with Soo-won, but I guess I was a little disappointed that Hak never got to face him, or Yona not telling him that she faced against him. I would have liked to see his reaction to that too.


The rest of the episode is pretty easy to summarize. Everyone still parties, and basically Jae-ha ponders joining Yona’s group. Yona still doesn’t force him to go, but he shows that he’s really drawn to her. She’s a weak, small girl that cries as she moves forward, but she has this side to her that just amazes you. So the next morning, Yona and gang say their goodbyes to the ex-pirates now fishermen, the women, and Captain Gigan. They all have a couple laughs, and Gigan gives Yona a bag of senjuso, telling her not to catch a cold. They were about to leave, when Yona turns around and runs to Gigan with tears in her eyes, and hugs her. And really this made me pretty emotional. When Gigan was giving Yona the senjuso, one of the guys said she sounded like a mom. Gigan made such an impact to Yona and I could really feel those feelings as she ran to hug her. I’m also going to miss the Captain as well.


In the end, just like we knew he would eventually, Jae-ha officially joins the group. He’s not going because he’s forced to, but going because that’s what he chose, like he’s always done. Next week will be the final episode and guess who we’re meeting next week? Little cute Yellow Dragon. Can’t wait honestly. This was a nice episode, but there wasn’t much for me to explain since there was so much talking. I wish that Hak also could have encountered Soo-won, but oh well. Next week will be the finale, so I’m going to prepare myself for it.

NOTE: Also, Funimation released the dub for Akatsuki no Yona. I don’t know if I missed the explanation, but I have no idea why they started from the second half and not from the beginning. You know, there are some people that only watch dubs. Whether it’s their preference or they have issues with reading, those people can’t get into the show because you’re already halfway through. It’s really…strange. And…I could only hear 5 minutes of the episode before I stopped. I don’t know if I’m going to make a post about it later, but…ah. I hate it when Monica Rial uses that voice.


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16 Responses

  1. hoshi says:

    Hak is a smart man I think it was obvious that he figured out what could make Yona break down that way. Later even other people such as Jae-ah are starting to see Hak blood lust. I think its safe to say that Hak does not need to ask not only because he already knows, but that he is also not ready to deal with the issue of Su-Won yet.

    “I wish that Hak also could have encountered Soo-won”-Berry

    Trust me Berry you will regret those words because its that powerful.

    Overall I liked the theme of other bonds being explored and seen in this episode. Jae-ah knows he has a family in Awa to return to someday so he needed to say a proper good bye to everyone like the other dragons did in their homes. I love that all of them are from different environments, but even in the harshest of places people like Shin-ah, Yun, and Jae-ah were able to remain good people thanks to the few people in their lives who loved them. Seeing everyone’s relationship with other people in their lives is proof that they were loved and that those people are the reason all of them are alive today.

    I love that Zeno is showing up. Gosh Berry you have no idea how much I want to talk about him but I can’t due to spoilers. But let’s just say that the current japanese manga chapters add so much more layers to Zeno that most of us have gone back to revisit certain chapters because knowing what we know now adds layers to every little thing Zeno has done in the past in the series.

  2. zztop says:

    I’d say ATM that Soo-won’s ultimate goal is to restore Kouka’s glory to the days of King Il’s father. Il’s peace policies were definitely ruining Kouka in hte long run. Beyond that (and I’ve read the manga) I’m not sure what other ulterior motives he has.

  3. After rereading the manga a bunch of times and now watching the anime, I actually don’t hate Soo Won anymore. Obviously we’re programmed to hate him since he killed our beloved Yona’s father, but I think he’s actually doing good for Kouka. An example is shown even in this episode, how Soo Won had come to Awa to investigate the rumors about Yang Kumji. King Il, on the other hand, depended too much on a surface level of peace, and didn’t bother looking into the secret crimes going on. And while killing is wrong, murdering King Il was a much faster path to change than a coup, which would have slaughtered much higher numbers. I’m actually starting to understand Soo Won’s actions, and I think so far he’s done a lot of good for the kingdom! :o

    In other news… I can’t wait to meet Zeno! I reallllly hope the end of the episode indicates another season! It’ll probably end with all six of them setting off on a new adventure, and that could probably be interpreted either way. There’s definitely enough material for another season (the scanlated chapters are in the 70s but the raw chapters are in the 100s)!

    • hoshi says:

      Well I wouldn’t say “hate” but every time I do see Su-Won in the manga I can’t help but feel mixed emotions whenever he shows up in that regard I can understand Yona and Hak feelings about him. Granted Su-Won actions have done a lot of good for the kingdom that at this point (even in the manga) its hard to give a good reason why the guy should be overthrown. There isnt which is why I love that our heroes and heroines are so realistic about it. But it does concern me knowing how far Su-Won is willing to go in order to ensure that Kouka prospers. I mean if he is willing to abandon personal loyalties I would imagine it would be hard to trust. Plus I can never figure out what the guy is thinking, but I do get nervous there might come a day when he has to hunt down Yona and her crew. He obviously doesnt want to, but if its for the good of the kingdom then I can imagine he will do it.

      Hail to the yes on Zeno!!!

    • Berry says:

      Okay but the question is, did he REALLY have to kill the King? Couldn’t he just go up to King Il and be like “Hey, King. Uh…you’re really fucking things up. Obviously what you’re doing isn’t working. Might…wanna change that. Okay? Okay.”

      • hoshi says:

        I would agree with you but even if you look at royal histories from any country and period assassination is a very common so I doubt in this case “talking” would have worked. Life is never that easy plus Su-Won also believes King IL killed his father so there is the whole vengeance thing too. Plus if you examine the political climate of Kouka it was in really bad shape to the point that “talking” was over, instead action is needed or else they would have been invaded by foreign threats, In the Earth Tribe episode they did talk about that a little bit.

      • hoshi says:

        Also there was clearly a level of urgency if Su-Won did not kill King IL the Earth Tribe general clearly said he was going to revolt and plus it seems the Fire Tribe also has plans of their since they knew Su-Won was going to kill King IL.

      • Hahaha like hoshi said, I don’t think that would’ve worked.. xD I mean, revenge is a bad motive so I don’t agree with Soo Won on that, but I do understand that it’s a better option than involving the innocent citizens’ lives. But I think King Il cared more about the illusion of peace than whether it was real. That’s why he kept giving away land and raising taxes, but didn’t bother actually taking care of his citizens. He thought everything was fine as long as he didn’t see any crime.

        • hoshi says:

          That is a good point Vange. But personally I still believe there was more to King IL then meets the eye. I’m seriously interested in seeing what was the relationship between him and his older brother before the older brother died. Even now in the manga has not touched on that again for awhile, but I think it will be addressed again since it is also one of the many reasons Su-Won killed her father and hence we have our story.

          I don’t know if you read the manga but in the current japanese releases are focusing on a certain character story and it really hit me hard. I did not see that kind of backstory coming for this particular character. So it makes me more interested to see what was going in the palace when Yona and Hak were still children.

          • I do read the manga, although I’m not following the raws. I’m waiting for the full scanlated chapters, so I’m in the 70s. ;_; I agree though, King Il and his brother’s relationship hasn’t been touched upon at all. We also know nothing about Yona’s mother. I was just thinking earlier today that there may be some secrets and plot twists in that backstory as well. (And on a kind of unrelated note, I really want to know what Yona’s mother looked like to have a red-haired child!)

            • hoshi says:

              That is true. Yona said in chapter 1 that both her parents have normal brown hair. Hehehe as to why her hair is red I think at this is point is very obvious, but to the main character herself it has not been confirmed until recently. ^_^

              ah yes the 70s chapters. That takes me back~~ Good things are coming your way then it only gets more hectic from there on out. Also there is good news on the anime twitter they said at the Anime Japan 2015 event there is going to be 4th PV ^_^ what that content is I don’t know so maybe just maybe another season will be announced early!

              • That’s great news!! :O And thanks for the info about Yona’s parents having brown hair, I missed that! I actually never really believed that Yona was the new King Hiryuu or whatever, but that makes a lot more sense now.

  4. Tenshi says:

    I really am not sure how I feel about Soo Won. I feel like I should hate him but I can’t, however I don’t particularly like him either (as of now, before reading the manga) On another note though, the dub is just awful. I mean, I don’t like dubs at all but there are a couple I can tolerate/aren’t too bad, but this definitely wasn’t one of them. Especially after watching the sub, which imo has amazing voice acting. Like, Kija/Gija’s voice was so low and deep and Monica Rial sounded really weird and not Yona like at all tbh. And don’t even get me started on anyone else, there wasn’t even one decent voice.

    • Berry says:

      We’re pretty much on the same boat when it comes to Soo-won, as anime-only fans. Like Vange was saying he was investigating the illegal dealing in Awa. He’s doing so much great things, but to do what he did…ah, it’s hard! I hate him, but I don’t totally hate him, and I hate saying that.

      I think the only voice that sounded pretty okay to me was Shin-ah’s, but maybe I’m biased toward Eric Vale. Then again, I love Chris Sabat but OH MY GOD HE DOESN’T FIT FOR HAK. I mean…that’s waaaay too deep for him. And Monica Rial has such a lovely voice, I don’t know why she has to keep using that “cute” voice when it sounds terrible. I generally really like dubs, because then I can own the show. But…Funimation has disappointed me yet AGAIN with a show I love (*glances at Karneval dub*)

  5. I really don’t get funimation at times….like with them dubbing the second season of Free before the first. I’m pretty sure there’s some weird legal thing going on (I hope) because if not then that’s just…I wouldn’t say lazy, but just dumb on their part. It’s like 4kids cutting out Yugioh 5D’s final arc and giving it it’s own “original” ending….which was weird.

    • MidnightDevont says:

      Crunchyroll has the rights to season 1 of Free as of right now, Funimation is in talks with them to obtain the rights to dub it.That’s the legal issue going on with that right now.

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