Happiness Charge Precure! Episode 48

Was it just me, or did anyone else find everything to be underwhelming? The first half of the episode was a snooze fest. I wasn’t feeling the fight, the Innocent Form theme song sounded like it was on a loop that I wasn’t sure was ever going to end,  I kept on thinking to myself, “Come on Red, get on with it! YOU’RE TOO SLOW!” because it was so boring to watch, and then there was the bizarre framework going on. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the greatest either. There were a lot of IN YOUR FACE frames that shifted between the girls within or before a second had passed. It just weird to watch.

Frankly speaking, I was so fed up with how long it was taking for Red to kick it up a notch that I start peeling my tangerines, almost half watching the episode with almost no interest. And then FINALLY, after thirteen minutes/half way through, Red finally DOES SOMETHING, you know the thing he should have done right off the bat the bat (but that can’t happen because they need to drag it out regardless how boring it may be) and knocked the girls out of their Innocent Forms and trapped them all into the Mirrors except for Megumi because Seiji (like the man he is) took the hit for her.

As I suspected last week, Red lost his planet, it was ultimately destroyed when he had failed to protect it. He loved his planet dearly and being the only one left, he became engulfed by his broke heart, his loneliness and the envy he felt towards the Blue Planet, Earth. He decided he wanted to destroy it to be hated, to have Blue experience the same pain he went through, and he wishes to disappear along with the planet. But Megumi tries to talk him out of it, telling him that destroying the planet would not take away his pain. Red took a step further by trying to persuade Megumi (who is trying to convince him that love is not an illusion) to fall in love with him, and together they shall die on the Red Planet together. Fortunately Megumi shoved him away telling him that is not the answer, and is instead bestowed the power of all the Precures’ Wishes from Earth to harness new Pre-Cards that allows her to take on a new form- which I must say she looks absolutely beautiful in.

Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 48 Img 0027

She looks absolutely Lovely! ;D

I have to laugh though because the Pre-Cards are something that kind of have been forgotten somewhere along the lines of the show. They loss their importance and purpose, and admittedly it’s something at time I actually forgot about at one point because it had been so long since they used it for fights.

I am not entirely convinced yet, but since this is a magical girl show I wonder whether or not it will be possible for the Red Planet to be revived (so life can start anew again). That would probably be the ultimate happy ending, but we will see.

Overall, for an episode that is the semi-finale, it was a total lackluster. Next week is the finale and I just hope they can deliver a strong impact because it would be terribly disappointing for them to an underwhelming end of what has such been a great show.


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  1. Brian says:

    Ur not the only one who thought this episode was lackluster. I was watching it the whole time asking myself “is this really the semi finale?” Hell, even the fights with Tender and Mirage (especially her…one of my favorites this season) were more exciting than this, lol. And lile you, I already guessed his reason for wanting to destroy Earth. Hopefully, his planet can bloom again which I think it will. I wouldnt be suprised if just like DokiDoki and how both Trump Kingdom and Earth stayed in touch through that portal King Selfish ripped open, the same would happen for this season. What if the red planet ends up being Earths closest neighbor and everyone shares the happiness

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