World Trigger Episode 5

So, more World Trigger….yaaaaaay. *blows kazoo* Honestly though, there is a bit more to look at in this episode. However, a lot of its more plot heavy than character focused so I’ll address things as they came up in the episode.


First, off, angry A rank girl continues to show in the episode she’s very uptight, but actually is good at her job…normally. She’s actually able to take down the giant fish Neighbor.




Unfortunately, she didn’t know this type of Neighbor, when its injured…kind of becomes a civilian seeking bomb. Of course, even if it didn’t, she didn’t seem to have a plan on how to stop the giant alien monsters from smashing into buildings in its descent anyway. Luckily, Yuma helps in making sure it doesn’t blow up around people..and in a pretty clever way, since he can’t attack it with his Trigger.

Whaddaya do with a whale? You harpoon it!


This of course leaves her confused. She knows someone did help stop the Neighbor, but not who, and its likely going to be bugging her OCD brain for the rest of the series until the truth is revealed. However, she does seem to at least acknowledge Four-Eyes’ help, and that he’s doing it for the right reason. (We later find she does state how he helped during the Neighbor attack later on in the episode.)



For all his boringness and goodie-two shoes behavior, he really does care about helping people. This is mostly his episode, finally dealing with the fallout of him  “saving” the school, and also us learning a lot about Border. One thing we learn, thankfully, is something I felt was a plothole.


Thank you show, thank you. Now it makes sense as to why they take their triggers off base. While a different system might be optimal, it at least is something so, kudos show.

This episode also introduces Jin. Basically, he’s supposed to be a big deal. He’s strong he’s charismatic, he’s apparently like the best Border has. I find him kind of rubbing off as kind of generic “here’s the ace guy who’s good at things and also likes to flirt in a cheesy but somehow effective way.


Not sure if I want to hang out with him….or punch him in the face.

Apparently, he’s so high up he’s here for the Border meeting, which also doubles as Four-Eyes, court-martial. A bit coincidental since, as we saw since episode 1, Jin saved Four-Eyes and likely was his inspiration for joining Border. At any rate, it goes pretty basic for Four-Eyes. Some want to fire him because he disobeyed orders, others point out he saved lives and that makes him a valuable member of Border. The head director seems to be leaning toward team Asshole, but then asks Four-Eyes a simple question. If something like this happened again, what would he do?


Gotta say, props to him. He’s been shown to be a stickler for rules and regulations, but he honestly says what he’d do, that he’d still save people, even knowing its likely going to get him kicked out of Border. However, I’ll also say the animation guys were LAAAZZZZYYYY. After asking the question, it took practically a full minute of panning across the other members, and Four-Eyes slowly…ever so slowly…says his response. It just feels like they needed to extend the episode and so had the pause for no reason.

Anyways, I think its partially because of what Four-Eyes said, plus a few other things, that leads to Jin saving his ass.



Basically, Jin’s supposed to find out the reason Neighbors are popping up since he’s the top guy, and he’s like “I want to be responsible for this guy.” It might be because of his speech, because they know each other, or because he’s honestly suspecting Four Eyes of something. We don’t know..however, someone else is already suspecting Four-Eyes of working with a Neighbor.  He says he’ll keep an eye on him, and its clear this simple white lie, in addition to everything else, is going to get much more complicated.


Overall, I liked this episode better than the others, if only because it feels we’re getting real answers and more importantly, consequences.


Cartoonish premise on how there are still people living in the area aside, we’re getting to see full force the destruction and also the fallout of the Neighbor’s attacks. We get to see actual danger, and people being saved. We get to see more of Border, and how there seems to be a bit of a split amongst them, and how they operate. It also foreshadows more serious stuff happening to both our main leads as their little secret is not going to last long at all. It showed more competence than the other episodes, but yet…I still don’t feel myself caring as much about the characters. They’ll need to draw me in before I can safely say the series is moving upward.

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