Akatsuki no Yona Episode 17: Enter the Dragon III (Green)

Each dragon seems to have different views when it comes to their predetermined destiny.

Ki-ja: Aware of his destiny and waits for his king with pride and longing.

Shin-ah: Unaware of who he really is and shunned by everyone.

Jae-ha: lol nah

Our group takes a long journey to reach their current destination, the port city of Awa. Since they all stand out too much and could get themselves caught, and since Hak sort of knows his way from a previous visit, he goes into town to buy some supplies and food. He doesn’t want to stand out too much either and get into trouble, but he comes across two Awa officials harrassing a woman. Right then, he punches a guy, while another man out of nowhere kicks the guy. Oh boy, I wonder who it is. He has green hair and Hak totally doesn’t notice, even though they came to Awa to find the Green Dragon…okay.


They run off with the woman to get away from the guys, knocking them out once in awhile and those two complimenting each other and all. They reach a safe spot, but then Green Dragon (because we all know it’s him) leaves the woman in Hak’s care, jumping from building to building and then reaching a ship far away. Yeah, totally the Green Dragon.

Next day Hak decides to leave the group and says he’s gonna buy weapons in town, because if they all went to town with him, the officials know his face and could get them, specifically Yona, in trouble. While he’s off, the rest of the group try to track down the Green Dragon. Ki-ja and Shin-ah can sense him, and the previous night they sensed him by the water (which he was because he was in the ship). They came to an area with a deep hole, and down they see a pirate ship. Yun points out it’s not a merchant or any other ship, but a pirate ship. But then Ki-ja and Shin-ah lose the Green Dragon’s presence, which is a problem they have been facing every time they try to look for him.


Hak and Green Dragon meet each other again in the city, and they go off to…a place with a lot of girls. Brothel? And out in the day time? Weird.


I feel you, girl.

They make conversation, and they both are trying hard not to say too much personal things, but Hak let out that he’s a bodyguard. Green Dragon talks about freedom, and the state of the city, when Hak questions him about it gets called out by Yun and Yona staring up at him. Trying to explain himself, Green Dragon is gone. So that just makes it awkward to him, and Yona’s like “If you wanted to have fun with girls you should have just told me”, but…Yona, girl, I think the only girl Hak wants to have fun with is you. Anyway, Green Dragon jumps from building to building again, trying to escape the overwhelming feeling (from Yona). He goes back to the ship, with a pretty old woman as their captain. See, he knows who he is. But he doesn’t want to fulfill his destiny. He doesn’t want a predetermined destiny to follow, he wants to do whatever he wants. He can sense Ki-ja and Shin-ah, and also Yona, but he’s avoiding them.


The group gets together in the city and Hak runs into the girl from the previous day, and so he tells the group what happened. The woman explains that the officials are like that all the time, such as harrassing women and crashing stores, and the people are too afraid to do anything about it because they don’t want to anger the person in charge of Awa. The group is fooled by the liveliness of the city, but Hak and even Yona were perceptive enough to catch the deadness in their eyes and fake smiles. Yun asks about pirates, and the woman says they don’t attack the people in the city…

…because they attack the officials. Green Dragon, or Jae-ha, sneaks onto an officials ship sending drugs to the Kai Kingdom. Jae-ha attacks, and the pirate ship appears and the pirates attack. They knock out everyone in the ship, load the guys onto some boat adrift, and burn down the officials ship. Jae-ha talks with the Captain about himself. We find out he left his village years ago, and he made his journey to Awa and spent his time with the Captain as a pirate. The rest of the crew love his power, and they were never weirded out by it, and they love him, and keep his power a secret. They’re kind people. But he keeps getting a strange feeling in his leg, probably because of Yona. The Captain says she wishes their crew were stronger, and Jae-ha mentions meeting someone strong. We all know who it is.

It looks like Yona’s group is going to get caught up with the pirates. Jae-ha is pretty cool. You know, I thought he was going to be the touchy flirty type based on his appearance. And I was right. But I thought he’d be that way with Yona. I mean, he was pretty smooth with the ladies, but instead of having a hard-on for them, I was sensing he was getting more of a hard-on for Hak. But honestly I don’t blame him.





It’s interesting just how different each of the dragons are. Ki-ja was proud of his destiny, Shin-ah didn’t know anything about his destiny, and Jae-ha just doesn’t want anything to do with it.  I like him so far, and I can’t wait to see him join Yona’s already weird group and make it more weird.


We're all just a bunch of weebs

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4 Responses

  1. hoshi says:

    Let the weird people UNITE. Hehe Jae-ah is an interesting dude and i think you might have noticed there were hints to his backstory, which was probably the same as Shin-ah but he was aware of his destiny. I think its safe to say his so called destiny has brought him nothing but misery which is why he wants nothing to do with it. It makes sense why the guy is adamant about being able to make his own choices. Its alot harder to leave your chosen family in order to fulfill your destiny.

    About the last dragon hehe let’s just he is random ^_^ and considering the newest japanese chapter in the manga there is currently alot of commotion about him in the manga recently so I want to tell other manga readers no spoilers for the blogger please.

  2. Jae-Ha is awesome. He’s my favorite dragon of the four, and like you said, I can relate to his crush on Hak on a spiritual level. Next episode is guaranteed to be one of the funniest :D (for me at least!)

  3. Vichar says:

    The dragon powers totally aren’t on the same level here, especially when it comes to impressing the ladies. I’m mean, I’m sure there’s at least ONE girl out there that wouldn’t mind the white dragon’s CREEPY GIANT RIGHT HAND, right, right? Jae-Ha’s womanizing prowess as the Green Dragon are definitely OP. I wonder if he can carry a swooning woman and fly at the same time…

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