Akatsuki no Yona Episode 21: Spark

This episode was so tense! A lot of me screaming “OH NO” or “YAAAAAS”. I’m so proud of Yona, Yun, and the girl named Yuri. And the episode just had to end at the best part. I’m so pumped! But okay, what happened.

any21.3As we all know, Yona and Yun fell down a trap door, and then they were blindfolded and taken to another place. Wherever it was, it was where Kumji was. They get led into a room, where they come in sight of a group of girls. A whole group of them, looking scared and confused. Judging by some of their appearances, some of them have been in there for a long time. When the man that led them there throws them in the room, he throws them so hard that Yona twisted her ankle and sprained it, so this’ll be a problem later on when they have to carry out their plan.

Lord Kumji appears and checks out the girls and sets his eyes on Yona. He points out just how strange her red hair is, and how it reminds him of Princess Yona, whom he’s seen before when he’s visited the castle. He asks if she’s her, but she lies her way through, and believes her. And let me just tell you, when he grabbed and held up Yona by her hair, and she GLARED AT HIM….ugh, her glare. HER GLARE. I LOVED IT. The way she just stared at him dead in the eye with that glare and how intimidated he got and actually got scared. I literally had to pause the video and stop myself from punching the wall because I couldn’t contain myself. AHHHHHH…

Well, he leaves and the other captive girls freak out and one pounds on the door, and we get the girl named Yuri. She tells the other girl to give up, no one is going to hear them or help them. She’s actually been there for two weeks, so she’s already given up. And Yona turns to her and is like “No way I ain’t having that”. She talks to her, asking her if she ever wants to change things. She tells them that she and Yun are going to escape and that they’re going to protect and rescue them all, and hopes she’ll accept the helping hand.


We get a short shot of the boys back on the ship, all of them obviously worried about Yona, and Yun too. Jae-ha tries to hide his eyes because of the dark circles, from the lack of sleep. Of course he was worried about her too. They make fun of each other, but then Shin-ah sees some ships move in the distance, and the crew gets ready for the attack. There’s no signal yet, so they’re just going to concentrate on the fight.


He’s really freaky…I like that…

The women are in one of the moving ships, blindfolded and tied up. Yun calls out Ao, who was hiding in his “boobs” and he chews off the rope on he and Yona. They knock out the guy guarding their room, and they get ready to leave until Yuri stops them. She’s amazed by Yona, who still moves even when her ankle is sprained, and she agrees with Yona’s words from before: she wants to change things and accept help. Her father builds ships, so Yuri is going to lead them around.

They try to take down an official, but the boat sways and they mess up. The official grabs Yuri and threatens to kill her. They’re in a bad position, and to save her and Yona, Yun outs himself and gets beaten. He tells the officials he planted explosives on the ship, and if they don’t spare him, they’re all going to blow up. So they tie him up and force him on the deck, but Yona doesn’t want them to and tries to fight them off, but they push her and she crashes into weapons. And none other does a bow fall in front of her. YOU KNOW WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN.


AWWWW YEEEEEAH. She shoots, causing the men to get distracted and not kill Yun. She grabs the firework from Yun’s sash, lights it up from the candle lighting the deck, and she shoots the firework into the sky, where Shin-ah sees it clearly.

And unfortunately that’s where we end! By the time Yona and Yun are trying to carry out the plan, Gigan and the rest of the boys are fighting off Kumji’s men. They’re doing really well, but there’s just so many they have to fight off, and they’re watching out for the signal. The real excitement should be next week, as the full fights should take place and the rescuing of Yona, Yun, and the other women. And hopefully someone stabbing Kumji to death because he’s just absolutely disgusting. If I ever see him refer to the women as “merchandise” again, I’m gonna punch the screen. I don’t think Yona’s going to give the final blow, but I hope she at least shoots him with an arrow, that’ll satisfy me.


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8 Responses

  1. Tenshi says:

    Dragon Abilities:
    White Dragon: Superhuman Strength (one arm)
    Blue Dragon: Far-sight/ evil eye
    Green Dragon: Super jump
    Yellow Dragon: ______
    King Hiryuu (Yona): DEATH GLARE

    • Berry says:


    • João Carlos says:

      Mild spoiler, but Yellow Dragon [spoiler]is the most powerful dragon… because the Yellow Dragon ever use the third person to refer to himself (he never use the pronoun “I”, he ever use “Zeno”), so it is obvious he is is very overpowered being… [/spoiler]

      Oh yeah, the best battles are far long away (and some huge battles), so I think we will see an Yona 2 and maybe an Yona 3 animes. But I guess the current anime will end when Zeno finally arrives and say “I am Zeno. Zeno likes you. Zeno will help you and follow you. Zeno is good”.

  2. Wanderer says:

    I love when Yona gets the fire in her eyes. The Red Dragon is pissed at you, Kumiji. Run in fear.

  3. hoshi says:

    About that final blow…………hehehe just wait until next week girl ^_^

    Honestly I love the way this arc has been animated. To be honest as much as i want a season 2 I don’t want a season 3 solely because the current arc in the manga is so heartbreaking. I don’t think I can handle it being animated. The way the Yona’s death glare has been animated is even better than the manga~~~~~~ I also like how the boys interact with each other when Yona is not around ^_^ Its just nice to see the comradery between them develop I think that bond will be especially important in the future.

    Honestly with all the talk about zeno its safe to say as manga readers we all know why were not worried about his introduction. Its just that quick lol

  4. I looove the way they did Yona’s glare, with the little suns in her eyes! It’s all I could have ever hoped for. xD FYI, Berry, there’s a SUPER epic moment coming next week (probably), and it’s my favorite Yona moment!

    As for what Tenshi and hoshi said, I’m kind of expecting a second season. There better be one! I’d also like a third season, although I guess the current arc is a little sad. (Not sure if hoshi meant the raw or translated current arc.) Either way this anime/manga is a diamond in the rough. :D

    • Berry says:

      Oh my god you always mention great Yona moments a week before and I feel like my heart stops when it happens. I’m gonna fucking die.

      I don’t know how it’s going to end, but if all the dragons are together in the end and the show finishes, then they HAVE to make another season. The story is so engaging and there’s so much to be done, so it’d be such a shame if there weren’t another season.

    • hoshi says:

      I’m talking about the Japanese chapters girl. I have been ahead of this series long before folks started to care about this story lol

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