Seiken Tsukai No World Break Episode 1 [Quick Look]

Oh boy! it’s time for another “Look at me! I’s so special!” Anime. Because goddamn it we don’t have enough of those. But I suppose before I roll my eyes at this show, I should break it down by plot. and THEN roll my eyes at it.

So first off, we get the very original opening of having the last episode’s battle be in the first 2 minutes of the first episode. Because by god that’s never happened before.



The episode starts and we find out that we’re in a world where some people are special and get to go to a school to become a thing called saviors.

However, apparently this is so boring that the main character can’t stay away and falls asleep. Because he’s a douchebag like that.

bah fuck you bitch. i don't gotta listen to you---(snore)

bah fuck you bitch. i don’t gotta listen to you—(snore)

People have powers in this world because they can remember their past lives. and that lets them have power…for some..reason. (look just go with it. it’s something about remembering your powers or something, but honestly it’s stupid) when he’s asleep he dreams of being with this girl with pink hair with him as a knight. LOOKING EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME.


Look. this may be a pet peeve of mine, but if you’re reincarnated YOU WOULDN’T LOOK THE SAME AS YOU DO NOW. Like, if i were to look in a history book i wouldn’t find a fucking painting of some dude that looks exactly like me in like England even then I’m not British. Being reincarnated doesn’t mean you’re going to LOOK THE FUCKING SAME. Goddamn it I hate when shows do that.

So when he wakes up he just so HAPPENS to find the girl that looks EXACTLY like the girl in his dreams standing over him. What a coinkidink!

Plot conveniences are convenient!

Plot conveniences are convenient!

After headbutting him for sleeping during the assembly (once again don’t ask) once she realizes that he’s the reincarnation of her brother/lover she stops being a bitch and becomes lovey dovey with him. and it’s funny because this guy only remembers bits and pieces of his past life.

OH yes. I did NOT mistype. She was his SISTER AND LOVER in a past life. So you know….there’s that.

And then out of nowhere some other chick kisses him while half asleep. Because why not?

Because once again. why the fuck not?

Because once again. why the fuck not?

We then cut to the classroom where the pink haired chick (do you really fucking think i’m going to bother to learn her name?) pops up during attendance bragging about how she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and everyone kind of brushes her off as fucking retarded. Hee hee. I liked that part.

go kill yourself. show'd be shorter that way

go kill yourself. show’d be shorter that way

After that they go to the gym/training room where they learn there’s 2 kinds of bases of magic. Dark and Light. Of course insane girl wants to show off how awesome she is and pulls out her light magic. Then a pretty ugly bully shows up and tells her to cut her crap. She doesn’t and duels with the bully. And she gets her ass kicked. once again, I like this part.

Mm..your tears. they're so delicious

Mm..your tears. they’re so delicious

The next part of the episode is delegated to the pink haired bitch feeling bad for herself. And then they make her feel better. That’s about it for that.

Then of course mr “I’m amazing so i have to fight for pink haired bitch’s honor” goes back to fight the bully. And of course at first he gets his ass kicked, but then he remembers that he used to be awesome and wins. And everyone’s happy. Except for me.

I forgot! i'm the main character of this shitty show!

I forgot! i’m the main character of this shitty show!

And that’s where the episode ends.

If you couldn’t tell by now, This episode was a generic piece of garbage. There was absolutely nothing I enjoyed about this show. It literally used every trope I can think of in the book.

1. Magical school? Check
2. Special boy with special powers no one else has? Check
3. Fucking amnesia? Check
4. Bully bothering main girl? Check
5. Instant love that spans across time? Check
6. Boring main character? Check
7. flaws compared to boob size? Check

I just…it’s so boring. It’s so generic. i don’t even know what to say. And it’s not even passable generic. There is nothing good about this show. But let me do my break down.

Head: the plot is stupid and generic. I don’t care or want to care about anything. Including that dragon I saw in the beginning that I know he’s going to beat. There’s no suspense, there’s nothing original, I do not care. 3/10

Eye: Um…it’s standard. Nothing great or amazing? maybe a tad subpar? I didn’t really find the girls hot or anything….. 5/10

Heart: Nope. Didn’t feel a damn thing watching this show except irritation it wasn’t over yet. It’s one of those “I should be doing something else with my time” shows. Like, it’s not TERRIBLE AWFUL like Vanadis, but it’s more like..”Wow…I could be doing something else right now” 3/10

Final Score 3.5/10

I thought maybe MAYBE this show would have something that would put it apart. Usually a good show like this has SOMETHING, ANYTHING. Saekano has lampshading, Denki-gai had Ero-G, and at least she sucked me in even though the series sucked. This show has NOTHING going for it. At all.

Like I said, I have better things to do with my time. Better shows to watch. So I think i’ll go do that. Am I covering this? Nope. Am I watching it?

Covering: No
Watching: No

Yeah yeah we all get disappointed. Get the fuck over it.

Yeah yeah we all get disappointed. Get the fuck over it.


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  1. Felix Logographic says:

    So, you won’t do a hatewatch like you did with Vanadis?

  2. Magicalness says:

    what do you say we all destroy this miserable piece of garbage?

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