Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de ~Episode 5

Waaaaahhhhh, Savage got the good episode about Chifuyu-chan! She’s like one of the few loli’s in anime I like! Oh well, what’s past is past and now it’s time to look forward to episode five. What did we get in this episode? Oh boy…an episode about Tomoyo….

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike her as a character in the slighest. She’s actually rather cute, my problem stems from the idea of pairing off her and Andou. It’s a little too cliche’ for me, I mean, it’s too predictable.
The main red-headed tsundere girl gets with the main guy. I would be much happier if he got with one of the other girls, or even tried things again with the student council chick from episode two. This all being said, I really liked this episode for what it was.

The episode starts with Andou bringing a guitar to the club, thinking it makes him look all cool. He’s even given it a name, Infinity Maria, his soul mate. Chifuyu thinks it looks really cool too and wants to take it from him, so with her power she creates a copy to see if he can tell which one the real one is.
He must pick which one he thinks is the fake, and smash it. He reasons out that they must both be fake and smashes them both. Good job, idiot. Good thing the black haired chick can restore things. [I forget her name -one google search later.-] Sayumi, there, found it. Thanks google.


But of course, this guitar has no baring on the rest of the episode. Oh well, so because he was so worried about the guitar. Andou forgets his bag in the club room and runs back to get it. Where he runs into Tomoyo, letting out her inner Chuuni.
She’s totally doing a hero speech in the mirror… now this is why I sort of like her. She’s not just tsundere about liking Andou, she’s really trying to surpress how much she likes nerd stuff. She loves this power stuff, she wants to write light novels, she likes manga.


Honestly, I like this first part of the episode. Where they talk about her dream to be a novel writer. I like how mature Andou is in considering her feelings and how he should handle the situation. I love how this guy, who supposedly will never grow past the mantality of a 8th grader can be so mature sometimes. Like, in last episode he did that whole ‘Lolicon’ thing and it was creepy and childish and weird, but in this episode when discussing her dream, he couldn’t be more serious. He respects how important this is to her and handles it as such.






Then there is the ‘totally-not-a-date’ part of the episode. Yeah, we all knew this was coming. She gets past the first round to winning a prize for her novel and he wants to take her out for something to celebrate but since her dream is a secret from the rest of the club they have to go alone…

Wacky Hi-jinks of her trying to pick out clothes, them ordering a couples meal, and hanging out at the bookstore ensue. Please don’t let them get together! I’m probably one of the only fans thinking this and i’m sure a lot of people ship this so please forgive my opinion. I just want something unpredictiable to happen. So anyway, speaking of drama rearing it’s ugly head. At the end of the episode we see the ditzy/clumbsy girl…


Hatoko? Is that her name? I struggle with these things sometimes. Ah ha, i had it right. Thanks again google! Sees the two of them together, what will she tell the rest of the club? Is she jealous? Who likes Andou the best? ME, SCREW ALL YOU GIRLS. No, i’m kidding, he’s cute but he’s not my type…now where is Tomoyo’s smoking hot brother?

Visually this episode isn’t really stunning, a lot of it is Tomoyo and Anou talking in the club room and then there is the date which isn’t much to look at either. The powers continue to be brought up but not really a part of the plot, other then Andou making a point with his, Chifuyu making a copy of the guitar with hers and Sayumi fixing the broken guitar. They weren’t a main point is the thing i’m getting at, I wonder when we’ll see those shadowy figures from the opening. Anyway! Next time on Inou Battle: Andou and the girls who love him…that’s not the real title but i’m too lazy to go look.

I really wanna know about these guys!

I really want to know about these guys!




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