The Rolling Girls Episode 4

The Rolling Girls Ep 4 Img 0031I am not entirely sure which direction The Rolling Girls is heading, but after last week’s boring episode, I was hoping this one to be a bit more livelier. The only thing that I was happy with this episode was that they explained Chiaya’s motives. Chiaya snuck out and went on a journey without telling her mother. When her mother learned about her disappearance, she was frantic, but I also couldn’t help but laugh because wow, Chiaya had been gone for at least a day before she realized it. The saddest part was how Chiaya questioned her mother’s priority. She called her out and questioned her motives for collecting the Moonlight Stones as well as her love for her. We don’t know why her mother is so obsessed about collecting the stones, and how she was going to explain her motives to her daughter, but with her expression, I wonder if Chiaya has poor health or her mother is simply overprotective of her due to her political position.

The Rolling Girls Ep 4 Img 0023Thunderoad was incredibly lucky to have been able to exchange her Rick Figure for Chiaya’s stone with Momimiya. I don’t know if he is a closet fan or he is the one who voiced Rick in the animation. I am happy that she worked to return it and clear the misunderstanding, but that’s about it. Her friend and comrade Noriko turned out to be the Dynamite Bomber, a fake organization put together to encourage Thunderoad to not retire. The bomb that had detonated was in fact an unexploded shell from the Great Tokyo War, but she kept it under wraps in order to utilize her plan. The gang that went around today was another organization (Higashi Murayama), a legit one who had no intentions of blowing up the place, just releasing dramatic banners. However due to ordering the devices from the Takumi mob, they were met with an unfortunate surprise of an actual bomb despite the fact they didn’t ask for it. Speaking of the devil, that wasn’t the only moment when they were mentioned. The unexploded shell from the Great Tokyo War seems to have also been build by the Takumi mob (Takumi-za plate was found at the detonation site). So as result I find myself paying more attention to the Takumi group because I am curious to see whether or not they will have a bigger role in the future. They have been consistently lurking in the shadows, secretly participating in events where the girls just so happen to be caught up in. At some point, they are bound to crossroads directly and perhaps the Takumi group has far greater evil plans up their sleeves.

In the end, once Noriko had spoken the truth, Thunder decided that she will entrust her duties as a Captain to Noriko and work as a normal squad member instead. Now the new captain, Chiaya decides to give her precious moonlight stone to Noriko to help her protect the city. It was generous of Chiaya to do after being so upset about losing her stone.

Depending on how the episodes are executed from here on out, I may end up dropping the coverage due to how boring it has become. I am willing to give The Rolling Girls one more episode try and hook me back in, but if it’s another boring episode with no signs of something more exciting to follow, it’s safe to say that I will stop covering this series and watch it casually.


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2 Responses

  1. 15fan says:

    First thanks for reviewing the show! Being a biker myself I understand the sense of adventure!

    I hope you dont drop it because I think the stage has been set for more adventure! Thet are following Ma-chan letters!

    Y think you have to throw how anime logic on this series and just enjoy the little things and lots of life lessons!

    The girls seem to be bonding better!And this anime seems to have a lot of the parents input!

    I have to complain about one thing there are two groups of Takumi one wear white robes and seem to be emore of the constructive type while the ones in black are the destructive, It’s important to remember that!

    There is really good music in this . Great covers of the Blues Heart bands and other music. I like the blusey harmonica song they play and the ED song was a delight !Oh Yukina’s Vespa with the Momiage Hammers sticker / a homage to the Pillows sticke on Harruka’s Vespa. (FLCL)

    Oh more little touches Chi’s mom stone broker brought the RickShaw!

    There is something about the heroes in the comic books that hasnt been touched on yet! And we got a slight hint about the Robots and the Great World war!

    I feel bad you might miss out on a lot yet to be revealed!

    • Eva says:

      I’ve been catching those hints about the Robots and the Great War, they do it pretty discreetly to have it quickly overshadowed by the other things that are happening.
      I’ll trust you word on it, but it will ultimately depend on my motivation when it comes to do the coverage. The more interesting, the more motivation. ;D Hopefully the interesting things you have mentioned will happen sooner than later.

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