Kantai Collection Episode 4: Burning Love~!


I love cute things.

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  1. Wanderer says:

    This episode did an excellent job handling the fallout from the previous episode. The emotions were subtle enough to not be overwhelming, but still powerful enough to make me tear up more than once.

    Then there were the Kongou sisters. I admit, although I’ve run across Kongou in some art and the occasional doujin, and did not expect her and her siblings to be THAT crazy. At times it almost felt like too much for me, but I still couldn’t help but enjoy watching them bounce unphased off everything and everyone they ran into.


    • Vantage says:

      Fubuki wouldn’t let go ;_; Kancolle really does seem to be 70% slice-of-life and 30% everything else (war, battles, feels) as some fans surmised.

      I see you’ve been converted! Welcome! The Kongou sisters were perfect in providing some much-needed healing after last week, and it was beautiful. So were Fubuki’s reactions. I hope they get involved again later on, as I don’t think I’m familiar with the fleet or kanmusu to be featured next episode. And yes, BURNING LOVE!

    I liked it and really appreciated Fubuki’s approach with Mustuki at the end there – that was solid. I think part of it was how Mutsuki gradually said the hug became more painful and then we were shown she wasn’t talking about the pressure of it, but… the overwhelming pressure inside her over Kisaragi’s loss. I thought that really made for a subtle, yet brilliant execution of how she conveyed her feelings.

    I also appreciated the insights into each character this episode to varying degrees, but all were pleasant. I always took Kirishima as just a little more serious and Haruna as just a little more subdued. An experienced player informed me they actually are this energetic. I have a feeling that we’ve yet to see Kirishima’s real genius (since she’s the fleet’s “brain”) along with Haruna’s other characteristics, but that’ll probably be when not all the sisters are together.

    I only wish that we’d spent a little more time watching the fight with the Abyssals. Now it may just be due to the serious tones surrounding the loss of Kisaragi, but the serious to “silly” ratio felt more balanced, so perhaps we’re starting to see a shift in the *general action*, while the “silliness” (better said the light-heartedness) will be contained to the specific personalities of each girl and their specific interactions with each other.

    In fact, for the general action to become more and more serious, save the moments when the girls are interacting with each other, would be reasonable by now considering this last mission was all about escalating the war effort!

    An experienced player informed me that “[t]he damage system in the game is like this:

    100% HP = Full Health
    <75% HP = Minor Damaged (some scratches)
    <50% HP = Half Damaged (damaged clothes)
    50% HP, there’s no way she’ll get sunk on that HP”, whereas “[t]hat shot from Ru[-class] probably dealt less than 15 HP so she looks unhurt”. It’s pretty cool to find out that Kongou “officially” wouldn’t have a scratch on her after that attack! However, this also raises more questions about Kisaragi possibly coming back as an Abyssal. In fact, there IS a type of Abyssal that is based on one of the Destroyer girls (not seen in the anime) that is humanoid! Fans have already been making art of an alternate class for it with Kisaragi as the base rather than a certain other Kanmusu.

    All in all it was excellent. I just have one question: where did Teitoku go?! If we assume it was some important business, either he’s coming back with someone (maybe Yamato) or maybe he’s getting permission for something to help escalate the war with those resources they were after this episode (possibly a Kai Ni).

    • Vantage says:

      I agree with you on Kirishima and Haruna, but I guess they were just too overwhelmed by the radiance of Kongou onee-sama :D Hopefully we get more of them. It feels like they’re switching the focus around between the different kanmusu Fubuki interacts with each week, but ships like the Kongou sisters are popular for a reason, and rightly so.

      I don’t think there will ever be an episode where the majority of it is taken up by fight scenes, at least for the next few weeks. When Kongou said it was time to ‘have a party with the Abyssals’, I glanced at the timer and was surprised to see so little of the episode left. As you said though, Nagato is taking steps towards escalating the war effort, so we might see operations increasing in size and difficulty in the future. And a Kai Ni would be a great way to boost power levels should things go wrong. I’m expecting a failure of some sort in the future actually, which will end in a retreat and perhaps some lives lost. Kisaragi coming back as an Abyssal would be too painful though. That sort of thing happens?! It’s going to break Mutsuki’s heart ;_;

      Teitoku is having an affair with Akagi

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