Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 Episode 3

Will the real Jotaro please stand up.

I mentioned before that I didn’t like, even though I’ve been enjoying Part 3, the repetitiveness of the Stand users every week. And with N’doul being a rather interesting Stand user, I was hoping that the rest of the Stand users would be just as interesting too. Well…I wouldn’t call them interesting, just really entertaining. The Mondatta-Zenyatta brothers…the Oingo Boingo brothers….? I don’t know which, but since the subs said Zenyatta and Mondatta, I’ll refer to them as that.


There was absolutely no fighting in this episode. It was just weird and hilarious. We have these two brothers, the older one is Zenyatta and the younger one is Mondatta. They both are Stand users. Mondatta has Thoth, and his brother has Khunum. Mondatta’s ability we’ve seen before. He has a manga with crude drawings that can tell the immediate future, such as foretelling events that are just about to happen. The drawings and story appear on the blank pages, and they go from there.

jjba3.9The first prediction of the future is of Joseph, Polnareff, and Jotaro. The three of them go into a cafe and drink black tea. But the black tea is actually poisoned and the three of them die. So the brothers head into the same cafe the guys are about to enter and knock out the real owner, and prepare for their visit. Avdol and Kakyoin are in the hospital getting treated from their wounds, and it sounds like Kakyoin is probably going to end up blind. Uh oh. That’s not going to be good. The guys notice there’s a lot of cafes around them so they go into one Polnareff chose, where the brothers are. At first, they ordered black tea like it was predicted. Zenyatta is thrilled, but then Joseph cancels that order because since they’re in enemy territory they have to be extra careful about what they consume, so they order soda, specifically with the caps on. But another person in the cafe complains that the soda is warm, and Zenyatta explains the refrigerator is broken. Polnareff thinks Joseph is being paranoid, so they get the black tea. Which is poisoned. The tea actually enters their mouths, but a woman at another table screams that a dog ate her cake. It was Iggy. The guys spit their tea out, while chasing Iggy who ran out of the cafe.

Failure #1

jjba3.25Mondatta says the future is absolute, and it’s strange they weren’t poisoned. But they have to try again. Next prediction: The guys drive to the hospital, but before they did, Zenyatta planted a bomb inside the car hidden in one of the oranges they have. When Jotaro peels that orange, he’ll explode and die. So they set off to do just that. When he places the bomb in the car, he gets caught by Joseph and Polnareff. Zenyatta’s Stand is Khnum, which allows him to change his appearance, amongst other things. So he changes his face to look like Jotaro’s, and pretends to be him. Which the two men find strange, because the real Jotaro told them before that he went straight to the hospital. And so Zenyatta makes up bullshit excuses about everything like his clothes, why he’s there, and such. Also, problem. The real Jotaro was supposed to be in the car getting blown up, but since the guys were headed to the hospital, now fake Jotaro is in the car, afraid of blowing up. And god the rest of the episode was embarrassing but so funny.

Joseph and Polnareff ask Jotaro questions, stuff that the real Jotaro should know and Zenyatta was freaking out about. Basically, the whole car ride Zenyatta was making a complete fool out of himself. And really this is the only time I’ll ever see Jotaro make silly faces, even if it’s not the real Jotaro. I won’t go over everything, but…that cigarette thing. That…

Anyway, Zenyatta makes an excuse to take a shit outside and crawls out the window, he runs off and the others drive to the hospital. Polnareff throws the orange bomb out the window, Zenyatta steps on the orange still looking like Jotaro, like the manga predicted, and blew up. Failure #2. He didn’t die, and Mondatta managed to catch up after him (he ran a long way sheesh). He says he’ll somehow kill the group, but then men from the town find them and beat them both up because they stole the wallet of a man and…yeah. That’s the end of them. They didn’t die, but we’re not going to be seeing them anymore.


When Joseph and Polnareff arrive at the hospital, the real Jotaro greets them, and they wonder how he got to the hospital faster than them and got his clothes back AND THESE IDIOTS DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE THERE WAS A FAKE JOTARO IN THE CAR. DO THEY NOT KNOW HIM? I actually thought they saw through Zenyatta, but apparently not. And…supposedly Jotaro taught Polnareff that cigarette trick? And he could do it with 5 cigarettes? So it wasn’t bullshit? So…this all just made me question Jotaro. God…so the brothers get sent to the hospital to be treated and the end. And Dio hired these two to kill Jotaro and the others? The hell…

Anyway, I loved this episode and I had a really good laugh. There are 6 more Stand users left. Next week is Anubis, and it looks cool so I’m excited.


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