Assassination Classroom Episodes 4+5: Bitch-sensei and Bitch School

Things happen and things change, so now I’ll be helping Midnight out with this wacky show.

So in episode 4, we start out with Koro-sensei at a convenience store happily buying snacks since he finally got paid. He’s terribly disguised as a human, and when he steps out he notices a group of thugs harrassing a blonde woman. Koro-sensei comes to save the day, and it turns out that the woman is a new teacher at the school. And she’s taken a liking to sensei and smushes her boobs against him and he’s totally in love with her it’s easy to tell by his pink expression.


Karasuma called this woman over to take Koro-sensei’s place as the foreign language teacher, since this woman can speak many different ones. But of course, when someone is transferred to teach the E-class, you know they just can’t be normal, right? Well she’s not. Of course, she’s an assassin. A pro assassin that has killed targets all around the world using her beauty against them.


So her real mission is to kill Koro-sensei and take the billions, and she has no intent of actually being an E-Class teacher. So she plans out her attempt while ignoring the students. She treats the class like crap, and the class already start hating her. Also, they can’t pronounce her name, which starts with a V. Japanese people don’t have different pronunciations when it comes to the B and V sounds, so when trying to say Jelavic (her first name is Irina), they end up saying Bitch instead. And so they call her Miss Bitch.

ac11So Irina’s plan is this: use her beauty to get Koro-sensei to succumb to her charm. She tells him to meet her at a shed, and she gets all nasty with him like Ahhhh you’re so great, let’s have sex while the kids are working in the classroom. Well…okay. She goes behind a board and says she’s going to take off her clothes, but the real plan is there are men inside the shed too, where they shoot at Koro-sensei with the fastest and best guns in the world, thinking that’s going to kill him. Well, it doesn’t. Because lead bullets just melt in him. Irina messed up because she didn’t use the specialized bullets that can kill him, and I thought she would have been informed? Or she was probably too confident in herself and underestimated him. Well, as punishment, like he did with Karma, he’s going to take care of her. Like…this part was odd and weird, and when tentacles are used on a pretty girl with big boobs you have an idea what’s going to happen because you people have nasty fetishes and should go to fucking church and ask forgiveness for your sins because none of that nasty shit happened.

Koro-sensei massaged her and for some reason dressed Irina up in a typical Japanese gym uniform, and her expression afterwards uhhhhhhh



Anyway, now that Koro-sensei knows she’s an assassin, Irina needs to really plan things out. In class, Irina talks shit about the class again and they take offense and kick her out. She doesn’t get it, but she gets a talk with Karasuma. She also sees how caring Koro-sensei is about the students, watching him as he makes personalized questions for each student’s exam, taking into account their best and worst subjects. Basically, if Irina won’t be their teacher, she’s not welcome. So she owns up and teaches the kids to say nasty things in English, and she basically apologizes, and all is well. And they wind up dropping the Miss Bitch, and now call her Bitch-sensei, adding the sensei for respect since they view her as a teacher now.

Episode 5

ac23The class is doing a lab experiment, and we return to looking into one of the students in the class. This time, it’s a girl named Okuda. She’s being pretty direct for such a quiet girl, she asks Koro-sensei to drink some poisons she made. He’s pretty shocked, but he agrees to. He drinks all three and has three different reactions, but none of them being fatal obviously. He doesn’t like that Okuda made poison in her free time, as that’s dangerous. So he says they should get together and both make a poison that can kill him. Amazing. He offered to help make something that can kill him. And she’s happy.

Basically, our story with Okuda is that she’s actually a pretty bright girl. She excels in science and has one of the best grades in the class. But the problem is, she’s really bad at basically all the other subjects, language arts being the main one. That’s why she’s in the E Class. Asking Koro-sensei to drink her poisons is one example of how bad she is at interacting with people. And so Koro-sensei teaches her a lesson.

The next day, Okuda carries the poison that she and sensei made the previous day together. Koro-sensei drinks it, and everyone thinking it’s going to kill him, it instead makes him even more powerful. He tricked Okuda, but used it as a lesson that she better her skills expressing herself, because the way she went about assassinating him, she’d never get a result. And so she thanks him.

The other half of the episode is about this crappy school. The school is having an assembly, and all the classes have to be there. Now this is where we get a cute explanation from our neighborhood acorn friend, Kunudon!


The E-Class building is on top of a mountain, faaaaaaar away from the main campus. So as not to disturb the main campus classes, the E-Class has to make it down the mountain before all the other classes make it to the assembly. So in the heat, where their small rundown building has no air conditioning, the E-Class has to trudge down the mountain while avoiding broken bridges, fast rivers, dangerous snakes, and bees. Bees, for shit’s sake. After Okajima not dying, and surprisingly not Bitch-sensei either, they head inside.

And this poor class is discriminated against so bad, it made me insane. As if running down a mountain wasn’t bad enough, the E-Class is openly humiliated in front of the other classes repeatedly and laughed at, and ignored when not getting their handouts. It was awful to watch. This is done so the kids in the main campus are encouraged to keep their grades up and do well so they won’t be in the E-class and be treated like crap either. When seeing another group being treated unfairly, it gives the other group more power to do better. But the classes were a little jealous of the E-class, watching how the students got along with Karasuma and how cool he was, and how Bitch-sensei is super gorgeous (I feel kinda bad calling her that, she’s not so much of a bitch anymore lol). And so in the end, a couple boys try to pick a fight with Hinata, stating how he and the rest of his class should calm down and basically make him feel like crap, one of the boys threatening to even kill him. To which Hinata replies:


And the guys get scared and back off. I’m honestly so interested in Hinata. This isn’t the first time he’s made an expression like this, but he’s usually such a calm and smiling boy. And so I want to know his reason for being in the E-Class because that bloodlust of his is terrifying. In the end, the main guy of the school notice how the E-Class is becoming less bothered with the other classes, and they seem to be doing well. Which is not what he likes. And it looks like the main guy of the school is going to do whatever it takes to make the E-Class suffer and make his discriminatory system work.

I’m curious as to Hinata’s bloodlust, and I’m curious as to why Koro-sensei is such a fantastic, caring teacher when he’s just going to blow up the world. He really seems to care about his students because he actually takes the time to make personalized exams for each student, and he spends time with them, and they really like him too, but they’re still trying to kill him? I just want to know his motives.


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