Cross Ange Episode 5 [ No one is waiting for me ]

This is the first episode of Cross Ange I enjoyed from start to finish with minimal awkward moments and capitalizing on what this show does best. There was finally boobage I could enjoy, namely when it became expressively comfortable for the person involved, battles were awesome, and finally characters shone. Do not get me wrong, I am not just talking about the appearance of a love interest, this episode Ersha showed she is probably one of the best Norma in the group.

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The best part about this show is stuff I knew was coming. The fellowship of the norma, which so far you know has been shit all. Thanks to Hilda crashing Ange’s Villkiss she is stranded on an island by a guy who is an accidental pervert. Normally those kind annoy me but instead of falling into boobs Tusk always manages to land right in the crotch. This amuses me intensely, therefore I like him.

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Once Ange is missing it is ordered to find her, even if she’s dead. Some of them, like Hilda, don’t give a crap. Yet Ersha, the long pink haired Norma, is very sincere in her desire to find Ange. Of course the sentiment is limited to her and Vivian. Yet its nice to see some of them aren’t just following Jill’s orders and are actually interested in finding Ange. I am also, off topic, curious as to the ethnicity of these girls? Are Norma taken from all places? Is the world truly at piece and if so have all races merged? The political atmosphere has no explicitly shown this.

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Ange is saved by Tusk when she is bitten by a snake, and the two actually have a heart warming time on the island. Jesus, if Tusk wasn’t in the opening I’d be worried he was going to die right after that beautiful music scene. Seriously? It was cheesy but given how unpleasant Ange has been it’s nice to see her be, as the preview said before, kind of cute. Tusk is working on fixing her paramail for some unknown reason, which is mysterious to the viewers. I give it until the end of the episode to see how he might know how to do that. Add on that he seems really mysterious when Ange asks him why he doesn’t just use mana, and he hesitates. Could it be men can also be norma? I’m really interested in that.

the subtitles were on purpose here

the subtitles were on purpose here

Ange and Tusk end up witnessing a dragon being carried off after being frozen. She has no idea why it’s being carted off and I have to say this episode should have solely been to make me love people, but no. This was actually a really freaking interesting episode. Tusk’s got memories of being saved by a Norma, who is actually Jill, and his photograph of his mother and father make it seem like perhaps his mother was a Norma? This makes me wonder if somehow, Norma having children makes all their children Norma regardless of gender. It would explain why people are so terrified of them and why the government doesn’t allow them to exist. If dragons and norma are much more complicated than they seem then this show will definitely live up to my expectations. It’s amazing to finally see some of that shine through.

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Tusk manages to fix her paramail in the middle of an epic dragon fight, and of course Ange has her weird almost sexual reaction to killing a dragon. Tusk is like. . . lol whatever wanna come with me? In the first show of compassion on her part, Ange refuses and radios for her comrades to save her, even calling Vivian by name. Finally, this show is getting off into the good stuff. And you know what?! The previews of this show are freaking hilarious. Everyone should watch them, because Momoka is definitely not coming next week.

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So you know what sold it? Tusk can fix paramails because he fucking has one! I LOVE YOU!

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See you next time, hopefully we might learn more about THE RIIING (which mysteriously saves Ange’s life a lot and seems a lot like mana).




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6 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    This episode was great- which is funny because I usually am not a fan of excessive fanservice, but here I was laughing my ass off about it because it was so ridiculous, that I found it hilarious to watch.

    As I believe I have mentioned last week, I am definitely curious of what are reasons and motives for retrieving those dragons and who are the ones behind it. It also makes me wonder whether or not the dragons are used in some way to provide Mana to the society, OR they have some sort of connection with the Norma. But it is definitely an interesting tidbit that might be overlooked that the Dragons are trying to save their comrades. Follow the dragons and a deep secret might be revealed. Perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye of their reasons coming out from another dimension or whatever.

    I am also immensely curious about whether or not Tusk is also a Norma (definitely a high probability, but you never know).

    And yes, whoever wrote the Preview Script is awesome.

  2. vergiltfs says:

    This episode was fun to watch,glaad to see he’s not really a pervert, but it seems that our Holy GOD and Saviour Kira is going by the name of Tusk this time, although he seems more like Yuuki Rito than Kira.
    And I have to quote someone in this “I see we’ve come to the point in the series where Our Lord and Savior Kira Yamato will start saving all the poor Norma women with his penis”
    If Tusk have something more from Kira than just the appearance, they can give him any mecha and he will end every war and army in that world.

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