Kantai Collection Episode 8: I’m Not a Hotel!

It’s not ‘ho-te-ru’, it’s ‘ho-tell~’!


This was such a cute episode! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after last week, but they seem to be gently rolling the plot forward while still focusing on what now seems to be the ‘main’ cast of kanmusu. I actually really like these girls, and would be devastated if any one of them died – which means that they’ve achieved an objective of character development, I suppose. I’ve grown to like watching Ooicchi get all thirsty over Kitakami, and I think I’ve jumped ship to Kaga x Zuikaku, with their quasi-tsundere squabbling and head patting. And I love Kongou-san the most… maybe!



Kancolle 8 Img015Now, I don’t know much about Yamato, but I think the little snippets I’ve heard of her have been faithfully incorporated into her character. When Mutsu mentioned a new ship, I was actually hoping for it to be Amatsukaze as I remember her being a prototype of some sort. But alas, it wasn’t to be. Yamato looks like a very elegant kanmusu, and I have a feeling she would be quite difficult to build or otherwise acquire in the game – and certainly maintain, taking into account exactly how much Nagato complains about her resource and fuel consumption. She eats as much as Akagi, and after seeing her fully equipped I’m not surprised any more – because holy shit, those armaments are massive. It’s even bigger than Kongou’s! No wonder the rice paddle was bigger than Yuudachi’s face!

Kancolle 8 Img025The story behind all this is that Yamato has always been hidden away on the island, unable to train or get any experience out at sea – which kind of defeats her purpose as a kanmusu, as Fubuki has noticed. Especially when she’s allegedly the strongest of them all – and it’s quite something to have the celebrated veterans Kaga and Akagi acknowledge that. After Fubuki’s earnest efforts, Yamato is a real kanmusu now! But was it worth it to showcase her power for the sake of what seems to be a few surveillance planes? As I understand it, Yamato is supposed to be a really powerful trump card of sorts, that Chinjufu shouldn’t really be playing until it’s the right time to do so. Basically, she was kept secret for a reason beyond taking up lots of resources. Now the Abyssals know that there’s something that can take them out in a single hit, on top of all the communications they’ve already been intercepting. I think that’s about it in terms of the plot, although from what Nagato and Mutsu have been discussing it’s likely that the kanmusu will continue pressing forward as hard as they can. And next week we’ll see Kai Ni! It’s actually happening!

Now, on the topic of Nagato and Mutsu. Actually, this relates to Nagato in particular. I… didn’t know she could be that cute. My heart was just as confused as the lucky squirrel she grabbed. Have I been getting the wrong idea about her this entire time?

Kancolle 8 Img036


Gap moe is scary. I love how Mutsu pretended she hadn’t seen anything though. Then she struck when Nagato was least prepared.

Kancolle 8 Img044

Notice how the squirrel seems to love Mutsu so much more.

Ahh, this was such a cute episode!




I love cute things.

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5 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Battleship Yamato and her sister ship Musashi were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever made. They were, in fact, in violation of a treaty which limited the size and power of naval vessels. They were created specifically to be able to engage mutliple enemy battleships at the same time, because the Japanese realized that they’d be unable to compete with the output of American shipyards in terms of quantity. However, she ended up spending most of the war not actually in combat due to various factors.

    Anyway, that was history. Now, for the future! Not just kai ni, but kai ni Poi! One of the most famous and anticipated kai ni transformations of them all just in terms of character redesign and/or development.

    • Vantage says:

      I swear, I learn something new about WWII history with each episode. Wikipedia tells me that neither survived the war, but that they retain a lot of cultural significance even today! Way to go, Yamato-san!

  2. –1:25 Seaside Empress Yamato
    Seriously, that was a PERFECT way to introduce her!

    An air of mystery reflective of her class and rarity. No fancy-pancy, flashy or provocative music, but tried and true Japanese “classic”. Well dressed and equipped for the weather. To top it off, a humble introduction consisting of name and class, carried on a voice as soft as clouds…*WOOSH*

    I think I just heard Cupid’s arrow fly by. I loved it all! \(^o^)/

    –5:12 “Just like a…”
    Instant repair bucket? The water by the beach? Or a cu- cucu- I can’t. Ooi worries me, truly.

    –5:43 “I’m not a hotel!”
    Of course not, Seaside Empress, but… you sure know how to run one o_o

    Welcome to the Hotel Yamato-san
    Such a lovely girl (Such a lovely girl)
    Such a lovely face
    Plenty of joy due to Hotel Yamato-san
    Any time of year (Any time of year)
    You can find it here

    Yamato-san, please forgive me ;_;

    –7:06 “…”
    My goodness, even the fires that Yamato makes are exceptionally beautiful ._.

    7:52 “The kind of equipment that would make the Abyssals go, ‘Poi poi poi!'”
    If Yuudachi is the one upgrading to Kai Ni and it’s just as fierce as depicted in game, backed by history, then the Abyssals will be going “Poi, poi, poi” far sooner than when Yamato finally graces the war-torn waves. That said, well, a certain someone might also be going Kai Ni to match Yuudachi, or should I say… Shin-Kai Ni?

    –8:52 ‘The moon sure is beautiful (月が綺麗ですね)’
    Yamato’s resort can make even the ugliest rivalry look beautiful. Seriously. Just take that in for a moment. Never has an argument had such a beautiful backdrop.

    –10:13 ‘I wouldn’t mind if I die. (死んでもいいわ)’
    Incorporating that trivia about the original Yamato’s battle history this way was quite nice, giving us insight on the main character and the new character simultaneously! I’d been wondering what Fubuki had been doing before arriving at this particular Naval District. I wonder who her teammates were, perhaps the others of her class.

    –10:27 “Sorry for the wait.”
    Ah, we did get a beach episode after all. Even better, it was a mini beach episode. So… when are we getting figures- I mean ‘schematics’ of the girls in their swimsuits- I mean, ‘military issued water gear’?

    –10:46 “Hey, wait!”
    Takao… *drool* Yes, please, wait for me too! S- she just has this lady-like quality to her voice, whereas Atago sounds more bubbly. In truth, if any of the Kancolle girls were to be my big sister it’d be her. I’ve always wanted one and she’s the eldest of her class x)

    –10:58 “It’s hard to believe they’re both fleet girls.”
    Mou! Kitikami! A real lady is not determined by the size of her breasts! :T

    –11:07 “Wow.”
    O- okay. You’re allowed to be simple-minded here, Kitikami. Y- you’re probably still recovering. The cannons might be what are 46cm… but th- those have far greater stopping power *gulp*

    Also, what an elephant- elegantly elaborate bathing suit! It makes for great battleship camo as well – (http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/1938812)

    –13:46 ‘That’s one small step for Yamato, one giant leap for Kanmusu.’
    Fubuki IS the real MVP! Hasn’t lost it since episode three! ;) I like that she’s willing to bend the rules where it counts.

    –14:26 “This is really hard to say, but… I’m hungry.”
    A real lady knows how to speak up for what she wants! You’re learning already! Good job Yamato! ^_^*

    –17:39 ‘My big sister can’t be this cute.’

    Nagamon… she exists (she’s official) :3

    Nagamon! First make sure I’m the only one.
    Nagamon! Only then can cute things be fun.
    Nagamon! It’s when my serious self evolves.
    If I can have something cute then it’s her I’ll become
    If I can have something cute then it’s her I’ll become

    –18:38 “…”
    You know, Kisaragi was randomly sniped with a piece of chalk before she was bombed. Mutsuki randomly fell in the water this episode, so is she eventually going to get dragged under? My table is ready to be flipped >_<

    –21:21 "I'll try it."
    Oh! So Yamato's gear was stored in a compartment under the boat. No wonder it took the combined efforts of Yuudachi, Mutsuki and Fubuki to tow! Still, with the way it was suddenly on her, though, accompanied by some machinery sounds, I wonder if certain Kanmusu can just put on their gear via magnetic force. It'd make sense for that to be a technology of Empress Yamato, at the very least.

    –21:55 "Wow…"
    S- so… what was I saying earlier about that other asset having greater stopping power? (there really is a cache to them though) Note to self: when she becomes one with the waters our dear Seaside Empress becomes the great Sea Dragon Yamato.

    As far as the planes go, I wonder if their destruction really did confirm the presence of a force like Yamato. To be fair, they were approaching a "fortified" island and I don't think anything about Yamato would be said over the radio. Still, if this is an intentionally loose thread… perhaps it's the setup for yet another Abyssal Boss to show itself and one more powerful than Anchorage Hime. Speaking of the plot, we didn't quite confirm whether Shouhou really sank or not.

    –23:08 "I'm Yamato, the name ship of the Yamato class."
    There's that humility again… I think another one of Cupid's arrows flew by too- *WOOSH* (/^o^)/


    1. Okay Vantage, since I know you didn't get nearly enough time to fawn over your favourite destroyer on account of her scenes coming and going like an island breeze, here's something to tide you over until next episode – (http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/1830323)

    Oh! Also, the Amatsukaze ship was the prototype for the Shimakaze, however, the former actually belongs to the Kagero(u)-class of Destroyers. Although, this does still make her Shimakaze's big sister in spirit (thank goodness they're living now) and from her in-game dialogue, she seems to care quite a bit about Shimakaze. The latter is often enough portrayed as a bit lonesome or even depressed due to being the only ship of her class… This may be introduced to in a similar manner to Yamato's feelings later on in the series. It may even be when Amatsukaze shows up herself!

    2. All right, now I know this is your cup of tea! Have a taste of the best of Kongou-san (in conveniently short sips- clips)!
    –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFT-S0nwaUg (Burning LOVE)
    –http://youtu.be/wdXG_fKkJI4?t=45s (A big sister sets the example)
    –http://youtu.be/ptSV4Zx-MsE?t=1m11s (What?)
    –http://youtu.be/0ezQ75HP7Lo?t=27s (No problem desu!)
    –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntTWVQUX3kk (Type <3 Shell)
    –http://youtu.be/hxNMHN3srSs?t=31s (A big sister also provides)
    –http://youtu.be/CVj9u68eInc?t=31s (A big sister to ALL)
    –http://youtu.be/T3EfPUxw_jc?t=26s (Everybody was Kongou fighting)
    –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iAeJWPVnVs (Yokatta~!)
    –http://youtu.be/15S61E_v_sk?t=44s (YES)
    –http://youtu.be/3tf6giX4_No?t=15s (…Maybe)

    • Vantage says:

      This was technically a beach episode, yes! It’s just that the fact they spend literally every episode at sea in some form or another makes it very hard to treat it as something special after all this time. I suppose they are in swimsuits, although the problem with that is that it’s a relatively… tame form of fanservice to me, if you know what I mean. Cough. I did take offence at the lack of Kongou in a swimsuit, even if Yamato’s was very exotic! And on the subject of how I got into Kancolle to begin with, the rivalry between Kaga and Zuikaku isn’t ugly at all! It’s a beautiful one in which neither of them are being honest with themselves, with lots of potential for passionate hate sex doujins! I said what? There definitely needs to be more Takao and Atago though. I don’t actually think they’ve been properly introduced, and Atago is sort of… just there, with the occasional cheerful ‘pan-paka-pannnn~!’

      I’m not going to look at the history this time-poi! Although as a non-player, I do wonder why they’ve decided on Yuudachi for the Kai Ni. And does Shin Kai Ni actually exist?

      • Fair enough, especially after reading the history spoiled Kisaragi’s fate for you! It’ll be more exciting this way, too, especially if they explain Yuudachi’s change of appearance through her ship’s history in the show. Although, I’m still uncertain whether Shouhou sank for good. We just saw her surrounded by flames… Hopefully you read up on the part about Amatsukaze and are satisfied with the explanation :)

        As for choosing Yuudachi, I’m just really confident it’ll be her. Compared to Fubuki and even Mutsuki, Yuudachi’s had less screentime and I think it’s partially to introduce Kai Ni through her. Think of it like how Tomoe and Miyabi have had less focus than even newcomer Lilith, but now they’re suddenly in this dramatic ED theme.

        Back on topic: granted, Kongou is already Kai Ni (so we may see her play onee-sama to the new Kai Ni in terms of getting used to it all) and there may be others who get Kai Ni at the same time. As a matter of ability, well, I won’t spoil for you what Yuudachi’s Kai Ni lets her do!

        Shin-Kai-Ni doesn’t exist, not yet anyway. I just made it as a reference to Wo’s likely upcoming upgrade that puts her beyond her Kai form. All Shinkaisei-kan and Kanmusu have Kai version, but the change is not as significant as a Kai Ni. For example, Yamato’s Kai form visually just writes a special mantra on her single thighhigh, which then represents a flag the original ship used to have!

        Speaking of Takao, Atago and Kai Ni, their little sister, Maya, got her Kai Ni announced yesterday, haha. Back on topic: yes, they definitely need more major screentime, same with Yuubari (not just because she’s my favourite) since I’d like to see the whole process of upgrading equipment and such explained.

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