Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 7: Anteiku

Why did you have to change?


TGA 7 Img020I felt really sorry for Hinami. She’s such a sweetheart, and in some ways it feels like she’s hurting just as much as Touka, if not even more – and she keeps it all bottled up inside. Hinami’s too kind for this show. Hinami and Yoriko both. Flower Princess was actually there when Kaneki came to visit Anteiku, and she could have met up with him if she had wanted to – but instead, she decides to run off and tell Touka, all so that Touka might get a chance to speak with Kaneki once more. It was really sweet and selfless of her, but it’s also very melancholic given that she’s been pining for him too, although I don’t exactly know what it is she’s feeling. It’s always felt like Hinami saw Kaneki as a surrogate onii-chan, and their relationship felt nothing but platonic to me. Even now, it’s more like she’s harbouring a schoolgirl crush instead of actual love, which she immediately links to Touka when asking Nishiki about love. As for what she can do for Kaneki, she was surprisingly pragmatic in properly taking to heart the advice Takatsuki gave her. Of course, Takatsuki is giving it to her with more context than Hinami thinks she has, but it was the truth nonetheless. It was also glossed over in the adaptation, but her desire to do something for him was the reason she accepted Tsukiyama’s invitation in the first place. In that respect, Flower Princess still has a bit of growing up to do, if she’s lured in so easily by a creepy pervert in a pink suit.

Tsukiyama cracks me up every time. He’s been designated a comic relief role, and I myself am surprised to find that I don’t mind. Reading his lines in the manga is one thing, and hearing Miyano Mamoru belt them out with enthusiasm is another entirely – and I was already pretty pleased with his line a few weeks ago about a ‘more spicy Kaneki-kun’. But this week, some of the shots made him look like he was a pervert sniffing the panties of some young schoolgirl, or someone about to suffocate themselves in a plastic bag. I do think he needs to calmato the fuck down, but I have to admit it was glorious.


TGA 7 Img028

TGA 7 Img031Takatsuki was both very intriguing and annoying this week. In the manga, she was actually interested in interviewing Amon, and asked him a lot of questions about his life – but here, she was focused on asking about artificially created ghouls. Which she should well know all about. It’s almost as if she was tipping off Shinohara and Juuzou instead of having an interview which would be to her benefit in writing a new book – and the mere fact that it’s those two whom she interviewed is ironic in itself, for reasons you may discover later. Juuzou is also scared of her, which is both understandable and notable. What I’m slightly peeved by is that she essentially gives them a rumour about Anteiku, straight up – what is she trying to do, exactly? She almost seems to be provoking Kaneki to let his kakuja go out of control, but why? He won’t learn to make it a full kakuja that way, and he’s just keep wrecking destruction until he’s too tired or something. What’s the point in destroying his mental health even further? Given by how he returned to Anteiku this week, he’d probably protect it if push came to shove – they omitted the reason for him visiting Yoshimura, which was quite an important scene come to think of it, but the message was that he still cares a lot about the place. It’s why he joined Aogiri to begin with. A slugging from Touka won’t change that, although it may have hurt him deep down.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 17


“Here are your hosts, as well as auctioneers! We, the Clowns!”

Okay Haise, where did you put your CRC gas? Time to fucking kill a certain little shit named Uta. I still have not forgiven him for his perpetual betrayal underneath a mask of alliance, and I will not be satisfied until every one of them dies a bloody death from having steel bars dropped down on them. Preferably by Rize and Haise if possible. It is far too ominous that they are in fact coordinating the auction, instead of either attending it or manipulating it behind the scenes – they didn’t even try to hide the fact that Pierrot existed. If they eventually come to blows with Aogiri here, I sure hope Aogiri come out on top. The only reason I’m not advocating having Haise try to get his revenge right here and now is because Uta is likely to be crazy strong. We’ve never seen him use his kagune, and he fought the Bin Brothers barehanded. That, and I have a suspicion that it’ll be Yomo who eventually deals with him. As for Mutsuki, while I feel sorry for him it’ll probably get even worse from here on out. Big Madame is looking for a new human slave, and I fear she now has her hopes up. Which would lead neatly onto her confrontation with Juuzou!



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