Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka De episode 9 [Everybody loves Andou, no really.]

The long and short of this episode? Everyone loves Andou, the episode, the game, the movie, the saga. Oh yeah, and something about finals.

Pfft I knew Savage got the good episode because i’m hard pressed to think of something to talk about in this episode. So uh, Tomoyo discovers she’s the reason Andou is still a Chuuni…kind of wish we’d gone into this more. Like, he brings up this girl in a silver wig and you know it’s her by the way she reacts but the show just kind of…drops that…


like, could we of had a flashback? Some idea of what she said to him? No, okay fine.

So then we get into the studying plot-line and discover that Andou is a lot smarter then he leads on. Also, THE FLYING FRACK MONKEY DOES HIS AWAKENED POWER DO? THEY ALL LOOK LIKE THEY ARE GOING TO CRY AT THE IDEA OF HIM USING IT EVER AGAIN.
er um, well brushing that aside as easily as the episode did. through this and the following, cleaning up the club for summer break plot-line we discover that Chifuyu has a crush on Andou.


That’s two….

Hatoko, well as if it wasn’t glaringly obivious from the previous episodes you haven’t been watching the same anime that I am. So that leaves Sayumi, how does the episode decide to tell us that she’s in love with Andou?


WITH THIS GUY, I don’t even remember what this guys name is! I could count the amount of times he’s been on screen on one hand. Also, why was he randomly in the girls bathroom? What is all this crazy talk about wearing her glasses making her a sub-main character and he wanting to turn her into a main character in his crazy story of life?

CREEPER ALERT, CREEPER ALERT! DROP KICK THIS GUY OR SOMETHING. Gah, I don’t even know what to say about this episode. I was all set at the beginning for it to make me ship Andou and Tomoyo with all that talk of her being the one from his destined meeting….now?


I’m not so sure, honestly, I kind of don’t want him to be with any of them at this rate. I want them to have an ending where they all go on being friends and nobodies feelings are hurt. I guess a harem ending wouldn’t be so bad either…..

OH, also, something actually important to the underlying plot going on in the background. We see two of the members of Tomoyo’s brothers group, they see on a video survalience that one of the members of F, the organization they thought they took care of last time escaped. They think it’s best to delete the video before Kiryuu finds out that one escaped….
I’m totally sure that, that is not ever going to come back to bite them in the ass ever.


next episode, summer break. aka, the pool episode.



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