Log Horizon S2 Episode 15

I didn’t think we were going to get a filler episode, but it looks like we are. Of course, I’d like to think that the next episodes won’t be filler and will actually be part of the main story. And I hope the new character that’s going to be introduced next week will be important. I knew that some time in the series we’d get some episodes pertaining to the newbies…because the opening basically tells the whole story (same as last season). I can’t say this episode was bad, it was just pretty boring.

Here’s an extremely short summary of this episode: Isuzu has a part-time job of performing little concerts at night, then the newbies learn Shiroe appointed them for a quest for a magical bag, then the newbies go shopping and then they depart Akihabara. Yup, that’s it. That’s really it. I can explain what they were shopping for, but it’s not too important, it’s better to just watch the episode. The others, like Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Akatsuki and others were worried for them since they’d finally go off somewhere with no help. The newbies appreciate the worry, but kinda wish they’d stop.

lh15.13The only noteworthy things I can pick out from this episode are Isuzu and Touya. Touya accompanies Isuzu in her performances by playing “drum”, which are actually him slapping his hands on wooden boxes. But he’s able to sound well because he must have some sort of music skill in him (unlike Rudy who just broke the boxes). Everyone compliments and praises Isuzu, and really she’s modest. But you can tell that she really loves playing music. One thing we learned from her is that as a human, she was always playing music. We saw in a flashback that she played cello, and people said her music wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It was a little discouraging since her father is actually a pro (I’m guessing also with the cello). Speaking with Touya, she said after their training when they were weaker levels, she felt lost and didn’t know what to do. But she saw a lute  that Marie had made long ago and let her have it. And as long as she can play music, she’ll always stand up and move on. Which is nice. She lacks self-confidence when it comes to her skills, though, but we were able to learn something about her.

lh15.15And also about Touya too. We already knew from the first season that in the real world, Touya is paraplegic. You can imagine how happy he was when he was brought into this Elder Tale-world and able to walk again. He speaks with Isuzu, telling her how great it was to play together. Even if she doesn’t think she sang and played well, he says it doesn’t matter. Before, he used to play soccer. He knew he wasn’t the best, and the other boys were way better than him, but he didn’t care because he was having fun. And he made the comment that Isuzu could still be able to play music, which was him basically saying she should be lucky because he’s not able to play soccer anymore due to being paralyzed. Later in the episode when the group was packing, Touya said that he wished the others wouldn’t worry so much about them, since it can be tiring for people always looking out for him. Unfortunately, people always feel pity for people in wheelchairs, even though most can handle themselves fine. It’s an annoying thing they have to deal with.

The episode was boring, but it was nice learning little things about a couple of them. Like I said, I’m hoping these episodes won’t be completely filler. The newbies are heading out to the West, and as we learned before Kanami is heading East. So hopefully later they can run into each other?


They went shopping for a carriage and bought a boring one…


…when they could have bought the waifu carriage. *shakes head*


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  1. Kirke says:

    This wasn’t a filler episode. It actually followed the beginning of the 8th light novel pretty exactly (save for small details of course).

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