Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Episode 10 (Hanging off a cliff)

If you all remember my review from last week, I came insanely close to destroying my computer. Why would that be? Because of the way the last episode ended, where we found out that for no particular reason except due to crappy reason, that Kodachi was Kakei’s sister. This revelation was so terrible, nonsensical, and insane, that I gave the episode a 1 out of 10. I haven’t even given VANADIS a 1 out of 10 yet. So now the question. Was this week the same level of pain inducing garbage? Thankfully, the answer is no, but only just.

Let’s go over what happened. So Kodachi shows up at Kakei’s door basically stating how she’s moving in.

Good. Now put it in her Kakei!

Good. Now put it in her Kakei!

It’s then that we find out the one thing that they clarify that is the reason I did not throw my computer across the room in disgust. It turns out that Kodachi is not Kakei’s actual blood sister, she was his stepsister for about 3 months when they were kids.



This revelation is the thing that stopped me from dropping this show right then. However, I have to say this. It almost felt as if different writers wrote episode nine and then episode ten. It’s as if the writer of nine REALLY liked their sister twist idea but the writer of ten saw the backlash it would cause, went “OH SHIT” and then subverted their own twist. Which is appreciated…but..it feels weird.

After that Shirasaki asks Kakei if he’ll pretend to be her boyfriend when they go see her sister in the hospital. He agrees and they go. However, the sister can see through the ruse very quickly.

I will hate you very soon bitch.

I will hate you very soon bitch.

She basically tells him that she knows he’s lying but thanks for being nice to her sister.

So the following day Shirasaki gets a message that her sister will temporarily be allowed to leave the hospital. So she goes to visit Kakei. However, when they arrive, Kodachi is there and they immediately get the idea that Kodachi is with Kakei.

(chuckles) goddamn it Kodachi

(chuckles) goddamn it Kodachi

This is the part of the episode where I start to hate this little bitch.

She basically comes in and demands an explanation from Kakei over why Kodachi is in his house.

Um. Um fucking excuse me? Hi. Yeah. You know that he’s not her boyfriend. What fucking right do you have to demand an explanation from this guy? He is a good friend to your sister. Just because he isn’t fucking your sister doesn’t mean you have the right to be incredulous if he wants to be with someone. FUCK YOU.

So to my amusement, Kodachi plays it up even further.

All the love for Kodachi. ALL OF IT

All the love for Kodachi. ALL OF IT

Goddamn this little sister bitch. I hope she has a fucking heart attack or something


Oh wait..she..she does? AHAHAHAHAHA. ahhh.. (wipes tear from eye) I’m not apologizing for what I said.

So with little choice, Kakei asks Kodachi to teleport her to the hospital with a book, and she does out of the goodness of her heart. Because Kodachi’s amazing.

She doesn't deserve it, but you're adorable Kodachi. Thanks

She doesn’t deserve it, but you’re adorable Kodachi.

Then of course, Shirasaki learns that about Shepards and Kakei explains the basic idea of what they are.

It’s at this point that she then tells him how she feels but then immediately subverts it with “oh no! I mean it like a friend or a person!” Which made me slap my own face, but also laugh because I do not like Shirasaki.

Shirasaki also finds out that if he becomes a Shepard, they’ll all forget about him and basically says “NO! I need you! Don’t leave!” like a spoiled little bitch.

No wait! I need everything I ever wanted!

No wait! I need everything I ever wanted!

See, THIS is why I hate Shirasaki. Shirasaki is the kind of character who has her own little bubble, and anything that penetrates that bubble, she can’t handle. She wants to have her friends, make her sister happy, and keep Kakei around. She wants it all, not wanting to sacrifice anything. The entire premise of her character is that she couldn’t make friends, and tries to make friends because she made a promise to her sister that she had some. She basically wrangled all these people into being in “my friend club” which was vaguely covered as “The Library Club” All for her own selfish desires and wants. She puts on a happy air all the time as a front because she doesn’t want to lose anything. Here is a key difference between Kodachi and Shirasaki. Kodachi is willing to give up EVERYTHING to be a Shepard. To help people. She knows what will happen. No one will ever remember her, and the boy she loves will forget her. But she still wants to be a Shepard. She wants to dedicate her lives to helping people even though they’ll never know her. Shirasaki on the other hand can’t stand to lose ANYTHING and begs and cries for Kakei to not leave when he’s struggling with this decision even though he would be helping countless people and saving their lives. But she is too selfish to see that and only sees what SHE wants. FUCK. YOU. She’s an extremely weak character, with screentime for the FIRST TIME in 6 episodes and now they expect the audience to give a single solitary shit about her storyline which DOESN’T EXIST. Her entire storyline is equivalent to “Wah, I want friends because I lied to my sister. I want everything”. In short, I hate everything she stands for and is one of the weakest female characters I’ve seen Since Ai from Aoi Yori Aoshi. And that’s saying something.

Now where was I? Oh yeah. So the episode ends with the gang heading back to the library room when they find out that the group from last year has taken it over and is basically kicking them out.

Holy shit! People are READING IN THE LIBRARY CLUB!! Is that even allowed?

Holy shit! People are READING IN THE LIBRARY CLUB!! Is that even allowed?

We learn that it’s all thanks to the crazy stalker lesbian bitch from before.


And that’s the end of the episode.

See, here’s the issue I’m having (yeah, only one) I think they’re trying to say that this crazy stalker chick is going to be the climax of the story as they’ve been putting clues and bits and pieces of her over the past couple episodes.  I’m not quite sure where they’re going with this, but I can only see this series ending 1 of 4 ways.

1. Kakei decides not to become a Shepard and stays as a student probably forgetting Kodachi and she is a Shepard. This to me is the most likely scenario because these people can’t write. The reason this ending is stupid is because it literally negates the whole point of the series. “You want to become a shepard?” “No.” “K thanks bye.” The End. And honestly, i’d be disappointed and underwhelmed.

2a. Kakei realizes he needs to be a Shepard and goes off to be one with Kodachi, admitting he had feelings for Shirasaki but has to leave, but tells her that he won’t forget her and watches over her life as a Sheperd.
2b. Kakei becomes a shepard but wants to watch over everyone equally as they were all his friends and ends up with Kodachi as they will be together forever as Shepards. He longingly wish he could have this life, but knows he can’t, but is happy with the fact that he can save everyone.
Honestly, I hope 2b happens. For me, that would be the PERFECT ending. Course…knowing my luck…

3. Ending 3 is what I call “The bullshit ending”. This is when Kakei finds a way to be both a Shepard AND be able to have everyone keep their memories of him. This is the cop out ending and if they pick THIS ONE I’ll have NO respect for them.

4. This is the out of left field one. Somehow Shirasaki becomes a Shepard with them. If this one happens, FUCK THIS SHOW.

This show has sent me on a roller coaster. First I didn’t care, then I started to like it more and more until it was my favorite show of the season, then last episode made me hate everything, and now i’m… sitting here kind of dead. I don’t even know anymore. They give SO MUCH screentime for Kakei and Kodachi. SO MUCH. and Shirasaki’s..I… I still don’t feel any connection.

I know i’m going to regret it, but i’m going to continue covering this show. I started watching this episode CERTAIN I was going to drop it. But… I just can’t. I gotta finish this thing. No matter what. I hope.

I could talk about this episode for HOURS but it’s turning into a dissertation. So i’ll leave it at this.

Episode 4/10


And because “I” want it, I’ll leave you with a picture of Kodachi’s boobs.

mmm....Kodachi's boobs...

mmm….Kodachi’s boobs…


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