Saenai Heroine No Sodate-Kata Episode 7 (An Antagonist Appears. …Good.)

So we’re back to the adventures of the little shit…I mean our main character. And yes, before you ask, this guy is right back to his douchey self after taking a break for a week. (I guess 1 week’s all we could hope for) So what’s the deal this week? Well since I want to get the memory of this show out of my head as fast as possible, let’s just jump right in.

So the episode starts up with Tomoya over at Eriri’s house as she asked him over to work on the game. And of course, instead of doing whatever she asks and thanking her on his hands and knees for doing this for him, he’s being a sarcastic little shit asking why he has to be there.

Dude, do you know how much work she's doing for you just out of the goodness of her heart? If she asks you to MAKE HER GODDAMN COFFEE you get off your ass and do it!

Dude, do you know how much work she’s doing for you just out of the goodness of her heart? If she asks you to MAKE HER GODDAMN COFFEE you get off your ass and do it!

She tells him that she needs reference material for the childhood friend ending (which apparently they DO have multiple endings but they just didn’t feel it was important enough to let us in on these other characters until episode 7.) And of course, being that ass he is, Tomoya couldn’t care less as he is focused on the main girl.

Still, he has to read through the H script with Eriri and my god. If this guy doesn’t know she has a crush on him, then I give up on everything. It’s so painfully obvious that I can’t even think of a good metaphor to describe it.

He doesn't deserve you

He doesn’t deserve you

After that, we cut to the next day at school.

Okay,’s been an episode since he did anything creepy, maybe that parts over.

So Kato’s gotten a haircut and….. (sigh) and he freaks out saying things like “how dare you do that?”


(Sigh) never mind, he’s as creepy a fuck as ever.

He then tells her that she should try acting more moe when at that moment, a girl from tomoya’s past shows up and starts acting moe. Why? Just cause.

Why you may ask? the answer is "Just Cause"

Why you may ask? the answer is “Just ‘Cause”

We learn that she actually got into anime because of him and now works with a doujin circle in her home town. Eriri gets a bit upset because the game that Tomoya showed her was the same game he showed this other girl.

And that’s when our antagonist shows up.


Why is he an antagonist you ask? Because Tomoya doesn’t like him. And that apparently is enough to be pegged as “the bad guy”. Long story short, He wanted to work in anime just like Tomoya, however, instead of watching everything including obscure stuff, he followed the main stuff and used it to network with corporate people and is now working for a really important guy in the industry.

However, Tomoya doesn’t like this because it’s not the ways of the otaku or “blah blah blah” stupid stuff. Look. It’s FINE if you want to have your own ideas of how to get into the business. You want to start at the bottom and work your way up, THAT’S FINE. But don’t SHIT ON PEOPLE and call them villains just because they have a different method than you. In fact, his method got him into the industry. Your basement project love is fine and all, but don’t you dare be a snobbish douche to him just because it’s not the way you think an otaku should act.

When he says all this, Eriri even calls him on it and tells him that he’s basically being a giant hypocrite.


To which he has no comeback other than “Well…YOU’RE wrong!” to Iori (the antagonist)

And we find out that the group Iori’s with is going to make a game as well. End of episode.

This is the main problem right here. Tomoya is doing the EXACT same thing that Iori is. The only difference between what the two are doing is that what Tomoya is doing is worse.

While Iori was “riding on the coattails of famous people” he got to be their friends, got to know they, talked to them and got into the industry that way. Tomoya on the other hand is using well established people to make his own game, using their talents for his own goals, but unlike Iori, is taking mass quantities of time out of their schedule to make this game by emotionally manipulating girls that have crushes on him. Show, if you’re trying to pin Iori as a villain, not only is Tomoya ALSO a bad guy, he’s much worse.

I don’t know if this show is trying to paint Tomoya as a “lovable goofy awkward” guy or what, but there is at no point that I have rooted for this guy. I honestly hopes he fails. I hope he sells no copies and nobody plays it.

Iori actually asks Eriri If she’ll join him in making their game as everyone appreciates and respects her talent, but of course she says no because she still has a crush on Tomoya for some ungodly reason.

Honestly I have not seen a series where they have failed so horribly that when their villain comes along, he’s actually painted as LESS of a bad guy than the main character when the main character is SUPPOSED to be a good guy.

Really at this point, I hope Iori wins. I know he WON’T but a man can dream.

The scenes with Eriri were adorable because well…she’s adorable. The only thing is it makes me so mad when I see her having a crush on him. She can seriously do so so so much better. And with a guy that’s not creepy. Seriously Eriri. Ask out any guy in school. i’m sure they’d say yes. And not be a creepy control freak.

Wow...way to be a douche

Wow…way to be a douche

Episode 5/10

All I gotta say is…ugh…Can Iori be the new main character? Oh… and he’s also hotter. …No homo.



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