Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Episode 9 (I hate you and all you stand for)

I was having a not so great day yesterday so instead watching it then, I decided to, just in case, wait a day and watch it today. and let me just say, I am glad I did, because as of now, i’d probably be in the hospital after trying to break my computer in half with my bare face. Why? Oh please. please let’s start.

The episode starts off with the singing girl basically telling her singing teacher to go fuck off she’s not quitting the library club.

Huh. That resolved itself quickly.

Huh. That resolved itself quickly.

Unfortunately the black haired girl is a bitch (of course she is) and basically goes “wahhh if you have talent you should use it even if you don’t want to!”

Bitch, do i tell you how to run YOUR life?

Bitch, do i tell you how to run YOUR life?

This of course makes the singing girl sad and she runs away. Then kodachi shows up and tells Kakei that the singer girl is reaching a decision point in her life and she needs sheperd help. Kakei offers to take this one and steps in.

He sees her singing and has a conversation with her. We learn her backstory that she used to sing with that pink haired chick we saw once and then she got too good and made her friend jealous.

Friends forever! Unless you get better than me. Then all bets are off bitch.

Friends forever! Unless you get better than me. Then all bets are off bitch.

Kakei basically tells her that she doesn’t have to sing and she can do what she wants. So she does.

Oh yeah, and Shirasaki goes to see her sister who basically teases her because she likes someone. (gee i wonder who). and that’s all of her development… it’s 40 seconds.

oh snap! 40 seconds! that's a new record for this chick!

oh snap! 40 seconds! that’s a new record for this chick!

We also learn that the school president who likes kakei is being stalked by someone…it’s weird.

Creepy characters can be random people too

Creepy characters can be random people too

It’s like..she’s not even in the show enough for that to matter…unless they’re trying to do something later?

What else?

Oh yeah. we learn that bitch black haired Mcgee wanted to be an artist, but she was too much of a wuss to fight her parents about it. so now she’s sadpants.

(seen above: sad pants)

(seen above: sad pants)

and then (inhales, exhales) comes the part of the episode that makes me…… okay.

So it’s about this point that the older sheperd dude shows up and basically tells kakei that he passed the second test and that he’s good to go to be a sheperd so he teleports them to the magical place again. Kakei asks about Kodachi who the sheperd says “she’s not ready yet. she has obstacles to overcome.” he then shows kakei her book and leaves.


He then proceeds to open the book and…he sees a vision.

Kodachi sees him reading the book and says…this.


I…I don’t even know how to react right now. Hang on, i need to take a breath (breathes in. breathes out)


So. Let us begin.

According to this, Kodachi has known this all along. Now, despite this, this series has built so much sexual tension between these characters it goes beyond the level of ridiculous. From the fanservice to the kissing, to the sexual teasing, to the outright SHEPERD ENDANGERING HARD ON SHE HAS FOR KAKEI, Apparently that doesn’t matter.

Literally you have spent 6 episodes working with Kakei and Kodachi. Creating a connection, a deep sexual desire and you have literally fucked it up because you people cannot write for SHIT.

The amount of screentime you have given your “SUPPOSED” main girl is LAUGHABLE. The bald guy from Vanadis almost has more screentime than her, and he’s barely in the fucking show.

This almost seems like a piss poor attempt to answer the question “Why don’t the two that are obviously meant to be together just get together?”

Here’s the thing. it almost seems to me like the writer of the show (as this is very different from the visual novel) looked at the show, realized that there was NO POSSIBLE way that Shirasaki and Kakei could develop enough to be together to have a relationship as the relationship between Kodachi and Kakei was so palpable and said “no. you know what? he’s her brother.” ignoring episodes of preestablished romantic scenes and character development all because they want the show to go their way.

If THIS is what they’re going to do. I’m disgusted. I am disgusted for this whole show.

The only way this will be acceptable is if 1. he is her adopted brother as he looks nothing like her and this is plausible. 2. He’s a very dear childhood friend to her.

There are no other explanations that make sense. If he is really her brother, I AM dropping this show. I don’t care. This DISGUSTS ME.

They probably think they’re so fucking clever with this twist when in actuality it makes no sense.



Honestly. if it isn’t some sort of subversion like “it’s his adopted sister or childhood friend” and they’re going to have him be just her brother. I”m done. I’m dropping it.

I give this series one more chance next episode or i’m fucking done. I’m disgusted.

Episode 1/10

And no. there’s not joke at the end of this review. Fuck this episode.


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