Binan KouKou Chikyuu Boui-bu Love! ~Episode 7 [Guy Love]

If there was ever a episode of anything ever dedicated to homoerotic undertones, it was this episode of Binan. This episode adds NOTHING to the plot, has no intrigue and has nothing to hook yourself on….but it’s absolutely hysterical. So, what’s the plot set up? Well, a training camp at the beach over summer vacation of course, also as i predicted, the student council ends up going to the beach too…however, this ended up going a little different than I thought it would.

So they head to the beach and because animating girls is beyond this shows capability, they end up on a beach full of dudes. Yeah, obviously gay dudes and tons of them. However, this isn’t even the homoerotic part of the episode! Because, this show has a hard on for trying to make us ship the main characters. We end up at a bath house. One that looks oddly familiar…almost so familiar that one might think that the animators were too lazy to make up a new setting!


So they take their bath like every episode, I swear to God the first episode of this show that doesn’t have a bath house scene is going to be the death of me. So they stumble upon an outdoor bath and then suddenly Io bursts out of the bath house screaming about how something important happened and i’m NOT KIDDING when someone says

“What is it, a murder?”

someone responds, “This isn’t Detective C*nan.”, this joke was good enough but as the episode transitions into the next part…it does so with the door slam from Detective Conan. I had to pause the episode, die laughing, call my friend who likes Detective Conan over to the computer and show this to him because I just couldn’t with this.
Now here is where i’d put a rant on how the smallest thing could become a murder in Detective Conan, but something even more dire has to be discussed! Who has used Io’s tooth brush?


Because, an indirect kiss from one of the guys would be the end of the damn world. Well, actually i’m sure for some people, especially japanese guys it would be. So let the finger pointing commence, and all the homosexual undertones. As if this wasn’t enough though.

Yumoto purposes a test of courage, and if anyones seen a romance anime this is the perfect set up for a romantic moment and being genre savvy the boys know this. So they go in the groups of what i’d assume are the popular pairings.

Atsushi and Yufin, Ryuu and Io and Yumoto and the Wombat.

What? I’m sure someone ships that last one. At least i’m fairly sure the shows animators are. I mean, I really need to bring these up…this whole cuddling session thing is getting flat out creepy. That’s not cuddling, that’s not cuddling at all…like I don’t want to make something dirty out of something totally innocent but i’m not the one doing it. The show is the one doing it and it’s just…not right.


So team Yufin and Atsushi decide that everything is the Wombat’s fault.

Team Io and Ryuu think it’s a molester from the beach full of gay dudes earlier in the episode.

and for what’s going on with the Wombat and Yumoto, there is a super creepy cuddle session. Then the teacher gets knocked off a cliff, and….wait…runs off? He’s alive? THE TEACHERS ALIVE? So like, I know that the Wombat said that he was using alien technology to eventually bring the teacher back to life but i didn’t think it would actually come up in the series.
Oh well, so he becomes alive again and tries to figure out what’s going on while having horrid luck in the meanwhile.

NOW off with the student council, they’re having a nice relaxing bath and a good time and go to head inside and get some tea when they all get separated from each other. So the two paranoid groups tackle two of the student council members…it’s awkward and homoerotic and seriously guys, this episode was just about the homo undertones I’m not sure why I am bothering to sum it up in such great detail.

Yufin and Kinshiro, huh...not a pairing I expected.

Yufin and Kinshiro, huh…not a pairing I expected.

The only really important part of the episode is where the boys mistake the teacher covered in branches, bear traps and other traps for a monster. Transform, attack him, and probably kill him again. Good job, you killed the teacher again guys…..Oh and Yumoto used the tooth brush.


The student council didn’t do anything, there was no real monster, the press club didn’t show up. This episode could be summed up like this ‘It’s guy love, that’s all it is. It’s guy love. He’s mine, i’m his!’ and you’re done, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Not an episode that accomplished anything, but funny enough it sustained itself. Looks like we’ll get back into a little more of things actually happening next episode.



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    there’s only one thing i can say, i ship womoto!!!!!

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