Kantai Collection Episode 1 [First Impression]


I love cute things.

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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT) says:

    What are you talking about, Vantage? Shimakaze was there the whole time, she was just… 2fast4U! :D

    *ahem* Now then, I’m ever so thankful to you for covering this :) I even finally worked up the resolved to make a comment! Anyway, there are so many possibilities with this series. It could really end up being a shockingly faithful war story, without having to be grim at every moment. After all, friends make everything better, even war. So I could totally see there being battles where it’s dark as night, but once they’re back at base they’re sunny as day, if not with some mild cloudiness due to injured friends.

    One thing I’m really curious about is whether these girls are as big as their original warships! Perhaps they even have human scale bodies (which would make Nagato an 8 ft. tall girl) that fuse with bodies that are as large as their warships? One reason I’m thinking of this is that we never even see Teitoku. I know showing his/her face would be odd since (s)he’s supposed to be us, but we don’t even see a body.

    • The Traveler (@IWHBYT) says:

      Erm, I made a mistake. I remember the FAQ said not to promote blogs and such things… I think this counts as that. Could you delete these comments, please? :s

      • Vantage says:

        Do you mean the Twitter link on your online handle? That should be fine – by ‘not promoting other blogs’ I’m pretty sure Eva means blatantly advertising another site in a comment without any other purpose, like talking about the episode. I’ve removed the link though, in case you’re still uncomfortable about it.

    • Vantage says:

      2osoi4me ;_;

      The battles themselves feel surprisingly dark, for a show which can get as fluffy as it has. The clouds turn all grey, and the Abyssals seem positively evil! A night battle would be the perfect time for some kind of twist to happen, beyond having Sendai strut her stuff. Given that the kanmusu can be patched up without too many issues, I’m not too worried about normal injuries – but rather the irreparable ones, that will mean the kanmusu has to be dismantled. If they’re going to take the same line in the mangas as to what happens when they’re dismantled, then maybe we might be in for some feels.

      It would be very strange if they were as big as their original warships – that would mean that the Abyssal about to eat Fubuki in this shot would be massive! And I have a feeling we won’t ever get to see teitoku, with all his orders being given through Nagato. It’s like how Strike Witches practically has an all-female cast!

      • I must agree that I’m very happy with the way the Abyssals are being presented (ironically this is due to an on-going manga about a Shinkaisei-kan collection I recently read)! In addition to what you mentioned, Anchorage Hime looks a little oddly proportioned and I think that’s on purpose. Speaking of night battles, can you imagine just how awesome it’ll look with all the glowing the Abyssals’ have going on and the flashes of gunfire from the Kanmusu?

        According to the in-game description, when a Kanmusu is dismantled or used for modernizing, they just lose their gear and become a civilian. Still, the thought of that is pretty sad for someone who’s part of the only military force in existence that can save the world. Going by that, you’re probably right that they aren’t as large as their original ships.

        Still, it’d be neat if they had bigger bodies a la the style of Shingeki No Kyojin. It would explain why our military wasn’t effective. Then again, we’ve seen lots of instances of very powerful, human sized opponents beating the life out of modern military. I hope we get to see a flash back of that just to ground the effectiveness of the Kanmusu for other viewers who can’t suspend their disbelief enough.

        • Vantage says:

          It feels like they have enough of a budget, so I’m definitely looking forward to the night battles :D And it’s interesting you make that reference to Shingeki actually, because my main worry with bigger bodies would be that they’d start looking more abnormal instead of cute. I’m still getting used to the water skating as it is!

          About dismantling – I read in a doujin that they apparently lose their memories of life as a kanmusu after being dismantled. This is the problem with educating myself through doujins, isn’t it… that, as well as the realization that the ecchi is a lie.

          • I’ve reached a stalemate: On one hand, if according to the game they live civilian lives once their equipment is dismantled/used for modernization, then they have to be at the human scale! On the other hand, what ARE the pilot that Akagi launches—dwarfs?! O_o

            I’m even more excited for the revelations behind key mysteries than I am for the story :D Since you love the Kujou Karen-style Engrish give this a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wucuqR5ceVQ It’s just over a minute, but you can find longer versions if you like it!

            The doujins that explainin the mysteries are certainly interesting. The hentai is a lie. As for the ecchi… it depends on which Kanmusu it is o_o

            • Vantage says:

              KONGOU DESU~

              I do love the Engrish. You could even say it’s a… burning love. Cough. A potential source of ecchi other than the usual bath scenes might be the ‘damaged’ kanmusu states, which is basically them in various states of undress. Though that did happen to Sendai this episode, and they never made anything of it.

              • Bail'ee says:

                Ah! So that’s what you meant. I think they know to to veer away from focusing on the torn clothing. In fact, I don’t think any of the Kanmusu have lines where they try to playoff their torn clothing as sexy. They’re all either upset or uncaring about it because it’s a battle.

                Once they are back at base, however, there’s plenty of opportunity for fanservice and even a select few Kanmusu showing off their ecchi side due to the various ways their repair/refit routines can be animated.

                Speaking of fan works, it’s so difficult not to read the longer fan works that I come across now. I keep having to tell myself that there’s “no point” ;_; It’s not that I couldn’t separate the various interpretations of a single character from the anime’s, but since the anime is here I can do better things with my time than read long fan works. Both feed my hype right now though.

                The hype is real… and it is a struggle.

  2. Lichtbringer says:

    I knew nothing about the game, so I am pretty confused. o_O
    What a weird anime.

    • Vantage says:

      It’s essentially extended fanservice for those who play the game, and it’s popular enough for the producers to take that stance with it when making it. I’m pretty sure I missed a good few references in this episode that only those who play the game could have understood. But hey, if you like cute girls in a show where you can ship the ships, then why not stick around?

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