Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 9 (Dancing, Dancing, Dancing Fairy Princess)

So we travel once again to the amusement park wonderland that is “Amagi Brilliant Park”. You know, I have been saying to myself, “huh, I wonder why they don’t make the fairy girls they have in the opening more prevalent in the show” I guess, be careful what you wish for, because yep, this episode is about them.

So the episode starts out with Kanei and the rest of the management group basically telling the four fairies that their act sucks.

Silly fairies, being terrible is for Vanadis!

Silly fairies, being terrible is for Vanadis!

So because of this, Latifa invites them to a get together to maybe figure out what’s wrong so they can fix their act. However she realizes that she forgot something at the market and tells them she’d be right back. But she warns them not to press a button in the back. Because bad stuff will happen.

So if they shouldn't press it uh..why uh...why's the door ripped off the hinge?

So if they shouldn’t press it uh..why uh…why’s the door ripped off the hinge?

And i’m not even joking. Latifa barely makes it past the front door before they accidentally press the button. Like..barely 15 seconds.

amagi 4

Actually I just went back and counted. From the time Latifah leaves to when they press is…20 SECONDS. Jesus. I think stimpy from that Episode of Ren & Stimpy would be impressed with that one.

So what does a large red button do in the middle of an amusement park? Why it turns the entire castle into a gun mounted fortress of course! know…why not?

Sure..why not?

Sure..why not?

The rest of the gang try to penetrate the fortress but the defenses are too great. However, looking through the old manual Sento finds out that there is indeed a way to remove the defenses. And interestingly enough…it takes exactly 4 people to do. huh. that’s uh… that’s oddly convenient.. i mean. really? you need exactly 4 people to turn off the defense mechanism? According to Sento this defense system was put in place to make sure the queen would be safe. but…. if that’s the case….why would you make the way to turn it off involve FOUR PEOPLE? That’s um..that’s a very plot relevant yet odd decision.

So the fairy girls go down to disarm it. Yet, they come across four challenges. Yeah yeah. you know how this works, they’re each bad at one of the things so they have to work together.

First challenge is karaoke where the fire chick is terrible but the water chick is good

amagi 6

The second one is dancing where the earth chick is bad, but the air chick is good

amagi 7

The third one is speed typing where the fire chick is good but the water girl is terrible

amagi 8

And let’s see, by this episode’s logic that means that the last one will be something the air chick is good at but the earth chick is good at right?

amagi 10

What the fuck? Oh um. okay, instead it’s a death vote where they have to pick someone to die to move on.

Okay..uh…. so…where’s the test showing that the earth girl is good at something? Is this your way of saying nobody cares about the earth girl? (gasp) I get it! you’re saying that no one cares about the Earth because of our decadent pollutionary ways! Showing that humanity doesn’t care about the environment and therefore- oh.. oh no wait. they just forgot about her because they’re lazy. oh. okay.

So of course, they choose themselves so they all live and everyone’s happy and they shut down the defenses.

amagi 11

They learn a valuable lesson about friendship and yadda yadda SNOOOOREEEEE

End of episode.

Pfff.. um.. I guess this episode was slightly more tolerable then they have been considering I actually DID want these girls to have more screentime? I mean granted I would have liked it in a different regard, but I guess I can’t be too picky?

Once again this series does NOT seem to care about it’s own plot and kinda just likes its wacky hijinks more. I guess i’m becoming numb to the concept that they’re doing this and just…not accepting, but I guess realizing it won’t change. I’m just hoping they wrap this show up without a goddamn “read the manga” style ending.

I really am annoyed about the whole “4 people needing to turn off the button.” THAT’S kind of bullshit. and here’s the thing. I can accept the whole karaoke, dancing, and typing thing, but then why the FUCK is the last one the “DEATH” test? it’s like playing chutes and ladders, candyland, hi hi cherrio, and then SAW. Besides, there was really no real reason for them to vote for themselves as the rules TOLD them that if everyone had one vote they’d be fine, so there was no real drama. See, a REAL dilemma would have been,  “If everyone gets one vote then you all die” then i’d actually care.

Also, i really DID want to see what the earth girl was best at. But like i said, i guess they just didn’t care. honestly, there should have been 5 challenges, the 5th one being the death one.

Oh, also, now we’re at NINE episodes and he’s only used his superpower twice. USE IT MORE GODDAMN IT!

But it’s okay. the fairy girls are happy so I guess they think we’re all okay now?

Hooray for nothing happening!

Hooray for nothing happening!

I’ve given up on this show having plot. I really have. I would love to see more of the stuff I hoped for but I think that died back at the end of episode 3. Oh well….I guess i’ll see you all next week….yayyyyy.

Episode: 5/10




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