The Rolling Girls Episode 5

There is an on-going conflict between the two groups Mie Motors and Aichi Tenmusu that both reside the area. Both parties’ Captains are making peace efforts in their own way, but their gangs aren’t digging it. Nozomi and the gang came to this city to fulfill a request from Tomoki, who is seeking assistance to help accomplish his mission. They were greeted with a bang well before they even arrived at their destination due to the shachihoko bombing. Whether or not Mie Motors were the ones to order those bombs, we will find out next week- but is it safe to say at this point, the bombs’ creators were without a doubt the Takumi group.

Basically two things were going on this episode. We had Himemiko who had just returned home after 3 years roaming/training who is asked to make a new Shachi for the castle, and the conflict between the two gangs that resides the area. Himemiko’s story is more or less of a lackluster. I could care less about her complex that she can’t live up to her father’s abilities of making Shachihoko. The gang’s conflict on the other hand, was at least a little more interesting, solely because of the efforts of their leaders. I found it refreshing to see a Captain of the mob for an exchange to be working hard for the sake of co-existence and peace. He is Mie Motor’s leader, Tomoki Suzaka. While he wasn’t in the spotlight of this week’s episode, his presence and efforts were made known as part of his Friendship Project. He is a taxi motorist who drives his clients around for free. His gang however, particularly his vice captain are not supportive of it and just want to pick a fight for territory dominance. The same applies to to the Aichi Tenmusus members, who are fed up with Mie Motors picking fights. However like Tomoki, Aichi Tenmusus’ dandy leader has no intention of fighting, especially when he is aware of the opposing Captain’s efforts.

And that’s it.
That’s the episode.

Here’s the thing, I figured out what has been bothering me for the past few episodes. Nozomi and the gang are the main characters right? But… it doesn’t feel like it, at all. They are rapidly fading into the background while the minor characters that we may or may not even see again are the focus. And I think this is precisely why I have been losing interest in covering this series so quickly.

I am not going to lie, there were only three moments of the episode that sparked my attention. The first was the Sachihoko Bombing. That gave me hope that things were about to get interesting- except it didn’t. The second was when we found out that the moonlight stone (Star of the Circuit) which Himemiko has been holding onto belonged to Tomoki, and the third was when Tomoki took off his helmet and he and Himemiko gazed at each other and I had a, “Oh no, I think I ship it” moment. (DAMNIT THEY LOOK CUTE TOGETHER!) Regardless of the type of relationship they haver I know it will be a precious one. Based on how we know of Tomoki right now, I am sure he will directly or indirectly encourage Himemiko to take on the task of rebuilding the castle’s Sachi along with the rest of the neighborhood’s shachihoko that had been blown up.

-Anyways, I am sorry to say that I will be discontinuing my coverage on The Rolling Girls. I was really hoping for this week’s episode to boost my motivation, and sadly it didn’t deliver. It certainly doesn’t help that there aren’t any previews featured to encourage me to stick it out for another week. So unless next week’s episode surprises me with a burning twist that fires me up (it needs to be a MINDBLOWN moment), there is little chance that I will resume the coverage. Nevertheless I will continue watching it, and if it does end up getting good later on, perhaps it will encourage me to at least write up a Random Review.



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4 Responses

  1. IDK, for me I agree with you with the main group starting to dissolve into the crowd in these recent episodes. I kind of actually liked the series better when….(I totally forgot their names) Maccha Green and….angry giant-safety pin lady were occurring characters. Not just from the epic fight scenes those two gave, but their personalities and relationship with one-another. I don’t dislike the show or anything, but its honestly turning into one of those series that I just pop in each week to see if anything interesting happens by skipping through it, and if nothing catches my attention I’ll just pass up the episode.

  2. BodaciousSpacePirate says:

    So, wait… the show decided to just skip all of that “next stop, Mt. Fuji” stuff that popped up during last episode’s credits? Are we supposed to assume that between episode 4 and episode 5, the girls had an *entire adventure* on Mt. Fuji that they aren’t going to show us?

    When Tomoki takes off his helmet and gives Hime that “hey, girl” look, though. Damn.

  3. 15fan says:

    I think this an anime you just watch and let everything flow!Mostly it just different! I hope you still watch because there was a lot of things happening!

    Yes the girls took a backseat but they werent forgotten by any means. Besides Nozomi’s bike being her dads we find out Yukina;s bike is her brothers( somrething up there) and Chiya’s was Momoya’s Scooter( There is more to him yet to come IMO)

    The flashback about Nozomi knowing Himeko when she took Ma-Chans Stone to clean up

    And where is Chiya some are saying she turned into the Octupus!

    Is Himeko’s Dad a Black Takumi (The Robe)

    Dandy and his Bike Cafe was so cool! And how to get customers!Another food showdown

    I think everybody is so fixated on the main cast and overlook all the cool little things that are important too! They pack a lot into an episode!People forget this an ONA

    One last thought the parents get quite invovled in this anime! Nowadays that is rare!

    Well thanks for the reviews!

  4. Alcren says:

    Just my two cents but the main cast really are background characters. That’s kind of the main premise and why they went and explained why there are two types of people in the show. The “Best” which are the main characters with superhero type powers. This isn’t about those type of people. This is a show concerning the “Rest” which is basically cannon fodder in the first few episodes. They have no power and while they try their best will not be in the spotlight but working in the background helping out which is why I find this show interesting.

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