Joseph and Avdol’s Super Gay Adventure Episode 7: Bastet’s Mariah, Part II

It’s not what you think.

I thought the lastest episode of Binan Koukou was the gayest thing I’ve ever seen, but the first six minutes of this episode took the cake.

I literally had to pause the video multiple times just so I could laugh. I don’t know what it is about this season so far, but every episode has been making me laugh like an idiot. Mariah has made these poor men go through the most awkward things ever, and luckily Jotaro wasn’t there to see or he might tell Suzie.

jjba7.6Anyway…Joseph and Avdol are stuck together because of the magnetism. Mariah runs away and they try to run after her, but they first need to pry off of each other. They slowly get up from the ground and go to a fence and try to pry off, but it doesn’t work. Then Joseph has the idea since their feet and heads are stuck together, then if Avdol gets his head to Joseph’s feet, then it’ll cause an opposite magnetic effect or something and they’ll break free. Well…Avdol slides down Joseph slowly, all erotic and shit, and for some reason he stops when his face is all in Joseph’s crotch and says how totally nasty they look right now. Also, random kids from the street group up and watch them. Joseph gets really embarrassed and moves around and it makes it even more nasty and OH MY GOOOOD. I ALMOST DIED. AND IT GETS WORSE. They both manage to break away from each other, but then Joseph turns around and they still have a close magnetic force and Avdol’s dick gets stuck on Joseph’s ass and holy shit YOU JUST NEED TO WATCH IT, I’M LAUGHING WHILE TYPING THIS. I HONESTLY CAN’T BREATHE.


Then they break free again and tumble down the hill where they finally find Mariah smoking and laughing at them. They both go after her, but these idiots aren’t careful and find themselves stick onto railroad tracks. Again, they get stuck together and a train comes their way. The train passes and Mariah thinks she’s won, but Avdol used Magician’s Red’s flames to melt a hole into the tracks for them to lie in and not get run over. And then Mariah makes a not-so-cute face.




that’s better

She runs off again, and Joseph says she won’t go far because of her Stand. Using Hermit Purple, Joseph makes a map of the city on the ground, and they make a plan to trap her by splitting up and coming in between her at a street. So they split up. While poor Joseph is running down the street, all metal things stick to him like canned food, a dog’s metal food bowl, an old man’s dentures, and other things that slow him down he can barely move. Avdol splits up and doesn’t fare any better but they trap Mariah. But she isn’t fazed.

She cuts the telephone wires above. Uh oh. Those are magnetic.


Avdol is able to deflect the electrical wires with Magician Red’s flames, and Joseph uses Hermit Purple’s vines to stop them, but he can’t hold them off for long. But then he and Avdol uses their magnetic force together and smack into each other, intentionally this time, and crush Mariah between them. They managed to win and break all her bones. For a second there I thought they killed her, but she just fell unconcious. The magnetism ends and they walk off to finally meet with the others to eat breakfast AND ACTING LIKE NOTHING WEIRD HAPPENED. OKAY.

Well, Jotaro, Polnareff, and Iggy are still waiting in front of the hotel and finally these losers consider that they encountered a Stand user, so they leave, but we get a little glimpse of our next Stand user, and the next one is going to be with Jotaro and Polnareff again. Man…this episode was hilarious. Plain hilarious, while also exciting. I was wondering how they were going to defeat Mariah, but these guys are more clever than they look. I love how Jojo’s can balance comedy and action so perfectly without it being out of place. This series is so great.


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