Magic Kaito 1412 ~Episode 20 [Nightmare]

STUPID MAGIC KAITO AND IT’S STUPID MAKING ME FEEL THINGS, WITH IT’S STUPID EMOTIONS AND IT’S STUPID….STUPID! -sobs all over this post and then wipes all the tears away and takes a deep breathe- This episode was sad! It was really sad, like, “omg, why would you do this to me” sad.

So let’s start from the beginning, we pick up with Kaito at the end of a heist and he’s standing in a dark alley way, with no escape route from the cops because it’s raining too hard for him to use his paraglider. He hears someone talking to him through a walkie-talkie placed in the alley. It’s someone offering him an escape route, someone called Nightmare.
Who is Nightmare you ask? He’s a worldwide partner to thieves, he takes 50% of whatever they partner to steal up and slides away into the night. Also, working with him is a curse, you either end up arrested or dead. There is a rumor among thieves that if you work with Nightmare and manage to get away alive and free, you’ll have a life full of great prosperity.

Gah! I’m tearing up in the middle of the recap again. So -deep breathe- we have Nakamori setting up the security for the Black Opal earrings that have been marked by Kaito and Nightmare. He invites Kaito to check the security system since he has an eye for magic like Kid uses. I actually feel really bad for Detective Nakamori, he really does trust Kaito.
During this scene we meet Detective Chuck Connery of Interpol and his son, Kenta.

Kenta is suffering from a cranial disease that will need a surgery so he can live. Kenta is determined to help his Dad beat Nightmare because his dad said that when Nightmare was gone, the monster in his head would go away and they could live together for the rest of their lives.

The heist goes off without a hitch, Kaito impersonates the director and steals the opals and flies off on his paraglider to meet with Nightmare. Also, HAKABA!!!!! He shows up this episode too, too bad Kaito holds him off from showing up at the scene by sending his car onto a busy road by impersonating Detective Nakamori. Oh well, he shows up and unveils the trick of the floating Opals and how the ‘Director’ that had examined the ‘fakes’ had been Kaito Kid all along.


So Kid meets up with Nightmare at this abandoned warehouse and tosses him both of the opals, saying that they aren’t the gems he’s looking for and that Nightmare can take both of them. Besides, he needs them for his kids surgery. Yeah, that’s right. Nightmare is Interpol Agent Chuck Connery. Well Kaito, you’ve found out his secret. Now you must die…

Is how it would go if his son, on his way to get food with Aoko hadn’t seen him drive off from the scene earlier and asked Aoko to have the cab driver follow the car so he could tell his Dad that a person at the orphanage taking care of him found a doctor that could take care of him, and not to worry about him and focus on catching the bad guys. So, his son runs into the building looking for him.
At the same time, the cops show up via the Agents orders. It would be curtains for Kaito…if the platform they were standing on hadn’t broken under Chuck when he turned at the sound of his sons voice. Kaito runs to grab him and save him, he begs him to let go of the jewels and grab on with his other hand. Unwilling to let go of the money for his sons surgery.

Kaito’s glove slips off his hand and Chuck falls to the ground, cracking open his skull. Kaito, shoots the Nightmare mask off of him so he would never be found out as Nightmare and remembered as a hero who died protecting the opals. The only one who knows the truth, is Hakaba but he wouldn’t say anything about it. They know that Kaito didn’t kill him, that Kaito had tried to save him by the way he was grabbing onto Kid’s glove….


I have a real love/hate relationship with this episode. I love it because it once again showcases to me everything I love about this show. I love that Kaito tried to save someone that had been trying to kill him only moments earlier. I love this shows ability to make me care about characters I just met and their problems.

I hate that this poor boy has to go on without a father for the rest of his life, I hate that even with Nightmare gone he’ll never be able to have the time with his father that he wanted, I hate that eventually, they’ll probably find all the stolen goods in his possession and taint his name in death. I hate that I feel so much for two thieves that are just trying to help out their families.

Stupid Magic Kaito and it’s stupid making me feel things for bad guys. [legit though, that’s what I love about it. It’s why I enjoy shows like this or One Piece where people who would normally be the villains are the good guys.]

Next episode, another Detective Conan cross over! How many of those have we had now? I can’t remember..OH LOOK IT’S AI! Well now i’m generally excited, I love Ai!

See you, next illusion! 



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4 Responses

  1. Faliara says:

    I suggest that you watch the Magic Kaito Special version of it as well. A-1 did good with this episode, but TMS pointed out how close to home this sort of situation would be to Kaito (Son’s 8, dad’s a thief, dad died… You get what I’m saying here, right?)

    • MidnightDevont says:

      -open sobbing- oh god, I don’t know if i’d be able to hold all of those feels.

      • Faliara says:

        “Give it up. For Kenta’s sake.”
        “You came all the way here… Just to say that?!”
        ‘I couldn’t help it… After hearing that…’
        (“I want to be just like Papa!”)

        (-Be warned, though, you might be shocked at the voice change. I, for one, prefer MK1412’s version of the voices more.)

  2. Skye says:

    Very minor thing, but CR got the name wrong in their subtitles the first time. His name is Jack not Chuck. :) Just thought I should point that out! Been enjoying reading your reactions so far.

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