Binan KouKou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! ~Episode 8

IT’S HAPPENED, the thing i’ve wanted for so very long has actually happened. It took 8 bloody episodes but it’s a thing at last, the other characters did some fighting. No, not even just some fighting. They did basically all the fighting, the finishing and cleansing move. I couldn’t be happier, I am legit through the roof right now to see people other than Yumoto doing the fighting. I mean, we made a little progress with the Io and Ryuu episode but not nearly to the same level that we saw in this episode.

-deep breathe-

So suffice to say this was probably my favorite episode so far, but let’s take a look at what happens this episode. The episode starts with Komi Shou, a new student at Binan academy. Who has totally shut himself up and become a Hikikomori. That would be fine, if the student council didn’t decide it wanted to invade his bedroom and turn him into todays monster.

Then we cut to Atsushi and Yufin, running late for school. The only way it could be more obvious they’re late is if toast was hanging out of their mouths.

Speaking of toast, Yufin’s gonna stop at the convenience store to get some bread. Despite the fact that they’re late to school already and he JUST said he’d be called into the office if he was late again. Oh well, who cares about things like attendance records when there is cream bread for sale. [I had some of this on a recent trip, I’d be late for it too.]

So tasty, it's worth skipping first period.

So tasty, it’s worth skipping first period.

Problem however is when he goes to buy his delicious bread, he gets possessed by the monster. I hate it when evil monsters possess me when i’m out buying breakfast. You know what I hate even more than that? When It makes me fight with my gay lover…er best friend over petty things that wouldn’t even bother me on a normal day.

Seriously, half this episode is made up of Yufin and Atsushi arguing about absolutely nothing and totally average day to day things. While Yumoto tries to make them stop fighting and everyone else…

Thinks they should leave the boys alone to fix their own problems like adults. Odd concept I know.

Oh look, mommy and daddy are fighting again.

Oh look, mommy and daddy are fighting again.

Good thing Yumoto is like “Maybe it’s a monster.” and the other guys are like, “Wait…maybe you’re right.” but instead of running out to find the monster without any sort of lead, let’s use our brains and do some straight up footwork. Where they start with another group of friends that’s been fighting and asked them questions and then the triplets that love Ryuu from episode 3 and a bunch of other people and they all say the same thing.
“They went to the convenience store before acting weird.”

So Yumoto runs off and asks Atsushi if they’d been at the store before Yufin started acting strange, Atsushi says yes. Yumoto blurts that there is a monster, transforms on his own and runs off to the store…totally alone and runs into the store and is like “Yo, are there any monsters here?” and the store owner is like “teh frack is this cosplayer doing here and no, we don’t sell monsters.”
Then there is a bump from upstairs and well look, Komi Shou lives in the apartment above the store and that’s how he’s been possessing people who have come into the store. So Yumoto runs upstairs and attacks the…kotatsu monster.

Kotatsu Monster...cup udon included.

Kotatsu Monster…cup udon included.

Knocking a huge hole in the roof and then the other boys show up to watch him fly off to the school yard and Yufin also sees it from where he was hanging out on the roof. They go and fight him but his social phobia of being at school only makes him stronger. Atsushi starts fighting him, mad that he’d taken Yufin away and just as Atsushi is in mortal danger. IN COMES YUFIN TO SAVE THE DAY.

Fighting against the possession for his lover….FRIEND, totes best friend. So they fight together, knock the monster down with their individual powers. They have everyone fuse the wands together and Yumoto…let’s Yufin and Atsushi dish out the final attack and do the Love Shower. They make up, they kiss….okay they don’t kiss. They might as well of for the amount of time they sat there apologizing for everything they’d ever done to each other.

Now, let’s talk about this since I need to take an official stance on this at long last with all the shipping bait this show feeds us in each episode. I am a yaoi shipper, a big one and when a series hands me couples on a silver platter there are times I pick them up and go “D’awww. That’s adorable” and other times I go “NOOOO, that pairing sucks. This pairing would be better.”
In this case, I want to see more shipping bait between Atsushi and Kinshiro. Childhood friend feels between good guy and bad guy IT WOULD BE SO PERFECT! However, Atsushi and Yufin works. The pairings the show seems rather fond of are Yufin and Atsushi, Io and Ryuu and Yumoto and Wombat-san. Yes, that’s a pairing that they seem to want to force on us….

The production company is strange.

The production company is strange.


Anyway, I loved this episode a lot and the next one promises to be interesting too. It looks like it’s going to focus around the green haired member of the student council. I was afraid he would end up being the most underdeveloped character in the series.  Till next time!



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