Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Episode 6

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  1. moekou@gmail.com says:

    Archer was talking about wanting the Holy Grail for granting a personal wish. Even in Fate/Zero (SPOILER):

    Lancer only wished for the chance to serve his master faithfully to redeem his honor (in his legend he slept with his master’s wife, sullying his honor, which was the whole point of the Sola Ui drama)

    Archer-Simply believed Grail is already another treasure of his just like everything else inside Gate of Babylon, and others are trying to steal it from him.

    Rider-May have wanted it, but was primarily interested in conquest through his own powers and getting to live in this new world experiencing new things

    Caster-Probably did want the grail for meeting Jeanne but who knows considering his insanity level

    Berserker-Just wanted to die by Saber’s hand

    Assassin-no motivation given

    Saber is genuinely motivated by her desire to fulfill a wish she couldn’t achieve in life, but most other Servants didn’t really have a stated wish they were fighting for. Not sure how much her wish was discussed in FZ though; it was the focus of the Fate route that the old DEEN anime adapted, and won’t really be mentioned in this new anime’s route.

  2. Farray says:

    “Here, Archer says most Heroic servants don’t choose to be called, but are forced to be summoned and work for Masters.”

    It’s not contradictory. He is referring to when heroic spirits are summoned in general as guardians, when their will is taken away to serve for humanity’s greater good. It’s the Holy Grail War’s construction that makes the difference, as they regain their humanity as Servants, along with the wishes and regrets they had before they died. That is something Archer doesn’t possess and that is why unlike the other Servants, he has no interest in that wish-granting, malevolent treasure chest called the Holy Grail.

    What should be mentioned is that Archer understands what Saber wants to do, if that wasn’t clear enough, since parts of his conversation with Shirou was cut. He calls her the ideal guardian, literally a slave, because she won’t use the Grail for herself. That is the actual reason why Shirou asks Saber again about the Grail, he wanted to confirm what Archer said and much to his chagrin, Archer was right.

    • Savage says:

      I can see that, in the idea of them losing their true nature as people when becoming Heroic Spirits. The way it was presented, it seemed like Servants were just summoned for the Grail war whether they want to be or not, while in Fate/Zero it seemed to imply the spirit wanting to be summoned for one reason or another. Gilgamesh says in the anime he decided to respond to Tokiomi’s summon, rather than just being called there by force.

      Yeah, from what was cut from the conversation, I didn’t see that. What it seemed to show was that Archer knew Saber wanted the Grail, and Shirou wondering about her wish. The idea of her being referred to as a slave to being a guardian makes the conversation after with Shirou and Saber make a lot more sense.

  3. Farray says:

    It would probably be best to think what Archer said is in-between the two ways that you know of and that were presented. Heroic spirits aren’t summoned solely for the Grail Wars, is what Archer implies. He is a pretty cynical guy in general and him viewing himself as a tool tells a lot about what he thinks of his existence as a heroic spirit in my opinion. He doesn’t like Rin’s decision to cooperate with Shirou, but he obeys because she is his Master. The nature of the heroic spirits, that are called mankind’s guardians, is a mystery that is eventually revealed in UBW, so look forward to it.

    It’s quite an interesting mystery to see what Archer seems to know. He knows Servants want the Grail because of their regrets and wishes in their past lives, but that doesn’t interest him in the slightest. It’s also rather strange to call the Holy Grail a malevolent treasure chest. It’s said to be omnipotent, but he doesn’t have a wish, nor does he want to stay in the world incarnated and he stated that it would be the same case for Saber.

    “It takes one to know one.” isn’t it? Or is it that obvious that Saber will selflessly use the Grail not for herself? Not surprising that they are the Servants of our protagonists, who solely participate to stop the other Masters from obtaining the Grail. If you are interested, the whole conversation is almost ten minutes long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gfXPbi23rs

  4. Vopinhimer Dodon says:
    Spoiler Show
    • Vopinhimer Dodon says:

      Well, except for Saber, Saber cannot dematerialize because she is not simply a clone. (well, that’s more or less the reason why)
      She remembers the details of the prior Grail War because

      Spoiler Show

      It’s interesting to note that if you were watching Fate Stay for the first time, you wouldn’t know who Saber was yet since they haven’t actually stated it.
      When did we figure it out in the last one? early on right.. I’m sure.

      Also, I can’t delete these comments or edit them apparently, so if a Moderator finds these to be too spoilerriffic, please modify them or delete them accordingly. Thanks :)

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