Shinmai Maou no Testament Episode 8

A wild erotic succubus appeared!

Shinmaou 8 Img003


Whew, Yuki is back! Thank goodness for that.



Shinmaou 8 Img006I was actually expecting Takashi and Kurumi to transfer in and start living with them as well, but I guess the harem won’t be expanding beyond this. I don’t think we’ve quite reaped the benefits of having Yuki live with Basara -with ‘observation’ sounding more like a guise than it’s ever been- especially as the episode was one which focused on Maria instead. Although one of the many lewd plans I’m sure Maria has does actually involve Yuki and her creating a Master-Servant pact with Basara as well. She’s very excited, and Mio is less so – probably because she’ll have to end up sharing onii-chan with another girl. Note that no-one’s actually saying anything about the fact that the full moon is a chance to actually have the initial pact undone, which implies that everyone’s actually okay with the way things currently are. Basara is presumably now a pro at fondling her boobs and sticking all sorts of (perfectly innocent) items in between them – he’s not even blushing when he ‘finishes’ with Mio now, and Mio herself seems to have completely submitted. Though I’m not sure I fully grasp why the water turned her on so much. Never mind.

Shinmaou 8 Img009Maria actually felt a bit off to me today. That’s probably linked with her real purpose of visiting the school, and it’s in this respect that there turned out to be less lewdness than the title would have you expect – the irony, of course, being that this was because of Maria herself. She still did lots of Maria-like things – she was planning to set up some unwholesome things in the school, and videoed the ‘first training’ Mio went through like a proud mother recording her child’s first school play or something. But I didn’t know two things: that she was genuinely interested in Basara to some degree, and that she knew Takigawa. The first is probably because she sometimes has more presence as a mischievous loli succubus instead of a genuine love interest, and there is a general common sense principle that one shouldn’t fuck lolis. As for the second, I’m not so worried about the fact that she knew him, but rather that she’s hiding it from Basara. I don’t think Basara ever told Mio and Maria that he’d come to some sort of truce with Takigawa, but if Maria was coming clean about what was really going on she wouldn’t have had to say she undid her magic and asked him for directions as if he was a normal person. Because to her, she thinks Basara thinks Takigawa is an ordinary human. As far as I understand it, they should be on different sides of the demon conflict, so why are they conferring together? What’s she up to?


I love cute things.

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3 Responses

  1. Yeah, with the way that episode ended I see Takigawa defecting over to Basara’s side at the end considering they don’t really seem to care much for him now. IDK, Mio is somewhat more imaginable for me with her hair down, and from an artist perspective, they did a good job with animating her orgasms faces this episode. Anywho~Basara and Takigawa were shirtless in the same room so I’m all good. Though I kind of expected more from this episode considering the title. Its like…it was okay but it was more of a casual episode rather than something memorable.

    • Vantage says:

      Her twintails do add a lot to her tsundere personality, and she did seem a little more mature to me with her hair down! Hairstyle might not be everything as Saekano argues, but it does change something!

      I was honestly expecting Takigawa to be more muscular than he was, given that he’s supposedly a powerful demon and all. Maybe he’s augmenting everything with magic instead of being physically strong. I suppose I too expected more from the episode, but given that there’s only so much they can do with the fanservice at this point, it’s good that they chose to beef up the episode with plot.

      • To me personally I just don’t really like a tsundere with twintails, only because its kind of a cliche at this point of age. Asides, she does look more mature with her hair down. As for their bodies….its most likely the show isn’t really putting that much attention to the male bodies when it comes to details. Heck, when Maria started sucking/licking on Basara’s chest a while ago, they didn’t drawn in his nipples.

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