Girlfriend Episode 12 (Final Impressions)

Well finally. After all this time, the Narcolepsy inducing show that is Girlfriend is FINALLY over. But, not before one final episode. So, Since I’ve made it this far, I might as well do this one more time. So here we go everyone, last recap of an episode of Girlfriend.

So the episode starts out with Christmas being over and New Years starting up. So since Chloe is staying in Japan now, her and the other foreign exchange student (I didn’t even know there WAS another one until this episode) want to learn from the other main characters what Japanese New Years is like in Japan.

So the girl from france and the girl from..umm...not france.

So the girl from France and the girl from..umm…not France.

So they’re invited to the main girl’s house so they can see what kind of food and games Japanese people deal with on New Years.

Eventually they realize that they want to go to a temple for New Years where there’s a festival but first they ask if they can borrow some kimonos. Yes..the plot is racing a mile a minute I know.

This is just a little something I threw together...not exactly sure how I DID considering how short i am but...

This is just a little something I threw together…not exactly sure how I DID considering how short i am but…

After that they get to the temple and ring the bell and bring in the new year.

That's the most exciting thing that's happened this episode.

That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened this episode.

And that’s pretty much where the episode ends.

Once again, this recap is insanely short. The reason THIS time, is, since it’s the last episode, they interspersed a whole bunch of other girls that we’ve either never seen, or saw like one time and threw them in at the last second to make us seem as if we’re supposed to care or something.

You two are adorable but...who the fuck are you two?

You two are adorable but…who the fuck AREyou two?

This is done a bunch of times so we can see what the other girls are up to on New Years. As if I would have lost sleep if I didn’t know the girls from the band were eating dinner.

Thank god. At least I can cross THAT off my bucket list.

Thank god. At least I can cross THAT off my bucket list.

This time, I see what they were doing, they were trying to show these girls’ everyday lives and what they do on holidays which is nice, but it hardly felt like a series finale. It kinda felt just like a holiday episode. Nothing really happened to make it feel FINAL. Which..I suppose with this show is kind of par for the course.


and this episode, more than any other, it was completely obvious.



So all in all, not the worst episode, just boring as all hell….AGAIN.

Episode 5/10

Final Impression

Okay, so what in the world did I think of this show? Well, it’s taken me a while, but I think I finally understand what’s going on with it. I have discovered that this show is nothing but one giant commercial. That is all I can come up with. It seems as if this show was made for the sole purpose of selling their Mobile game. That is why i’m nearly CERTAIN it will never be licensed in America. Because if the game isn’t, there’s no reason for the anime to be.

There’s no character development, there’s no real plot to speak of, and it’s kind of just a bunch of girls la la ing around.

(seen above, girls La la ing)

(seen above, girls La la ing around)

I have made this joke before and I will make it again. I have never seen a series that epitomized “elevator music” more than this show. It’s so safe, it’s so neutral, it doesn’t only keep the status quo, it bought the rights to the WORDS “status quo”. It’s as if they didn’t want to make ANY waves for ANY character as they want them all to seem bland yet attractive so guys will want to date them on their mobile devices.

The amount of craps I gave during this show were not even 0, they were negative. like…negative shits were given. That meaning, that other shits I gave in other shows now faded from existence. I no longer care about the ending of Stein’s gate thanks to this show. It stole all the shits I gave for Stein’s Gate. Now that’s impressive.

I mean, I can’t say it’s BAD because nothing happened to MAKE it bad. It didn’t DO anything. It was literally a holding pattern for 12 episodes. I can’t even find the energy to be MAD at it because I just don’t care that much.

At the very least I can say, I didn’t HATE it. It isn’t like Vanadis or Denki where I could elicit horrible negative reactions. It’s just kind of…there. I just watched the episodes with a straight face and didn’t care. Just like the artists didn’t care and made every girl the same with different hair and eye colors.

Okay seriously. That's the same girl with just 3 different types of contacts and wigs.

Okay seriously. That’s the same girl with just 3 different types of contacts and wigs.

All in all, I have to give this series a resounding MEH.

Head (The Plot): (throws hands up in the air) it doesn’t fucking exist. okay? there is ABSOLUTELY NO PLOT TO SPEAK OF. I’ve seen more plot on an airline safety brochure. I just..I can’t. nothing fucking happens about ANYTHING. 2/10

Eye: the art is soft and cute but at the same time, EVERYONE LOOKS THE SAME. Not only that, they look as if their faces would break if they tried to convey hard emotions. It’s kind of creepy. Like…like they’d have that same creepy face even if they were murdering someone. (shudders) 6/10

Heart: At the very least, it’s pleasant. All the emotions are pleasant, and even the ones that AREN’T are only mildly so. It’s not going to win any awards for its dramatic moments or acting but…meh, i’ll barely pass it. 5/10

Overall score, 5/10. It’s…there. It’s not hurting anybody but its also not helping anybody so.yeah… dead in the middle of the road. 5/10. Would I recommend it? Not unless you’re an insomniac. In that case, if you’ve tried everything and can’t get to sleep, I recommend this show.

So for the final time from Girlfriend…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz






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