The Rolling Girls Episode 2

I already knew from the moment I watched the premiere that this was going to be a fun show, and once again they delivered. We learned today why Masumi has gone through the effort to conceal her identity as Maccha Green. She did it so that Nozomi wouldn’t worry about her, and feared that if she knew that she was fighting, she’d jump into the fray. However when her identity is ultimately revealed, (two times in fact) the joke was that everyone already had their suspicions or knew she was Maccha Green, except for Nozomi who put the pieces together at the last minute. Shigyo had no intentions of killing the – Hiyoshicho Squad, but with the roller-coaster coming apart and being reprogrammed by Takumi to make modifications on itself to put the hostages through hell, and release the safety gear, it was one heck of a nightmare. Although everyone except for Yukina and Nozomi had been sent flying off, they survived as they are used to being blown around anyways (they actually said that).

There were a couple of things that I found happened so abruptly that some conversations felt disjointed, but this whole episode, fight included was running on an incredibly fast past. Masumi and Shigyo knew each other from the past, and Masumi recalled Shigyo claiming she had made a vow, but didn’t know what it was so was encouraging Shigyo to remember. On the other hand Shigyo ‘s assistant didn’t want her to remember because it would contradict what she has been doing for the past ten years. In the end Shigyo did remember, but she didn’t give a single damn about it. Her vow she had made was to protect others after learning the hero she aspired to be didn’t exist, and received a moonlight stone (the heart piece she wears on her neck). So naturally she and Masumi resumed their crazy ass battle, destroying the entire theme park and almost killing each other in the process and are now hospitalized. However it appears they have been stripped of their moonlight stones and are no longer Bests.

Speaking of the moonlight stones, we learned that Misono Haruka (President of Tokorozawa) whom we had met last week at claims she is the owner of the two moonlight stones that Masumi and Shigyo possessed. What’s interesting however is I wonder whether or not Shigyo and Masumi knew that it was the Moonlight stone that made them Bests. It’s funny because Shigyo initially thought it was Maccha Green’s outfit that was supplying power to its user, until later she concluded it was coming from Masumi herself. It makes you wonder if they have any memory of its purpose other than claiming it to be a charm. It also appears that the moonlight stones’ powers are a secret, because if everyone knew about it, everyone would be searching for them to gain power for themselves. But we will have to wait and see to find out how many of those know about their existence and what they can do.

Nozomi was hurt that Masumi went through the trouble to hide the fact that she was Maccha Green. Nozomi wished she had allowed her to at least worry for her well-being, and showed more faith in her. She was especially frustrated that Masumi thought she would just into the fray of a Best battle when she herself knows well enough that would be a stupid decision that could cost her life. So Nozomi has found her resolve of wanting to become stronger so that she doesn’t have to be protected and instead be the one who looks out for others. She blessed upon an opportunity of becoming stronger now that she has met Misono Chiaya, who had sent a letter to Maccha Green. Chiaya possesses as Moonlight Stone, and had asked the girls to join her on her journey to search for more of them. (Fun fact: She is related to Misono Haruka, who I am willing to bet is her mother and is the one who entrusted her on this mission.)

Nozomi is tired of being protected and wants to become stronger. While heading out to meet a client after receiving a letter requesting assistance from Maccha Green, Yukina accompanies her, then are followed by Hibiki a former members of Hiragashi trying to hitchhike a ride, they meet the girl who wears the green gas mask.

I am looking forward to learning more about Hibiki. She is such a spontaneous firecracker who seems to be the type who sees a wrong and tries to make it right, regardless of which side she’s on. Chiaya is an adorable mysterious girl who appears to know the girls when they do not recall knowing her. I am sure we will learn a little bit more next week as she will probably explain the purpose of her request/mission. Yukina’s character on the other hand has yet to be explained, such as why she came to Hiyoshicho Squad HQ and ended up joining when it appears that wasn’t her intent.


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3 Responses

  1. If I could describe how I feel about this show I would call it….colorful fun? I love the fact that when Masumi told Nozomi that she didn’t want her to get involved in the Best fights Nozomi just replied that she had no intention of joining any of their fights because she doesn’t want to get killed, lol. That totally negated everything Masumi went through to hide her identity ^_^.

    • Eva says:

      Absolutely! Colorful fun, not to mention dazzling! I can see the animators having a lot of fun with it every week. The characters are so quirky, even the minor ones that this whole show is going to be fun ride. I do however sense there is bound to me a moment of drama aka FEELS BOMB dropping at point in the series. XD

  2. Ah, so that’s why they end up having this mission. Their own groups’ fighters are out of action and so the only way to handle the cases is unorthodox methods for now. I can appreciate that more than them doing it simply due to passion. It’s nice that there’s some necessity! :) Although, I’m sure they’ll have to power up eventually because we’ve been informed that there are people who just won’t talk things out at all!

    Hibiki is definitely the one I’m most interested in currently, but only marginally because fortunately the show has made it clear in what areas each girl needs to grow the most and I really appreciate that. It’s definitely something to look forward to even more than the fights. Speaking of fights, if Hibiki hadn’t gotten kicked out she may have very well become the new ‘Best’ for her group, though, she’d need some training to hone that passionate fist :P

    Admittedly, I’m also drawn in by Hibiki’s slightly darker skin and green highlights…

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