Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Episode 8 (Really? REALLY?! A FILLER EPISODE?!?)

Because you know, last week when Kakei was struggling with the moral decision to leave everyone behind and become a Shepard the FIRST FUCKING THING THAT CAME TO MY MIND WAS  “Oh, gee, this plot is moving along too nicely. I KNOW! let’s have the show come to a DEAD FUCKING STOP and have the episode based around the flat blonde idiot chick and her desire to be herself. FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC!

Nobody cares about you, you fucking clucking hen.

Nobody cares about you, you fucking clucking hen.

(Sigh) I guess i better actually talk about what this episode’s about, shouldn’t i? pffff. Fine.

So basically Kana (the flat blonde chick) has written a script for a play that she wants to put on with the library club at the school festival.

Now I know what your first question is going to be. “But…what about the whole ‘deciding whether or not to become a sheperd’ thing?” WELL FUCK THAT! Make way for “putting on a play with drama repercussions!” I know! Amazing right? (Gives show death glare)

Because THIS is why I watch this show!

Because THIS is why I watch this show!

If you still stuck around to watch the rest of this episode, she’s putting on a play based on “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. But of course…since this IS an anime


BAM. Chick in Bikini.

And Kakei is of course in the play as well. Kana, who is in it as well messes up the play and trips into Kakei. Now.. for those of you who have watched ANY of these animes before. I will give you a singular solitary guess what happens when Kakei falls…. Any takers?


If you didn’t guess “accidentally rip off girl’s bra” then I don’t know what kind of show’s you been watching, but it ain’t harem shows.

and because of this, singer chick and black haired girl kick him



No. Know what? Both black haired chick and singer chick? They pulled that bullshit move?! They pulled the Naru move. NOPE NOPE NOPE. they’re both fucking done. From now on their names are “Black haired bitch” and “Singer bitch”

I don’t tolerate that shit. They’re done. Fuck both of them up their asses. You like this guy and want to be his love and you pull that shit? uh-uh that shit don’t fly. YOU’RE DONE.


Fucking douche bitches.

Anyway where was I now that two of the characters inexplicably died?

Oh yeah.

So since the play went terribly Kana is starting to feel terrible because of reasons.

She feels bad because of reasons

She feels bad because of reasons

It’s then that Kakei thinks about Kana’s future and wonders if she should look at the book and asks Shirasaki if hypothetically if she had a magic book to look at the future she said she wouldn’t look at it…. because she’s a tool.

Thanks Mrs. Buzz Killington

Thanks Mrs. Buzz Killington

However, afterwards Deadtomeblackhairedbitch gets an email from “The Sheperd” saying that the Library Club Should be disbanded.

So he decides to hang out with Kodachi.

DEAR SWEET JESUS THANK YOU! Kodachi’s actually IN this episode! THANK. GOD.

I love you baby!

I love you baby!

And…my god. I don’t even care what the writers even say. Look at this shit



And then, on top of that, she FUCKING BITES HIS NOSE PLAYFULLY


Okay, they’re seriously 1 step shy of fucking. I.. I don’t even.

Wait. What was i doing? oh yeah. plot. um…..

oh yeah Kodachi tells him that she did not send that message as the mystery remains unsolved.

But fuck it, we need to go back to Kana worrying about herself.

We learn that she had a friend who her other friends kicked out of their group, she defended that friend but the friend backstabbed her and took her place. So Kana acts differently with this new group of friends so that they’ll like her and she won’t be alone again.

Get it? Well too bad if you didn’t because I don’t care enough about it to explain it again. Basically…teen angst.



However Kakei basically tells her that she should be herself and heart of the cards and blah blah blah

I will draw on us a special sign

I will draw on us a special sign

She becomes happy again and everyone’s happy.

that is…until singer bitch’s singing trainer comes and in tells her that she has to quit the library club!


(Dramatic Sting Music)

Oh wait… I don’t fucking care.  Um… whatever?

End of episode.

the only thing this means is next episode is going to be about bitch mc fuckface singer girl. Fan-fuckingtastic. Well…at least i can look forward to next week being stupid too.

I’m really frustrated at this show right now. I really care about the Shepard stuff. I do not give a single solitary crap about this goofy side stuff. IS IT SO HARD TO STAY ON TRACK IN THESE SHOWS?! I see what they’re trying to do. I really do. They’re trying to show off each of the girls to show they have their own personalities and hopes and dreams and yadda yadda.

The problem is, you didn’t do that for this girl when you introduced her, and seeing this is like five episodes later, I do not care anymore.

Aha aha ahhhhh.... too late i don't care

Aha aha ahhhhh…. too late i don’t care

Basically at this point in the series it’s too late. The magical library has already been revealed, he’s already learned of the existence of shepards and the magical world. You can’t backtrack now to talk about some of these random girls and their past angstnesses. I no longer give any craps about any of these girls backstories. They should have been flushed out BEFORE the main story kicked in. At this point it almost feels like the writers went “crap we revealed the twist too early. um..THROW SOME OTHER STUFF IN!”

(seen above, other stuff)

(seen above, other stuff)

And while we’re on the topic of romance, I need to say this. I do not feel ANYTHING between Shirasaki and Kakei. From what I can tell, especially in this episode, it’s as if he respects her as a strong person, but…it’s almost the way you’d feel over a sister or a dear friend. There are no sexual feelings here. And trust me, this is not me being biased towards Kodachi. I am actively LOOKING for romance scenes between Shirasaki and Kakei to try to lighten my disappointment if they DO end up together and I CAN’T FIND ANY. I am not even joking about the development thing. Shirasaki has had NO DEVELOPMENT for 5+ episodes. At this point, for any good writer, her chances at the romance are basically over.

At this point, if they pair her with Kakei it really is just poor writing.

There is so much sexual tension between Kodachi and Kakei I can actually feel it every time they’re on screen together.



Honestly, I know next episode is going to be singer mcbitch face’s episode..and i don’t care about it. The only reason I want to watch more is for Kodachi scenes. That’s the reason i’m watching this.

Every single fiber of my being is SCREAMING “don’t get invested in Kodachi X Kakei. You KNOW it’s not going to happen!” But I CAN’T stop my heart from doing so.

If they pair up together I will seriously take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about this show, but god I want them to end up together. So, so, so badly.

All in all, this episode was useless, but hey, at least they didn’t try to force Shirasaki romance in it. So i guess that’s a plus.

Episode 4/10


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  1. mr. bits says:

    Dude, that is a lot of hate for one episode, save some for the end of the series

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