Assassination Classroom Episode 7: School Trip Time/1st Period

After midterms, our class gets to go on a class trip to Kyoto! Of course, this isn’t a normal class trip. They’re still on duty; meaning, this is still time to try and out Koro-sensei. Professional snipers are being sent to accompany the students and help them out, and if one of them were to succeed, they would share the billions with them.

What a fun trip. Well, the kids get into groups of 6, and we focus on our “main” group, consisting of Nagisa, Karma, green-haired girl, Okada, other boy, and the idol girl, Kanzaki. (it’s going to take me awhile to remember their names). Koro-sensei makes them all a guide for their trip, which he’s super excited about, but the book looks more like an encyclopedia than an actual guide. Well, no one wants to carry it around so Kanzaki makes an itinerary herself. When they were on the train, Kanzaki and the girls bump into some guys, and one of them picks up her itinerary, and we know problems are going to arise later.

The group walks around Kyoto and take in the sights, while also trying to find “assassination-friendly” places, as Karasuma-sensei called it, to carry out an assassination attempt. They all wander into a secluded alley and they get jumped by the same scary guys from the train.


They’re some delinquents from a high school, also probably on a school trip. They grab for the girls and take them away, while the buys try to save them. Karma does pretty well for awhile, but soon gets beaten from being outnumbered. The boys get hurt and then awaken to Okada, who ran and hid, so only green-haired girl and Kanzaki get kidnapped. They have no idea what to do, but Nagisa actually has the guide Koro-sensei made for them and found a page: “What to Do When Someone Gets Kidnapped” or something. Koro-sensei literally wrote down instructions for any situation, which is why the book is so big.



Well, they follow all of Koro-sensei’s directions and manage to find the secluded place where the high school boys are keeping the girls. Being underachievers, they take out their anger on other students with higher statuses than them. They don’t know the girls are from the End Class, they just know that they’re from an elite school, so they came to harrass them.

ac7.24Like a few times in this show, we focus on one particular student and why they came to the E-Class. Our student for this week is Kanzaki. She doesn’t stand out too much from the class, but she’s well-liked among everyone. On the outside, she looks very sweet and kind, and you’d wonder why she’s even in the E-Class.

Her father is a very strict person, and kept on her for keeping good grades and holding a high status. It all became too much for her, so she rebelled. She went out, changed her look, and went out to play around and be in places where people wouldn’t find her, which was the arcade. But all this playing around cost her too much, and later she winded up being in the E-Class. This show doesn’t really spend much time focusing on the students, and Kanzaki’s story wasn’t exactly gripping. But I see why she did what she did. And in the end, when Koro-sensei fought the delinquents, she was pretty happy and didn’t look down on herself.

Oh yeah, Koro-sensei fought. Well, he was able to find them because Nagisa used the book, so like a sensor? Anyway, the girls were saved and they’re going to continue their trip in Kyoto. A pretty standard episode. This show really does have a problem when it comes to repeating information, saying over and over that they have to kill Koro-sensei. I get it already. I thought they were going to stop doing that, but now it really is getting repetitive.


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