Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12

Well, once again it’s time for Amagi Brilliant Park, and this time, I have to say, while I was hoping for a great episode, but was preparing myself for a terrible one, I have to say, that I was pleasantly surprised. This was for 3 in a row now, another great episode. I know. I’m scared myself. If the entire series was like this, it would be one of my favorite shows. It’s a shame that so many episodes were devoted to pointless filler. But enough of that, what was the episode about?

So we last left Kanie with about 250 people shy of that 500,000 mark with only 3 hours left to go. Immediately every cast member starts asking for favors and making phone calls to see if they can get people to come. Even Japanese Indiana Jones FINALLY gets to say a line in which he invites “the Old Man”. That’s right. He invited basically Japanese Sean Connery. That’s awesome.

Hey dad! it's me! Japanese Indiana Jones! Father: we named the DOG Japanese Indiana

Hey dad! it’s me! Japanese Indiana Jones!
Father: we named the DOG Japanese Indiana

However, after every person they could think of shows up, they are still 3 people shy with only 3 minutes left to go. It’s then that when they’re about to give up hope that three minor recurring characters (creepy kindergartners who like fucking around with Sento) show up and jump through at the last second, bringing the total to 500,000.

Ahh... so they WEREN'T entirely pointless. GG show. gg

Ahh… so they WEREN’T entirely pointless. GG show. gg

Everybody rejoices and the park is saved.

It’s then that the jerk who wants to tear down Amagi shows up, and he’s revealed to be the sorcerer who put the curse on Latifa. HA! I called that last episode! Go me. Kanie tries to use his mind reading powers on him but it doesn’t work unfortunately and the sorcerer tells him that he may have won that battle, but Latifa will still lose her memory at 12.

All evil sorcerers have to join corporate eventually.

All evil sorcerers have to join corporate eventually.

After what is actually a VERY touching scene about her not wanting to lose who she is like she’s had to every year for 10 years, the magic tree they’re underneath blooms. Kanie hugs her, and midnight passes and she doesn’t lose her memories.

I'd make a funny caption here but uh.. this is actually a really heartfelt scene so...shhhh

I’d make a funny caption here but uh.. this is actually a really heartfelt scene so…shhhh

The reason they give for this is that the tree is magic and there was so much fun energy in the park that it cancelled out the curse at that time.

So Kanie, his job over, decides to quit, but after having a flashback of all the people he would miss, he decides to come back and takes over the park.

You better appreciate this. It took us like.... 25 minutes to get into place.

You better appreciate this. It took us like…. 25 minutes to get into place.

And that’s the end of the episode.

First and foremost. This series… wait.. there’s still one more episode left? What… what the hell can they add on to that? Honestly, I’m at a loss. They saved the park, Kanie decided to stay… the ONLY thing that’s really left is if they want to have a showdown with the sorcerer. That’s really all there is left. Other than that… it really seemed like it could have ended there. God. I hope it doesn’t do what Chobits did and have the last episode be a recap episode. That was painful. Still, I’m interested to see what they’re going to do with this last episode.

Anyway, for this episode, I really enjoyed it. I actually got into it and was worried when the numbers were coming down to the wire and it looked like they weren’t going to make it. My mind knew it was a show, but it did a good enough job sucking me in.

Also, the Latifa scene was VERY touching and it made me ship Latifa and Kanie. I know it won’t be a thing but leave me alone….I like it.

amagi 9

The thing about this episode was, there wasn’t a whole lot of key points in the episode which made it a little harder to recap. It’s one of those “Pull together and we can do it” episodes. and while there wasn’t a whole lot of different plot points in the first half of the episode, the overall problem was enough that it held me over.

All in all, this was a fantastic episode. I’m really hoping the next and last episode is going to be on the same level the past 3 have been and not the 7 before that. Keep it up for one more week Amagi, you’ve been doing yourself proud these past few weeks.

Episode: 9/10


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2 Responses

  1. I.D. nameless says:

    Loved every episode of this show, even the weaker ones. Let’s hope the last one holds up.
    Also…….what would you say to a… doujinshi with… Sento …and… the 3 kids…..?

  2. I loved this episode! I was so nervous the entire time, and then I cried a little during the Latifa scene, and I loved the little Kanie x Sento moment at the end. xD I actually thought this was the final episode because it easily concluded the series. It’ll be nice to have one more episode though. :)

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