Binan KouKou Chikyuu bouei-bu Love! ~Episode 3 [Needs more Tutu]

You know, there are just some times you look at an episode and go, “It’s not BAD, but it could of been so much better.” and that’s the feeling I have at the end of episode 3. It wasn’t a bad episode by any means, but I feel it missed a lot of chances at being the best episode so far in favor of things that just felt straight up awkward.

Wait...This reminds me of something...pfft, must be nothing.

Wait…This poster…it reminds me of something…pfft, must be nothing.

So let’s sum up this episode shall we? The episode begins with Kurotori, the ballet club adviser talking to himself about how he is going to win the pretty boy contest this time. The boys walk into the bath house where here is doing ballet in a towel and the towel falls off and well….they would rather say they didn’t see anything. Cept for Yumoto, he doesn’t mind letting it hang out or watching other people letting it hang out.


So, then we get some back story on Kurotori. He was apparently hired on accident while looking for a adviser for the volleyball club. His club has no members at all. How did the ballet club get approved in the first place without any members? Student council I know taking over the world is important and all but do your job!

So, let’s see…he’s trying to recruit for the club and trying to get votes for people to back him in the popularity contest. At the same time, Ryuu is pumped to win this time and beat out the other pink haired guy. You know, the one from the student council. Gero, so Gero and Ryuu have a rivalry? OMG, THAT’S AMAZING. They are both of my favorite characters so far.


So, to make Ryuu win and beat out those guys from the student council. The Earth Defense Club gets to work on deciding what makes you popular with men. They come to the conclusion that it’s “Strength, Money and Brotherliness.” So they set out to test these theories in a series of equally as awkward scenes.

Awkward arm wrestling.


Awkward Checkbook bathroom scene


Awkward Brotherly love scene


The worst part is that THEY ALL WORK! So the bad guys set to work on Kurotori who had nobody show up to his rally and use their porcupine/hedgehog needle of evil to turn him into….The black Swan. So we move to the place where the winner of the popularity contest is going to be announced and just as it’s announced. In flies the bad guy, and makes every guy in the audience in love with him.


The Porcupine/Hedgehog, er Zundar states that….in short, the plan is to make everyone gay so no more babies will be born and the world will end….I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry at this. Are they making fun of the yaoi fans? pandering to us? I thought a lot in this episode they were either jabbing at yaoi fans, like asking of Yumoto came out of the closet or just poking fun at us. What’s the point here? Well anyway. The good guys transform to fight the Black Swan and get caught up mostly in his love spell as well.
Except for Yumoto, who apparently has the capacity to understand love of Monkey D. Luffy and flat out says he doesn’t get that kind of thing. He talks the bad guy down, they do their final attack and cleanse him. Good times are had by all.


Okay, I’m going to level with everyone here. This is the part where most of my disappointment comes in. You have an episode based around Ballet. Do you KNOW how easy it would of been to make a Princess Tutu reference? Like, it didn’t even have to be anything big. If even one of the boys had done the mock for ‘please dance with me’ and held out their hand to the Black Swan it would of been more then enough to send me over the edge laughing. It just seems like a straight up missed opportunity.


Also, something else. WHO WON? They never tell you who won the popularity contest. This was important to me! I want to know if Gero beat Ryuu, or Ryuu beat Gero or if they tied for third place again. What?

Gah, oh well. Next episode they turn into kids like in the Sailor Moon Super S episode.

Things I enjoyed in this episode

– The totally blatant rip off of Free! poster.
– Pink haired character rivalry
– The points of being popular with men [the scene they are planning it, not actually doing it.]
-The Monster of the week design
-The fact the show straight up admitted it’s main character doesn’t understand romance.

Things I didn’t like

-The awkward bathroom checkbook scene
-The fact NONE of the other boys were any use in battle. Again…I get it show, Yumoto’s the main character. He’s the Tutu/Sailor Moon/Cutie Honey…but at least let the others fight.
-The lack of Princess Tutu references that wrote themselves.

Let’s hope episode four is a little bit better.



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2 Responses

  1. I actually really enjoyed this episode! (Most of it, anyway.) The strength, money and brotherhood scenes had me laughing so hard! x’D But I do agree with you that the fight scene was pretty disappointing. Once again, pink-suit-kid saved the day with no help from the rest of them, AND we didn’t get to find out who won. I really wanted to know… >.>

    • MidnightDevont says:

      I wanted to know too, considering Ryuu and Gero are my favorites so far.

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